50 Ways to Increase Enzymes In Your Diet

 50 Ways to Increase Enzymes In Your Diet

'I have a t-shirt that says, “The revolution will not be pasteurized”. On the back it says “Drink raw milk.” I wear it proudly because I believe so strongly in the health benefits of drinking raw, unpasteurized milk. (You can get one from the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund — click here.)

Pasteurization: Killing Bugs in Pathogenic Milk

When I learned about the history of milk, I was surprised to find out that pasteurization began as a way to kill pathogens (bad bacteria) in milk from unhealthy cows in some of America’s first factory farms. 

These were cows being fed a grain mash leftover from whiskey distilleries in the late 1800s. The milk was so tainted, it was blue. They had to add chalk to make it white. No wonder the infant mortality rate shot up to 50% in cities where the poor were feeding this milk to their infants. (Source: The Untold Story Of Milk by Dr. Ron Schmid)'


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