The cancer-causing sunscreen protection racket

'For starters, there's no real proof that sunscreens actually prevent most skin cancers. Yet your dermatologist is probably robotically advising you to slather on a toxic sunscreen as a proven skin cancer preventive.

Did your doctor mention studies showing that people who spend a greater percentage of their time outdoors have the lowest risk of melanoma?


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Michael J. Russ said...

Dear Paul,
As the distributor of MelanSol Certified 100% Natural Sunscreen, I applaud your article. We have been talking about what you wrote for over 8 years, on the radio, in blogs and articles, and to groups. Our sunscreen uses bioactive antioxidants to help boost cellular protection during sun exposure. We just published a eBook, called Sun Care Decoded: Answers to Questions You Didn't Know to Ask, that reveals the dangers of using chemical sunscreen, how sunscreens inhibit vitamin D production, and how using internal and topical antioxidants are the key to healthy sun exposure. Thank you for your hard hitting piece!!! Keep it up. The world needs to know that chemical sunscreens, and the promises they make are a scam! FDA labeling rules mandate that even natural sunscreens use the same language on their label as chemical sunscreenn. It has always been our mission to a offer non-toxic alternative for those who put their skin AT RISK of sunsburn and that, on a daily basis, the body's production of vitamin D should be your #1 priority, by practicing intentional sun exposure that this purpose. Keep up the greatwork!