The Weight Loss Industry Has Absolutely Nothing to do with Health

The Weight Loss Industry Has Nothing to do with Health

'The diet industry reached 61 BILLION dollars in 2013 in the United States alone, but people are fatter than ever. Between magic pills, diet food, and commercial weight loss plans, the obesity epidemic is a HUGE business.

Despite all of the do-good advertising and the inspiring slogans, the secret is, the diet industry doesn’t actually want you to lose weight, at least not for the long term. A customer who fails to maintain weight loss ends up being a long-term customer, contributing to the business’s bottom line. Richard Samber, the former Finance Director for Weight Watchers, was questioned about the company’s 16 percent success rate after five years. Get ready….he explained “that the business is successful ‘because the other 84 percent have to come back and do it again.' 


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