The Germanic/German New Medicine - Hope For Cancer Patients

'My journey into the German New Medicine began in 1992, when a friend of mine gave me some tapes to evaluate. They ended up in my car on a pile of other tapes I had been asked to listen to and a year later, my friend asked me if I had ever listened to them. To be honest, I couldn’t even remember getting them from her. So that evening, on my way home, I finally played them. 

 It was a life altering moment for me. What I heard was earth shattering. It was revolutionary and changed everything I believed. For a moment I felt threatened. At the same time, it was the most astounding and wonderful thing I had ever heard. It helped me to put everything I knew about holistic medicine into total perspective. It answered all my questions about disease - how it starts - progresses - it explained the so-called spontaneous healing of cancer.'


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