Ginger Destroys Leukemia Without Harming Body Cells


ED Note: This article contains excellent information, but disregard the ginger tea recipe in the article, it's a joke. Instead, use the recipe in the video below for making authentic, medicinal strength, ginger root tea. However, do NOT add AGAVE to the tea ever. Agave is not a healthy, or a 'natural' sweetener; it's highly processed and actually similar to high fructose corn syrup. 

Instead let the tea cool down some and add raw honey according to taste with each serving. If you are serving the entire pot full of tea in one sitting then it's okay to add the tea to the pot. But if you reheat the tea with the honey in it, the heat will destroy the healing benefits and enzymes in the raw honey.

'Recently, Chinese scientists were able to confirm that ginger destroys leukemia cells. The research, which was carried out in November 2013, discovered an important compound in ginger called “6-Shagoal” that precipitates a reaction resulting in the destruction of leukemia cells.'

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