Disinformed Consent

ED NOTE: Realize that the vaccine injury awards are very hard to obtain and the system is hardly known to exist among most vaccine injury victims or their parents - bottom line: this large dollar amount is the tip of the vaccine injury iceberg. And most of the dollar awards come from a government court that's funded by taxpayer dollars and vaccine industry surcharges that go toward the fund. Very little if any comes from Big Pharma directly.

‘We are living in the age of disinformed consent. Parents assume their doctors and their public health authorities are providing them with all relevant vaccine information, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Obviously, if vaccines can kill and cause serious and debilitating lifelong damage – which they can, and do – the vaccine administrator must provide that information to the client, in unambiguous fashion, regardless of the estimated size of the risk. It’s an ethical mandate that must be fulfilled, but it never is.

There is a fundamental reason: medical schools don’t teach the history and nature of vaccine damage and death; nor do nursing and pharmacy schools. Yet doctors, nurses, and, these days, pharmacists, are the very ones who administer vaccines, and upon whom we rely for full information. Somewhere there is made a conscious decision to exclude the reality of serious vaccine damage from the curricula.’


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