Uncovering the Energetics of Plant Medicine


'Some herbs are cooling, some herbs are warming, some herbs are moistening, some are drying, some are stimulating, some are sedating. And so, you match the herb to the person instead of trying to treat disease. So, I would say that really good herbalists or even better, great herbalists don’t focus in on treating disease, they treat people.'

“I teach an energetic system of herbal medicine and energetics is pretty much universal throughout the world’s great systems of herbal medicine. 

So, whether we’re talking about Chinese medicine, TCM, whether we’re talking about Ayurveda, Unani-Tibb, whether we’re talking about Campo from Japan, Jamu from Indonesia, Cherokee medicine, whatever tradition we’re talking about, there’s usually a system of energetics and this is how you match the herb to the person.'


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