Touch One Strand And The Entire Web Wavers

'I've long felt that a fundamental flaw with conventional health care is to view and treat the body in segments. Can we really compartmentalize parts of our body and fix just one area without considering all of our other tissues? 

Regardless of which sub-section of human physiology you study - neurology, endocrinology, cardiology, or nephrology to name a few - it becomes exceedingly clear that the 37 trillion cells that make up the average adult human body are intimately interconnected. You really can't affect one group of cells in your body without affecting all others. Touch one strand of a spider web and the entire web wavers. 

Why are all of the tissues in your body like strands of a single web? It comes down to how all of the activities in your body are regulated. There are two systems within your body that govern everything - they're your nervous and endocrine systems. And once you understand how these two organ systems work, you may wonder out loud why many health care providers treat one part of your body without much regard for the rest of you.' 


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