Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) - Good News For You!

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'This could save your life, remove pain and add many many years of quality and creativity to your life. If you have been looking for the fountain of youth, you may have found it, and guess what, it is free! 

 Inclined Bed Therapy started to spread across the internet in 2005 by the work of three heros in alternative medicine. Namely Andrew Fletcher who discovered IBT, and was quickly supported by Chris Gupta from Share The Wealth and Brian McInturff ND from 

I (Ken Uzzell - Physical Therapies, Nutritionist and Trauma Release Therapist) was quick to jump in fourth place as I discovered Xtreme help and support for the entire human system and frame. The evidence is in, and since observing hundreds of clients and reading many reports by people trying IBT have become more than surprised with the overall health benefits provided. No other therapy today can offer so much help with so little resources.' 


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