How to Reduce Risk of Elbow and Wrist Injuries

'Being a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and a certified tennis nut, over the years, I've found that a few specific stretches and massaging techniques can reduce risk of elbow and wrist injuries. Most of the top pros, most notably Murray and Nadal, bring their own physios with them on the road to do this work for them, but it's easily done on your own with some know-how. 

Most of the muscles that make up the front and back of your forearms originate as tendons that are firmly embedded in a portion of bone in your elbow region. These tendons become muscles that span most of the length of your forearms, and in your wrist area, these muscles transition back to being tendons, which insert into one of the bones that make up your hand. 

Every time you flex or extend your wrist, these forearm muscles contract or stretch, putting stress on their origin and insertion points in your elbow and wrist areas.' 


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