Black Sapote; The Chocolate Pudding Fruit

Important Editor's Note: There is a delicious Black Sapote pudding recipe included in this article, however do not use agave (not really healthy research) -instead use honey or genuine maple syrup. Also use organic, raw milk and or cream if possible or at least use organic. pastured cream/milk.

'Once you open a ripe black sapote (Diospyris dignia) you can see why it is called “chocolate pudding fruit.” The deep rich brown smooth pulp with its spoon-like consistency looks exactly like chocolate pudding.

I am often asked, “What does it taste like?” I want to reply that it tastes exactly what it tastes like but this does not help the unwary. So, for those of you who must know what something tastes like before you venture into unknown territory, it has a sweet and mild flavor and with a little imagination you can actually taste chocolate as well as hints of coffee.'


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