7 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Photo Credit: Kris Kesser

'As one who lives part of the year in a ‘third world’ country, staying healthy is on the top of my list. And especially when I’m traveling and encountering hundreds of other travelers while breathing recycled air and eating airplane ‘food.’ So, what is it that I do while traveling and then upon arriving at my destination to ensure optimal health?

I travel. A lot. And I’m not talking about easy and cozy travel to a nice little villa on the beach in San Martin. I’m talking about complicated, scared to miss a connection, wondering if my hotel will be picking me up at the airport, frightened my luggage will arrive in one piece without items stolen, kind of travel. A 14 hour travel day that involves three different flights with three different layovers. Only to be completed with a sweaty cab ride and a three stairs of flight climb with three 60 pound bags. And that’s only day 1!' 


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