Symptoms – The Subtle Language Of The Body

'Our world is full of subtleties that are often overlooked in the rush of modern life. Oftentimes we see what is most evident and believe that to be all there is – we miss the web of more subtle events and objects that accompany the obvious but are hidden to the casual observer. We are satisfied that the easily observable is the extent of what is, and we fail to look “behind the scenes”.

In most parts of life, this approach is sufficient – it allows us to function in the world without being mired in existential questions.

However, in medicine and in the appreciation of the disease process, I think this approach to life has led us far astray.   It has led us to see the obvious symptoms as the whole of the disease. This has led to the conclusion that if we suppress the expression of symptoms, then we have taken care of the disease.'


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Caroline Velasquez said...

Naturopathic philosophy begins with the belief that the body knows what it’s doing, and symptoms are always the best possible adaptations to the environment or circumstances. Example: eating contaminated food leads to either vomiting or diarrhea. (Your body is trying to expel a poison.) A virus is trying to replicate itself and destroy your cells, so your body spikes a fever to render it less active. In the face of a fungal infection, the body walls it off so that it cannot continue to spread. All smart moves.