Pine Pollen Nature’s Testosterone Booster (Women use as well)

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'Pine pollen powder has been used extensively in traditional cultures throughout Asia. The earliest mention of pine tree pollen's medicinal use is in Chinese herbalism from the classic text "The Pandects of Materia Medica" by Shen Nong. The benefits of pine pollen have also been used by the Koreans where it is sold in boxes much like baking soda or other baking ingredients. It is used in food for it's amazing mineralization and adaptogenic properties.

To date there is no information about pine pollen powder's history of use in Western herbalism, Native American herbalism or Ayurvedic herbalism. All of these systems have used pine nuts medicinally (which are mildly androgenic) and Native American herbalism uses the inner bark of pine trees as a food and medicine as well.' 


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