How Cannabis Can Save Cancer-Stricken Kids: An Introduction to 'Weed the People,' by Ricki Lake


Filmmaker Ricki Lake introduces her new documentary project, "Weed the People," which examines the medical usage of cannabis, particularly among families and children. Above, you can watch the exclusive trailer for the film, and below, read a Yahoo Movies guest column from Lake that breaks down the project. 
'I have never been a pot smoker. I have always been wary of marijuana because I considered it to be a drug with a potential for abuse, just like alcohol or pharmaceuticals. I've never been very interested in marijuana activism or supported the legalization movement. Yet, recently I've found myself meeting with growers in Santa Cruz, California, attending Drug Policy conferences in Washington, D.C., and hanging out with Snoop Dogg at "420" celebrations.

Like a growing number of people, a personal experience has opened my eyes and shown me the healing potential of this plant. Today, I am trying to produce a new film about cannabis (or cannabinoids for the Ph.D. types,) but first let me explain how all this reefer madness began.'


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