Essiac A Modern Folk Remedy - FULL LENGTH

ED NOTE: There are many inferior herbal mixtures of Essiac Tea sold. This is my personal favorite. Fast turn-around and the exact herbs Rene Caisse used, not irradiated and organic or wild crafted. I am not an affiliate. This has been my Essiac Tea choice for some time. -

'At long last, the full-length version of this October 14, 2010 seminar given by Mali Klein, Essiac researcher and author of the companion book The Complete Essiac Essentials (softcover, 192 pages), is being made public. Together with her writing partner Sheila Snow, Mali has authored a total of four books on Rene Caisse and Essiac, that stand unparalleled as the most factual, accurate account of Rene Caisse's life and work. 

Mali shares practical information on how to grow and harvest the Essiac herbs and how to make and take the various Essiac formulas. 

Mali experienced Essiac's positive impact on her husband's quality of life as they journeyed together with his cancer diagnosis. She set up the UK Essiac charity, Clouds Trust, which has now been in operation for over 15 years. Enjoy this recording as Mali shares information and insights on how to live with a tough diagnosis and even be empowered by it!'

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