All You Need to Know About Your Health—from One Drop

Blood Test

'Forget the needles—you can learn all you need to know about your health with a single drop of blood.

No one thinks that lab testing is a positive experience. Yet it should be, according to Elizabeth Holmes in a recent Wired interview.

Elizabeth, founder of Theranos, invented a disruptive technology for medical lab testing that will reshape the way you get your blood tested. No more painful needles. No more tubes filled with blood.

Small Sample, Big Technology

Even a single drop of blood reveals a lot about your health. New technology makes it easier to follow selected disease biomarkers as well as track wellness progress. With convenient locations—like Walgreen’s pharmacies, as well as your doctor’s office—you could stop by for a few minutes and within a few days, or less, find out if your dietary changes have really lowered your cholesterol, or if your hemoglobin A1c is heading in the right direction.' 


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