6 Ways "The Golden Spice Of Life" Can Heal Your Body

'The benefits of turmeric, due to its active ingredient curcumin, have been demonstrated by modern western medical research and centuries of empirical evidence from India and China.

The problem with turmeric's curcumin is that it has a hard time getting past the stomach and into the small intestines where it can be absorbed into the blood.

So before purchasing turmeric powder or extracted curcumin capsules, it's important to know a couple of tricks for getting the most beneficial absorption for turmeric's curcumin.

As an ingredient of curry, turmeric is traditionally mixed with a healthy fat and heated. That's a hint for what needs to be done in general with turmeric powder, certainly the least expensive way of benefiting from turmeric's curcumin.'


Brave North Carolinian gets arrested as act of defiance to end cannabis prohibition


North Carolina deputies side with Dorr, admit that legal pharmaceuticals are the real problem

Prior to his arrest, Dorr created a Change.org petition directed at North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, who earlier this year failed to bring a floor debate on the Enact Medical Cannabis Act, also known as N.C. 84. The bill, which was rejected by North Carolina's House Rules Committee back in February, would have legalized possession and use of medical marijuana in the state.

"Living in a shadow or being looked upon as something less than a law abiding citizen is no longer acceptable for those who are just that, but use marijuana to treat a disability," states Dorr in his petition. "If you are an honorable person who uses marijuana or cannabis medically, speak out about this issue."


20 Foods To Help You Sleep Better

'Full of sleep-inducing substances like tryptophan, these foods can help you sleep better and longer.

Few things are more frustrating than desperately wanting to sleep, but tossing and turning instead. When you know you’ve got to get up early and then somehow make it through a grueling day, you might be tempted to turn to sleeping pills for a good night’s rest. But you may not realize that your refrigerator contains a powerful variety of foods that can help you sleep better. These 20 foods, from fresh cherries to miso soup, help regulate the hormones that control sleep, stress and relaxation.'


Top 10 Ways to Cook Beets

Reasons to include Beets in your Family's Diet

'Easy to eat: Beets can be purchased from the market and stored for days in the refrigerator. Simply, slice couple of beets and store them in the refrigerator. Every time you feel hungry or feel the need to munch something, have the beets you saved earlier. No cooking required and cold beets taste good as well.

Beets fight cancer. Studies show beet juice inhibits the formation of cancer-causing compounds, particularly in the colon and stomach.


The Entire Vaccine Industry Is Being Exposed For Unproven Assumptions And Misrepresentations of Data

'There are no safe vaccines. There never was and never will be with the current misrepresented data and unproven assumptions that have spanned over a century in the making. The fact is, every single vaccine is now being exposed for the lack of demonstrated evidence to actually prevent a single case of disease over a placebo. Think it’s an exaggeration? Think again.'


Healing a Child with Natural Remedies

 potion made from leaves of Adulsa, Phangli, bitter gourd, guava and tulsi

'Nature has a cure for every illness; one simply needs to be made aware of these cures. For several years we lived in virtually an isolated place close to the hills and the fields and that’s when we realised the benefits of living close to nature.

We started using herbs/plants to treat our now two and a half year old son when he was down with a cold, stuffy nose, bout of fever or a tummy ache – old-fashioned home remedies are often the best way to treat kids. The people who are disconnected from urban life have the knowledge of plant-based remedies.

Like the local woman where we lived, enlightened us about a potion made from five different types of plants – Adhatoda vasica (Adulsa), highly worshiped Indian herb Holy Basil (Tulsi), Bitter Gourd (Karela), Guava and a local wild plant called Phangli. We used this remedy when our son suffered from a bout of fever, cold and cough, when he was around 7 months old.'


Cut Poison Burn

'"The Navarros' story is a heartbreaking but important one, so I hope you will take the time to watch the film in its entirety, to understand what could happen to you, should you ever be placed in a similar circumstance."  -Dr. Joseph Mercola  

"An example of what great documentary film making is all about."  -- Sally King, Undine  "Indicts the system as being corrupted at patient's expense...In a briskly assembled package."  -- Dennis Harvey, Variety  

"If you beat the FDA in court you have an angry FDA that is willing to slit your throat."  -- Peter Barton Hutt Former FDA Chief Counsel  

Cut Poison Burn is a controversial, eye opening, and sometimes heartbreaking documentary that puts the business of cancer treatment under the microscope. Follow the frustrating journeys of critically ill cancer patients as they try to navigate the confusing and dangerous maze of treatment and encounter formidable obstacles in the "cancer industrial complex." A compelling critique of the influence of medical monopolies, the power of pharmaceutical companies and government agencies, Cut Poison Burn is essential viewing for anyone and everyone touched by cancer.'

Mounting Evidence Suggests Coffee May Actually Have Therapeutic Health Benefits

By Dr. Mercola

'For years, physicians have been warning about the negative health effects of drinking coffee. You may have been told that coffee will raise your blood pressure, lead to heart disease, give you an ulcer or make you diabetic. But studies continue to roll in that caste doubt on this "common wisdom."

Certainly, like anything, coffee should not be used in excess. However, study after study has failed to prove that moderate coffee consumption increases your risk for cardiovascular disease or any other serious illness.

In fact, it's beginning to look like coffee—at least in moderation—may have a number of unrecognized health-promoting properties. As a result of the rather impressive list of therapeutic benefits, I've changed my recommendations about coffee.'


Why Cooking Can Save Your Life

Photo Credit: Elephant Journal

'The cure for what ails us—both in our bodies and in our nation—can be found in the kitchen. It is a place to rebuild community and connection, strengthen bonds with family and friends, teach life-giving skills to our children, enrich and nourish our bodies and our souls.

Yet, in the twenty-first century, our kitchens (and our taste buds) have been hijacked by the food industry. In 1900 only 2 percent of meals were eaten outside of the home; today that number is over 50 percent.

The food like substances proffered by the industrial food system trick our taste buds into momentary pleasure. But our biology rejects the junk forced on our genes and on our hormonal and biochemical pathways.'


Ending Autism, ADHD, Behavior Problems with Probiotics

Photo Credit:www.rodalenews.com

‘Can healing your child’s gut really cure autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or other behavior problems? Hypocrites proclaimed that all disease begins in the gut. Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine has known this for thousands of years. Lately, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), has been ending children’s behavior problems in her UK pediatric clinic, with dietary restoration and balance of intestinal flora. She learned her methods by ending her son’s autism.’


A major secret revealed: The most Affordable Way to Remove Fluoride Naturally


'A major secret revealed: The most Affordable Way to Remove Fluoride Naturally

This incredible ground breaking discovery was done by researchers from Rajasthan University. Though we do have means available to us to remove fluoride from water with fancy purification systems, not all of us can buy them. However, this natural method is not only cheap, it’s safe and effective.'


Cannabis Rising - The Key In The Lock / Your health Your Future

Discover the Most Extraordinary Uses for Epsom Salt

Photo Credit:http://www.saltworks.us

'Epsom salts, my granny’s secret being rediscovered…

Epsom salts, or magnesium sulfate, is a natural occurring mineral first discovered in a bitter saline spring in Epsom, England. Traditionally used as a bath salt, these days we can find them in many of our beauty and household products. Even gardeners use them to improve their crops.

Magnesium and sulfate both play an essential role for your body’s optimal health. Magnesium plays a major role in over 300 enzyme reactions, reduces inflammation and improves muscle and nerve function. Sulfate is important for the formation of brain tissue and joint proteins, it helps to improve nutrient absorption and flushes toxins.

Did you know that almost half of the Americans have a magnesium and/or sulfate deficiency? And guess what, Epsom salts can help you restore magnesium and sulfate levels in your body. They can easily be absorbed through your skin and that’s why Epsom salt baths became so popular over the years.

But that’s not all, keep reading and discover how Epsom salts can aid you in your daily life.'


Why the Amish Rarely Get Sick: Things You Can Learn From Them

Photo Credit:http://www.lahealthyliving.com

'When we think of Amish people we think of a simple life, free of modern advancements. Most of us view them as foolish for not using the advantages of convenient technology and even look down on them for not conforming to the norms of mainstream society.  But if we look at the statistics, the Amish are much healthier than the rest of America. They virtually have no cancer, no autism, and rarely get sick. What are they doing different from the rest of America?  Let’s look at some of the things they are doing different (here).  

Why the Amish Don’t Get Sick

The Amish have chosen the traditional wisdom of our ancestors over our “modern” way of living. They live by the practices of past generations.' 


Frankincense Superior to Chemotherapy in Killing Late-Stage Ovarian Cancer Cells

Photo Credit:jimlongsgarden.blogspot.com

'Like the Magi, carrying myrrh, frankincense, and gold, researchers from the University of Leicester have, for the first time, demonstrated the potential of treating ovarian cancer using the Christmas gift frankincense.

The origins of frankincense can be traced to the Arabian Peninsula. According to Herodotus (5th century BC):

"Arabia is the only country which produces frankincense, myrrh, cassia, and cinnamon.. the trees bearing the frankincense are guarded by winged serpents of small size and various colors." (See this GreenMedInfo Summary)

Frankincense, along with gold and myrrh, is one of the most famous Christmas presents in history, and is a fragrant plant resin extracted from the Boswellia sacra tree found across Africa and Arabia. Using the compound AKBA (acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid) derived from the resin, the research has successfully shown its potential effectiveness in targeting ovarian cancer'


Halotherapy - 5 Reasons Salt Is a Powerful Ally In The Winter

 Photo Credit: www.the-hip-homemaker.com

'Mineral salts give your body the variety of mineral ions needed to balance its functions, remain healthy and heal. With the onset of winter and sudden drop in temperature, many of us fall prey to sore throats, upper respiratory tract infections and skin-related problems. Halotherapy or salt therapy can actually help alleviate all of these conditions, symptoms and more.'


Marijuana: The Next Diabetes Drug?

'Toking up may help marijuana users to stay slim and lower their risk of developing diabetes, according to the latest study, which suggests that cannabis compounds may help in controlling blood sugar.

Although marijuana has a well-deserved reputation for increasing appetite via what stoners call “the munchies,” the new research, which was published in the American Journal of Medicine, is not the first to find that the drug has a two-faced relationship to weight. Three prior studies have shown that marijuana users are less likely to be obese, have a lower risk for diabetes and have lower body-mass-index measurements. And these trends occurred despite the fact that they seemed to take in more calories.'


State War on Sustainable Communities


[This pretty much encapsulates the state of Police State Amerika. Instead of encouraging those living in sustainable harmony and helping the environment, the state sees it as a threat, similar to anyone daring to live "off the grid" of their matrix of dependency. Sign of the times. - Zen]

;At around seven thirty last Friday morning, inhabitants of The Garden of Eden, a small Intentional Community based on Sustainability, were awakened by a SWAT raid conducted by the City of Arlington for suspicion of being a full fledged marijuana growth and trafficking operation. Ultimately only a single arrest was made based on unrelated outstanding traffic violations, a handful of citations were given for city code violations, and zero drug related violations were found.;


Ed: Crushing Stage 4 Liver Cancer with Cannabis Oil and More!

'My husband of 34 years was diagnosed with stage 4 primary liver cancer in March 2012.

The doctor told us there was not much to be done since the tumor was 7 inches covering his lower lobe and also had spread to his lymph nodes. We decided to go home and called hospice which gave us morphine for pain. Ed hated the morphine which made him vomit and also affected his mind. After one week at home we decided to do what we have done for many years, rely on ourselves.

Describe your experience with conventional doctors and treatments:

We were only in Hospital for 3 days with severe Pain. The cancer had blocked his bile duct, after that we choose a Naturopath doctor and have not had conventional treatments.'


Groundbreaking Study Shows How Gut Bacteria Can Ameliorate Autism-Like Symptoms

Photo Credit:probiotics.org

'Beneficial bacteria in the gut are known to attack pathogens, manufacture B and K vitamins and even act as anti-cancer agents. New research appearing in the journal Cell strengthens the recent scientific understanding that the microbes that live in your gut may affect what goes on in your brain. It is also the first to show that a specific probiotic may be capable of reversing autism-like behaviors.'


10 Ways Marijuana Can Help Cancer Patients


Marijuana can offer a wide range of benefits to patients with cancer, as a recent study from Israel found.

'Most recognize medical marijuana to be helpful for cancer patients in some way or another.

Yet marijuana’s legal status has prevented researchers in many countries from providing thorough evidence. Instead, scientists are limited to studying the effects of chemicals isolated from marijuana (called cannabinoids), which misses the full picture. 

Thankfully, cannabis research is taking off in Israel, where medical marijuana is legal. 

Just this year, a study involving 200 cancer patients found medical marijuana use led to “significant improvements” across “all” cancer and cancer treatment-related symptoms.

Here’s a list of 10 ways that marijuana seemed to help these patients during their battle with cancer:' 


What Chocolate Can Do For You

Photo Credit:yummy-books.com

'Katharine Hepburn reportedly said of herself, "What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate.” Inspired, we broke that down into hours, weeks, months and years. Here’s what a fix can do….

Within 90 minutes…your neurons are humming.
One way in which scientists test for alertness and mental stamina is by asking their subjects to do math in their head -- counting down by 3s and 7s, for instance -- tasks so tedious they’re prescribed for insomnia. But 90 minutes after people drank cocoa, they rattled off correct numbers, found a study at the U.K.’s Northumbria University.'


The Barefoot Revolution

The Return of Spectro-Chrome: The Most Suppressed Medical Technology Ever

 The Spectro-Chrome system is as simple as smiling at a rainbow. No complex math or million dollar machines needed. Nothing scared the AMA more....

'They showed up ten strong, a full fledged FBI squad, and on the cold morning of July 14 1951 proceeded to lay out each and every one of the strange machines in Mr. Dinshah’s clinic on his lawn. With Sledge hammers they smashed each one of them to pieces as the old man, his patients and his neighbors watched. 

They wanted to deliver a message and did so. Dinshah, who had spent a lifetime promoting a healthy vegan lifestyle and the healing through color was sentenced to three years in prison. To this day there remains a PERMANENT Federal injunction against the Spectro-Chrome.'


Coconut Oil Gave my Grandma Back to Us!

Photo Credit: www.naturalcuresnotmedicine.com

'Two years ago my grandmother had to come live with my mom. She was 86 and healthy, but beginning to forget to pay her bills, take her BP meds, and she wasn’t eating healthy enough.

The first thing Mom did was take her to the doctor for a full check up to see how her overall health was doing. The doc said she had the beginnings of Alzheimer’s, and put her on medication for it (sorry, I can’t remember the name of the pills! :/ ) The doc said to try the pills for 6 months.

Within a week or so, Grandma became difficult to deal with: she didn’t like anything and had trouble remembering the names of close relatives. She was so cranky, she wouldn’t eat her food, and didn’t like anything.'


FDA official: “clinical trial system is broken” – BMJ


 'If you trust the safety and effectiveness of drugs and vaccines that are prescribed by your doctor or drug store, you don’t understand the process by which those pharmaceutical products are tested and approved.

For a candid, inside look at the sordid world of drug trials and and how top FDA officials actively conceal and censor drug safety red flags, read this exposé by FDA investigator, Thomas Marciniak.
They say it’s safe and effective, but the Supreme Court objected. They made Big Pharma protected, ‘cause their products are defective!'


Vitamin D—One of the Simplest Solutions to Wide-Ranging Health Problems

'Vitamin D deficiency is a pandemic in the United States, but many Americans, including physicians, are not aware that they may be lacking this important nutrient.

Despite its name, vitamin D is not a regular vitamin. It's actually a steroid hormone that you get primarily from either sun exposure or supplementation, and its ability to influence genetic expression that produces many of its wide-ranging health benefits.

Researchers have pointed out that increasing levels of vitamin D3 among the general population could prevent chronic diseases that claim nearly one million lives throughout the world each year. Incidence of several types of cancer could also be slashed in half.

Vitamin D also fights infections, including colds and the flu, as it regulates the expression of genes that influence your immune system to attack and destroy bacteria and viruses.

In this interview, one of the leading vitamin D researchers, Dr. Michael Holick, expounds on these and many other health benefits of vitamin D. He’s both an MD and a PhD, and wrote the book, The Vitamin D Solution.'


How Strawberries Can Drastically Reduce Cancer

Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Soap Ruin Your Immune System

 hand sanitizer 3

'As far back as 2007, the prestigious Harvard Health Letter reported that regular soap and water is just as effective at cleansing hands of bacteria as antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer, and it does it without devastating your immune system as antibacterial products do.

Apparently nobody was listening though, because bottles of hand sanitizer and ads for antibacterial soap are everywhere. But fifteen seconds of hand washing with regular soap and water eliminates 80 percent of bacteria, an amount equivalent to what is eliminated with the use of antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer.

Today more than half of the hand soaps on the market have an antibacterial additive, and virtually all of the hand sanitizers do. Antibacterial additive is a nice way of saying these products contain a killer chemical. They are toxic — poisonous!'


How Big Food Creates an Illusion of Choice at the Supermarket

'A new analysis shows that the top four or fewer food companies control a substantial majority of the sales of each item, and they often offer multiple brands in each type of grocery, giving consumers the false impression they are choosing among competing products.

The in-depth analysis, released by Food & Water Watch on Thursday, illustrates the consolidation of the grocery industry and the range of impacts it has on the food chain.

Grocery Goliaths: How Food Monopolies Impact Consumers examines 100 types of grocery products and found that as food companies and supermarket chains have consolidated over the last few years, the illusion of choice among brands has coincided with increasingly expensive grocery bills.'