Intravenous Vitamin C and Cancer

 Intravenous Vitamin C and Cancer

 "... it takes much more than logic and clear-cut demonstrations to overcome the inertia and dogma of established thought." — Irving Stone

'Irving Stone was an early thinker and writer about vitamin C (its scientific name is ascorbic acid). He knew it would be an uphill battle to change the way the medical profession viewed vitamin C. While most doctors accept that scurvy is a vitamin C deficiency illness, few have made the rather humongous jump to seeing high dose intravenous vitamin C as a major player in the management of cancer.

There is actually a wide spectrum of medical uses for vitamin C. Evidence exists documenting it as the best antiviral agent now available ... IF used at the proper dose. Vitamin C can neutralize and eliminate a wide range of toxins. Vitamin C will enhance host resistance, greatly augmenting the immune system's ability to neutralize bacterial and fungal infections. Now the National Institutes of Health has published evidence demonstrating vitamin C's anti-cancer properties. With so many medical benefits, why do so few doctors know of them?'


Death of Americans: The Medical System is Now the Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

'Too many patients suffer harm instead of healing in U.S. medicine. That’s why ProPublica’s reporters have investigated everything from deadly dialysis centers and dangerous hospitals to the failure of state boards to discipline incompetent nurses.'--ProPublica

'In 2010, the Office of Inspector General for Health and Human Services said that bad hospital care contributed to the deaths of 180,000 patients in Medicare alone in a given year. 

Now comes a study in the current issue of the Journal of Patient Safety that says the numbers may be much higher — between 210,000 and 440,000 patients each year who go to the hospital for care suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death, the study says. 

That would make medical errors the third-leading cause of death in America, behind heart disease, which is the first, and cancer, which is second.'


Red Wine Chemical, Resveratrol, Remains Effective Against Cancer After the Body Converts It

'A chemical found in red wine remains effective at fighting cancer even after the body's metabolism has converted it into other compounds.

This is an important finding in a new paper published in the journal Science Translational Medicine by Cancer Research UK-funded researchers at the University of Leicester's Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine.

The paper reveals that resveratrol -- a compound extracted from the skins of red grapes -- is not rendered ineffective once it is metabolised by the body.'


Sleeping Longer Linked to Faster Decline in Brain Function

By Dr. Mercola

'Sleep is an integral part of being human, and it’s as essential to life as water, air and food. It’s during sleep that your body recharges, regenerates and heals, that memories are consolidated and emotional events are processed.

Without sleep, your mood, behavior and risk of acute and chronic diseases are rapidly altered. Yet, research shows, too much sleep isn’t good either.

There is, it appears, a ‘Goldilocks zone’ when it comes to sleep – a number that’s neither too much nor too little, but rather is just right, promoting optimal health with virtually no conscious effort on your part.'


Kay is healing pancreatic cancer naturally after treatment failed

Kay’s courageous story of how chemo nearly killed her and how she is now using nutrition to heal her stage 4 pancreatic cancer!

I am determined to beat you over the head with encouraging, inspiring stories of healing.

So here’s yet another awesome interview from the Healing Strong conference with my friend Kay.

Chemo nearly killed Kay, but nutrition is working!

She is healing her pancreatic cancer.

This was a sweet, wonderful interview. Meeting people face to face that you’ve unknowingly helped in their healing journey can be a bit emotional. So yeah, I got a little choked up at the end. (Shocker)


Dr. Mercola and the “Food Babe” Talk About Making Smart, Healthy Food Choices

'Dr. Joseph Mercola is always eager to meet other people who share his beliefs and passion on natural health, particularly on healthy eating. Just recently, he interviewed Vani Hari, also known as the “Food Babe.”

Dr. Mercola and Vani say that the state of the US food industry today is alarming and severely affects people’s health. Therefore, people must now learn to make smart and practical food choices – and the best way to start is to switch to an all-organic, wholesome diet.

A Woman on a Mission: Who Is the “Food Babe”?'


Build Strong Bones and a Healthy Heart the Natural Way

 skeleton 300x300 Build Strong Bones and a Healthy Heart the Natural Way

'If you are looking to build strong bones and a healthy heart, taking Fosamax and cardio drugs is not the place to start. Investigational journalism from ABC News has shown how Fosamax causes more bone problems than it solves.

At first Fosamax creates the illusion that it can build strong bones because it retards the breakdown of old bone, but this drug which is comprised of phosphonates that are used to clean soap scum, creates an imbalance of two important bone structure mechanisms: osteoblasts and osteoclasts.

This imbalance leads eventually to spontaneous bone fractures. This means that while you swallow Fosomax thinking you are building stong bones, in reality you are setting the stage for crippling disease.'


New Study Confirms Chocolate's Fat-Busting Properties

New Study Confirms Chocolate's Fat-Busting Properties

'One of my favorite past times is not only eating chocolate, but reporting on it.

Recently, for instance, I reported on a myth-busting study finding chocolate burns belly fat, as well as improves cholesterol.[i] Before that I reported on research indicating that the medicinal properties of chocolate are so powerful that this treat gives the 29 billion dollar statin drug industry a run for its money as far as protecting you from the #1 cause of death in the Western world.'


What – You Still Believe Cholesterol Causes Cardiac Problems? Don’t


'Here is what Dr. Bret Hunter wrote in a previous Natural News Blog article – Cholesterol is not the enemy of your heart, it is the hero of your healing. He even arranged a link to Tweet that  statement in his article sourced below.

A meta-analysis of properly performed previous studies on heart health and saturated fats concluded there was no association between cardiac issues and saturated fats. This was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) on January 13th, 2010. Read the study summary here.
The AJCN meta-analysis covered studies involving 350,000 subjects who were followed for 5 to 23 years.

The saturated fat high cholesterol disinformation over the last few decades has resulted in many Americans eating and drinking more low and no fat foods and beverages. Yet, heart disease rates have continued to rise along with obesity.

Dr. William Davis asserts in his article “A Headline You Will Never See: 60 Year Old Man Dies of Cholesterol” that cholesterol doesn’t kill “any more than a bad paint job on your car could cause a fatal car accident.”'


Coconut oil miraculously helps Parkinson's patient regain quality of life

'Imagine for a moment that you are a 74-year-old man diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and you are quickly losing your ability to think, move and function, despite adhering to an intense regimen of all the latest pharmaceutical offerings for this miserable disease. Then imagine that nearly all of your symptoms subside almost miraculously after beginning a dietary routine that involves taking large doses of all-natural coconut oil every day.


NYC Mayor is Calling a Meeting to Force Vaccinate Under 5′s With Two Dangerous Vaccines

'If you thought things in the world of vaccines could not get any worse, then you were wrong. Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City has called for a public hearing on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, recommending that all children under the age of five whose parents want them to attend day care facilities be vaccinated with the annual flu vaccination and pneumococcal vaccines before they are accepted.

According to the ‘statement of basis and purpose,’ these vaccines are needed because children serve as a major source of transmission in communities. The statement says:'


Ginseng is a Powerful Herb for Weight Loss and Diabetes Control

'Looking for a natural weight loss aid? If so, recent research says ginseng is the herb for you. Ginseng has long been one of the foundations of Chinese medicine, and is probably the world's best known herb.

Its botanical name, panax, means "all curing" in Greek. This 5000 year old healer has traditionally been used as a restorative tonic to increase energy, stamina, and well being. Now Western scientists are documenting its effect in weight loss and diabetes control.'


8 Branches of the Tao Healing Arts

'Commonly this modern day system of medicine, especially as practiced in the West, relies primarily on only two of the 8 Branches, acupuncture and herbs.  It addresses in part only those health concerns within the human body while at the same time encouraging the patient to rely almost totally on the doctor/healer and tending to overlook the cultivation, empowerment and healing of the self. 

The external or outer environment is also often neglected or completely forgotten.  Traditionally doctors of Chinese Wholistic Medicine received payment only as long as a patient enjoyed good health.  If one became sick the doctor must treat him for free until he regained his health according to the law at the time.  

A red lantern was also required to be prominently displayed outside the medical clinic for each patient who died of disease while under that doctor’s care.  These laws were upheld under penalty of death which helped to insure a high caliber of practitioner and standard of health care for the times.'


Photo Credit: Zen Gardner

'This is extremely well done and worth the watch. Try to not get hung up on the obvious issues with celebrity validation, trust of US agencies and the like. That part’s minimal. Try to see it from the perspective of how far this grounding methodology brings people toward a more holistic and conscious approach to life which no doubt leads to more conscious awareness.

The awakening is bubbling up through every sector of society in many wonderful ways. The continuing discoveries regarding the nature of the matrix and the depth of deceit the world is bathed in come naturally in time as consciousness rises.' – Zen

P.S. Great piece to share with others about the power of grounding. Moving, informative and easily digestible.


Teen Megan Sherow heals brain cancer with raw food not St. Jude!

"17 year old Megan Sherow and her mother Maria share the amazing and inspiring story of how she healed brain cancer in three months by converting to a raw food diet, after two surgeries failed, and instead of undergoing treatment at St. Jude."

"She had glial neuroblastoma)
Megan is smart, funny and bursting with life. And as you will see, she and her mom are quite the pair.
This was such a fun interview.

You. will. love. it." (From Chris of Chris Beat Cancer)

The Hidden Ponzi Scheme of Cancer Fundraisers

If you've been noticing promotions about the annual October Breast Cancer Awareness scam that features all sorts of fund raising activities by Susan G. Komen for the Cure and other fund raisers, here's something to consider written by Mike Adams for a Natural News article published April 22, 2010:

"The cancer industry isn't even looking for cures for cancer, folks. The cancer scam is just too profitable. It's a sweet gig and they're raking in billions of dollars from gullible consumers who continue to be victimized by this fraudulent cancer industry and its dishonest non-profit front groups."

A major player among those non-profit front groups is Susan G. Komen for the Cure. This is not the only one, but it is the most visible, with its pink ribbons and outrageous alliances with many cancer-causing products to raise funds.

Read More ...

Vitamin D Proven More Effective Than Both Anti-Viral Drugs and Vaccines At Preventing The Flu

'The risk of children suffering from flu can be reduced by 50% if they take vitamin D, doctors in Japan have found. The finding has implications for flu epidemics since vitamin D, which is naturally produced by the human body when exposed to direct sunlight, has no significant side effects, costs little and can be several times more effective than anti-viral drugs or vaccines according to research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.'


Brewing KOMBUCHA: The Basics, The Benefits, & The Bravery


'Kombucha /kômˈbo͞oCHə/ a fermented drink so deliciously awesome that it will make you want to run around, your hands in the air, with the Rocky theme song playing in the background, shouting at the top of your lungs. Possibly with a knee-slide finish while ripping your shirt in two.

It’s that awesome.

I remember when I first heard about Kombucha and it’s magical powers. At first, I was all, “Hmm, I would try it” and then I was all, “Okay, this is actually really cool” and then, “Holy crap! Give me an IV of this stuff!”

Even if you are new to the real food world, I can bet you’ve heard of Kombucha. It’s almost like it’s the first step into the club.

Oh, so you want to start eating real? No, no, my young padawan, you must first taste the ecstasy that is Kombucha and THEN we will teach you the ways of our people.'


The Cranberry - Superstar Fruit Battles Bacteria and Kills Cancer

'Potent, pucker-inducing, and pretty, cranberries have been around the holiday table for about 400 years. Native Americans used crushed cranberries to preserve pemmican, a dried meat mixture that, thanks to the benzoic acid in the little red berries, stayed well preserved and palatable over the winter. Pilgrims served cranberries at the first Thanksgiving dinner, starting one of many traditions that we still practice today. You may have tried cranberry juice and sauce, or snacked on the dried fruits. But after you learn how powerful these tart berries are, you may want to eat them all year long.'


Vaccination: A Mythical History ~ by Roman Bystrianyk and Suzanne Humphries MD

'With the approaching flu season and the enthusiastic calls to use the flu vaccine, you might be wondering where the idea of vaccination got its start. Where did the idea of injecting whole or bits of microbes and other substances into people in an attempt to provide protection against contagious disease begin?

Many medical and history books present a simple tale of the origin of vaccination. Most present the same basic tale of the brilliant observation of a simple country doctor and his courage in attempting to thwart a deadly and frightening disease of that time – smallpox, or as it was often called the speckled monster. In a recent and popular book, The Panic Virus, the author reiterates this classic tale.'


Silver bullet for cancer: Metal can kill some tumours better than chemotherapy with fewer side effects

'Silver can kill some cancers as effectively as chemotherapy and with potentially fewer side effects, new research claims.

Scientists say that old wives tales about the precious metal being a ‘silver bullet’ to beat the Big C could be true.

The metal already has a wide range of medicinal uses and is a common antiseptic, antibiotic and means of purifying water in the third world.'


6 Steps to Heal Coronary Heart Disease Naturally


'Coronary heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States. Accounting for 1 in every 4 deaths, it takes the lives of 600,000 people every year!(1) According the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report(2), heart disease has been the leading cause of death since 1921. That tells me that we are doing something very wrong in the way we approach the treatment of heart disease and our health in general. There has to be a better way. Is there something more effective than the standard medical treatments?

This week, Wellness Achiever subscriber, Brian asked:

“What is the best way to remove plaque from the artery walls that accumulate through eating bad foods?”

This is a great question! Fortunately, there is a much better solution than the modern medical treatment for heart disease. For the answer, we have to go back to the early days of medicine. It really comes down to what Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine, said over 2,400 years ago:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~Hippocrates'


What Barbie Would Look Like If She Were Based On Reality

Barbie toy real life
Photo Credit:Nickolay Lamm,

'Research has for years linked women's exposure to barbie and photos of skinny supermodels with feelings of inadequacy about their own bodies. Very young girls as young as 4 years old are beginning to think of themselves as needing to be sexy, pretty, skinny and even as sex objects according to several studies of elementary school children.'


Liposomal vitamin C: More potency and less expense than IV mega-dose vitamin C

'Liposomal vitamin C is a lipid encapsulation of ascorbic acid granules that delivers more vitamin C to cells orally than even mega-dose intravenous (IV) vitamin C. At first, vitamin C expert Dr. Thomas Levy found this hard to believe, even as clinical results were being achieved.

Then he analyzed liposomal C to discover that, although IV C delivers more vitamin C into the bloodstream than orally ingesting vitamin C, not all of it permeated tissue cells.

It's estimated that maybe 20% of IV vitamin C volume gets into cells, while 90% of liposomal C permeates tissue on a cellular level. Vitamin C is water soluble, and cell walls are fatty. Liposomal C is a lipid (fatty substance) encapsulated on a molecular level.

This enables higher oral doses vitamin C to permeate cells while not overwhelming bowel thresholds.'


In the Beginning There Was Monsanto

'Yes, life as we know it is ending. It is being replaced by designer genes constructed in a lab and set loose on the environment with reckless abandon. We eat them, breathe them, drink them, absorb them through our skin, and pass the genetic changes on to our children. We are the experiment.

Some think that coexistence with Monsanto’s genetically engineered pseudo life forms is the answer, but in the end, one must realize that there is no coexistence with genetically engineered organisms. 

They contaminate, pollute, and change our environment in ways that we cannot even imagine. If only the ones who choose to coexist would at least admit to the fact that organic does not contaminate biotech, biotech contaminates organic, and get a clue instead of casting their lot with the purveyors of death who so blithely spread the carnage. 

Any supposed “coexistence” turns out to be a wholesale invasion by biotech, and that isn’t coexistence at all. It is a hostile takeover.'


Sunscreen Use Promotes Cancer

 Attention ALL Snowbirds!

'Skin cancers have actually increased since the massive introduction of sunscreens...!'
 --Sepp Hasslberger @Health Supreme

Maca Treats Infertility, Sexual Dysfunction and Anxiety -

'Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a plant that grows only at 4,000 feet above sea level in the central Peruvian Andes. Maca is consumed by both men and women for its nutritional and medicinal properties, which have been documented to include:

* Increases sperm count

*Shrinks enlarged prostates

*Increases libido

*Treats erectile dysfunction

*Aids in overall sexual functioning

*Treats symptoms of menopause and postmenopause

*Reduces anxiety

But maca is more than a new darling in the research lab. It has stood the test of time, with anecdotal information passed from generation to generation since pre-recorded history. Besides improving sexual health, maca is a true adaptogen and known to increase stamina, memory and outlook.'