What Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about bromelain

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'Bromelain proteolytic enzyme supplements grant many health benefits beyond digesting whole proteins. Complete proteins are hard to digest. That’s why only proteolytic enzymes work – they’re tough enough to crack those proteins open. And if they’re tough enough for that, they can help in other areas.

Bromelain protease can dissolve internal scar tissue created from inflammation. Besides calming the inflamed area, this also takes away hiding places for pathogens to lodge. Scar tissue that hangs around is like a breeding shelter that invites disease for long term visits.'


The 2013 Measles Outbreak: A Failing Vaccine, Not A Failure To Vaccinate


'No amount of ignoring history will erase the fact that vaccination does not equal immunization. The superstitious and ironically non-evidence-based faith in the infallibility of vaccines speaks volumes to why the growing movement to educate the public about the true nature of vaccines is increasingly labeled "anti-vaccine," when in fact it is pro-vaccine awareness

UNICEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation can continue to label those who bring the peer-reviewed 'evidence' to the public's attention as 'liars' or 'child killers, as Bill Gates said in a CNN interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta. 

But all this does is increase the public's suspicion of the real agenda behind their ostensibly charitable plea to save the poor and the needy from the hell of disease, instead of focusing on improving their most basic living conditions, nutrition, sanitation, etc., and making inroads to reduce the geopolitical violence that is ruining the lives of hundreds of millions.'


Are Polio and Whooping Cough Caused By Pesticides?


'Vaccine advocates love to point out that the recent trend in not vaccinating is responsible for causing outbreaks of deadly diseases like polio and whooping cough (pertussis).

But could there be something else at play? Like pesticides?

Compelling evidence seems to suggest that there is a correlation between the spraying of pesticides and the outbreak of diseases such as polio and pertussis.

A suggested correlation exists when you look at the data that compares pesticide use during World War II in the 1950s and the polio epidemic that occurred simultaneously. Generally, as pesticides were used were often and became widespread, the incidences of polio increased.'


Drinking Coffee and Tea Slashes Nasal MRSA Infection Risk in Half

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'With the CDC's recent warning that deadly, antibiotic resistant 'nightmare bacteria' are taking the lives of at least 23,000 U.S. patients a year, the discovery that regular consumption of coffee and tea slashes the risk of nasal colonization of MRSA in half is all the more remarkable.

In previous articles, we have examined the emerging science on how common beverages such as coffee[1] and green tea[2] promote health and wellbeing. We believe these herbal decoctions attained worldwide popularity for dual reasons. 

Not only are they powerfully psychoactive, with coffee for instance having potent morphine-like properties in addition to its stimulating caffeine content,[3] but they also possess under appreciated medicinal properties, some of which may be life saving.'


19 Foods to Naturally Help You Detox Radiation

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'With radioactive isotopes detected in rainwater in Minnesota and other states, some people are looking into iodine supplements and other ways to protect the long-term health of their families.
While there are a lot of drawbacks to using iodine, there are plenty of foods that naturally protect our bodies from radiation.'


The Four Stages of Healing—Managing Your Doctor-Patient Relationship

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ED. NOTE: I recommend inserting holistic, integrative, chiropractic, Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda practitioner as "doctor" that's used in this article, written by an integrative OMD, by the way.

'The ancient Chinese believed that life is change, and gave the world the I Ching to help us understand the nature of change. Medicine is no different than life. We are reluctant to accept change and often resist getting help when we are sick. It’s understandable. We all want perfect health. 

Perhaps we are gifted with a decade or two of great health and vigor, but eventually life catches up with us. We age. We experience accidents, infections, stressors and loss. Genetic tendencies show up like clockwork. But, so much for the bad news. What can we do about it? 

The good news is that you can make positive influences on how your body functions. Every day in many ways you can influence the outcomes of health. Food matters. Exercise helps. Sleep makes a big difference. Positive social connections, a loving family, and a circle of great friends and supportive coworkers are all important for health and longevity.' 


Open your Eyes to SSRIs

6 Health Benefits of Yoga

yoga positions
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'Yoga is that eastern practice involving odd positions and stretches that may seem slightly strange, though many people swear by once they’ve tried it. It’s well known to be relaxing and a healthy way to exercise. However, there are also lots of wild claims about it.

What’s true and what isn’t? 

Fortunately, there has been scientific research on the topic of yoga, and with excellent results. So, we don’t need to rely on claims. Rather, let’s take a look at six proven benefits of yoga.' 


Proof that the cancer industry doesn't want a cure - even if it's a pharmaceutical

'A safe and effective cure for cancer has been discovered with a drug that was once used for unusual metabolic problems. Yet, the cancer industry shows no interest with following up on dichloroacetate (DCA) research from University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, reported in 2007. That's because DCA is no longer patented. (1)

That research also confirmed cancer as a metabolic malfunction, not a weird mutation of cells often explained away as a genetic issue. But the medical mafia doesn't want you to hear about it. But it confirms what most alternative cancer therapists already know.

Since Nixon declared the "war on cancer" in the 1970s, the cancer industry has succeeded with raising money for researching very expensive chemo substances at $50,000 to $100,000 per round or more for toxic therapies that rarely work.'


Statins Are the Greatest Medical Fraud of All Time: Study Reports


'A new study clarifies that statins are the greatest medical fraud of all time. The claims made for them are false. The amount of harm they do is staggering, resulting in millions of lives devastated and ended. 

The worst part of all, though, is that it was entirely predictable—but studies were designed to hide the truth. The media, the health agencies, and the doctors all provided cover for Big Pharma. After all, there was money to be made.'


18 Powerful Spices Scientifically Proven To Prevent and Treat Cancer

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'The term “allspice” was coined in the 1600s by the English, who thought the herb combined the flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Allspice is also referred to as “Jamaica pepper,” “kurundu,” “myrtle pepper,” “pimenta,” and “newspice.” 

Ground allspice is not a mixture of spices as some still believe, but arises from the dried unripe berries of the tree Pimenta dioica. This tree is native to the Greater Antilles, southern Mexico, and Central America. Today, P. dioica is cultivated in many warm areas throughout the world. Allspice is also available commercially as an essential oil.'


Why You Can No Longer Trust The USDA Organic Label

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'USDA Organic" is simply a marketing term those who take government ethics at face value. The goal has always been to increase agricultural sales, not promote organic farming. The public seems to confide in this label through sheer ignorance. 

The National Organic Program (NOP) which governs the "USDA Organic" label has no interest in organic farming, improving soil, quality of the produce, or factors that pollute the environment. 

In another blow to their organics program that will further downgrade consumer confidence, the USDA announced this week that the agency has changed the process for exempting otherwise prohibited substances (such as synthetics) in food that carries the "organic or "made with organic" label. 

This decision makes it easier to continue use of artificial ingredients and substances, undermining integrity of the organic label.'


Kick that Cold & Flu to the Curb!

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'With cold and flu season approaching I wanted to share some of my favorite natural remedies. These alternatives are cost effective, easy and all natural with no yucky dyes or additives that are added to many over the counter and prescription medicines.

The first step is prevention. Living a healthy lifestyle helps to build up your immune system so that when you do get sick, your body is able to overcome most illnesses. Eating lots of organic fruits and veggies help to ensure that your body has the essential vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy. 


Turmeric Extract Kills Highly Lethal Pancreatic Tumors, Preclinical Study Reveals

Turmeric Extract Kills Highly Lethal Pancreatic Tumors, Preclinical Study Reveals

'Considering that the conventional treatment of advanced stage pancreatic cancer can result in as little as a 1% 5-year survival rate, new preclinical research on a liposomal turmeric extract that inhibits pancreatic tumor growth by 42% is all the more amazing.

A promising new study published in the journal Anticancer Research, a peer-reviewed medical journal published by the International Institute of Anticancer Research, reveals a unique turmeric extract known as liposomal curcumin may provide an ideal chemotherapy alternative in the treatment of highly lethal pancreatic cancers.'


Make Your Body Ripe For Miracles


'You may know that your body is brilliantly equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that repair broken proteins, kill cancer cells, fight infections, retard aging, and generally keep your body healthy. But did you know that these self-repair mechanisms can be flipped on – or off – with the power of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that originate in the mind?

It’s not New Age hocus pocus. It’s simple physiology! Here’s how it happens for the nerds among you who, like me, like to understand how things in the body work.'


Can Antioxidants Prevent Skin Cancer?

 Can Antioxidants Prevent Skin Cancer?
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'Research from scientists from Brussels has confirmed that skin cancer is related directly to oxidative stress – and other research shows antioxidants reduce oxidative stress.

The new research comes from the Brussels' Central Hospital, University of Charleroi, and the Hospital Vesale Experimental Medicine Laboratory at Free University of Brussels. 

The researchers tested 36 patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinomas – one of the most lethal forms of skin cancer. The researchers collected the tumor tissues of the 36 patients along with close-by tissue without tumors.'


Create A Dynamite Personal Yoga Practice In 10 Simple Steps

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'For years, I took for granted the convenience of walking to a yoga studio for my daily practice. Music humming in the background, mats freshly sprayed with a hint of lavender, and best of all, no planning required! Good yoga studios require one thing of their students: that they show up. 

But what happens when we step away from this all? When our introductory passes run out? When we decide to travel? When we become curious and begin to wonder what yoga lies outside the studio walls? 

The task of creating a personal yoga practice can be daunting. Until we realize that there's a template (and there are many!), the idea of conjuring yoga out of thin air seems mystical. All yoga, whether it's in a studio, your bedroom, or the middle of a busy sidewalk, stems from the same place: your body and breath. Even the need for a mat is a figment of our consumer culture's imagination!' 


Is Pressure Cooking Healthy?

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'Pressure cooking is only a few hundred years old, and it only really became popular for home use in the last century. When I was a child, using first-generation pressure cookers was still considered a bit dangerous. 

They didn’t have all the built-in safety mechanisms of modern pressure cookers. I’ll never forget how I first learned about pressure cookers. I was eight, and I saw one explode. Spaghetti sauce on the ceiling! On the cabinets!

Those ceiling stains never really went away. They had to be painted over many years later.'


Profit Driven Health Care: Obamacare Rips Off Americans


'It’s a plan to enrich insurers, drug companies, and large hospital chains. It’s market-based for profit.  They let business benefit at the expense of ordinary people.
Tens of millions are left uninsured. Millions more are underinsured.

On August 12, The New York Times headlined “A Limit on Consumer Costs Is Delayed in Health Care Law,” saying:

Obama delayed a “significant consumer protection.” He did so until 2015. He did it secretly. He did it last February.

According to The Times, he “obscured (it) in a maze of legal and bureaucratic language that went largely unnoticed.” Labor Department officials confirmed what happened.

Discovery will likely fuel greater debate. ACA’s a healthcare disaster. Millions already can’t afford high costs. Obama may delay key consumer protections longer. Maybe he’ll suspend them altogether.

The longer they’re deferred, the more consumers pay. Doing so makes Obamacare less affordable than already.'


Vitamin C, Shingles, and Vaccination

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'The pharmaceutical industry, and many doctors, appear to be making great efforts by to get as many people as possible vaccinated against shingles. 

Even if such an intervention was highly effective in preventing shingles, which certainly has not been shown to be the case, the information below should make it clear that such vaccinations are unnecessary. 

The side effects that would be suffered by a significant number of individuals need never occur in the first place. The real problem is that what is discussed below generates relatively little income for anybody in the healthcare industry. Regardless, you need to decide for yourself.' 


Magnesium: “The Most Powerful Relaxation Mineral Available”

We're Running Out of Infectious Diseases, So Let's Make A Cancer Vaccine

We're Running Out of Infectious Diseases, So Let's Make A Cancer Vaccine

The title is utterly absurd, I know, but not if you're a vaccine manufacturer looking for another cash cow. Treating cancer with a vaccine has been a wet dream of scientists for decades. It's not often you have a disease that affects 50 percent of the population at some point in their lives. However, just like every other disease, cancer is not something that can be treated with chemicals and foreign DNA--a concept few vaccine scientists will ever admit to. Vaccines that attempt to thwart cancer cells will always prove better in theory than in practice, and at least some researchers are finally understanding why.

 'The title is utterly absurd, I know, but not if you're a vaccine manufacturer looking for another cash cow. Treating cancer with a vaccine has been a wet dream of scientists for decades. It's not often you have a disease that affects 50 percent of the population at some point in their lives. 

However, just like every other disease, cancer is not something that can be treated with chemicals and foreign DNA--a concept few vaccine scientists will ever admit to. Vaccines that attempt to thwart cancer cells will always prove better in theory than in practice, and at least some researchers are finally understanding why.' 


CVS Flu Shot Kills 23 Seniors

Indian tobacco helps smokers kick the habit and repair their lungs

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'Before the American Indian culture was shattered, the Indians used an unprocessed tobacco in pipes ceremoniously and for healing. Yes, healing lung disorders.

Indian tobacco is known as Lobelia inflate or lobelia, which some herbalists, unafraid of being politically incorrect for using an herb once banned by the FDA, use medicinally today. Not necessarily to smoke, but dispensed as tinctures or tablets.

Lobelia for asthma and other lung/bronchia disorders was a topic of another article from this author. This article will focus on lobelia as the most effective smoking cessation agent without side effects today.'


Dementia Reversal with Coconut oil - in an 85yr old at 35 days.

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease were a Hot News Item in 2012

'2012 was the year that the news about coconut oil and Alzheimer’s disease started making it into the mainstream media. This is not surprising, as it coincided with news about the failure of drugs in treating Alzheimer’s also making headlines. 

In January 2012, drug companies Pfizer and Medivation admitted that the new drug they were developing for Alzheimer’s, dimebon, not only did not help patients in trials, but made patients worse. The expensive drug had already reached phase III trials. (See story here on ABC News) 

So as the development of this drug has now been abandoned, and so many other potential drugs have also failed, many are beginning to look at the role of diet in Alzheimer’s and focusing on prevention. People are also beginning to see positive results in using coconut oil to reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s.'


Why All The Measles Outbreaks…

'CNN Article: U.S. measles cases in 2013 may be most in 17 years

So apparently “this year is on track to be the worst for measles in more than a decade…..and
….wait for it…..wait for it….yep, of course….. AND
“people who refuse to vaccinate their children are behind the increasing number of outbreaks, health officials say”

Of course! It is ALWAYS the unvaccinated. And the answer is always MORE vaccines.

This is Part II response to the CNN article: Why All The Measles Outbreaks?

*I know this post is long, but please take the time to read all the way through. I have an important message at the end.'


GMOs Now in Beer

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‘I have to confess, I’m not a beer drinker, but there’s someone in my household that loves it, so I had to figure out the truth. Is beer really healthy? Why are the ingredients not listed on the label? Which brands can we trust? 

Which brands are trying to slowly poison us with cheap and harmful ingredients? All of these questions were going through my head at once at lightning speed. 

So a year ago, I started to research what was really in beer and after questioning several beer companies, reading books about food science, and talking to experts, the information I discovered was downright shocking.'


Priests in white coats kill a baby of the State

ED. NOTE: This is a clever fictional piece that illustrates where we're headed under the Medical Mafia.

‘The doctor said, “You’re covered under national insurance. The rules say we decide what’s best for the baby. If you refuse treatment, you can be deleted from the program. You’ll be uninsured.”

Once more, the mother said, “No vaccine.” The doctor said, “I’ll have to call Child Services, and they’ll bring the police with them.”

Now, the mother sat up in bed. She tried to shake off the effects of the pain killer. She said, “The government doesn’t own my baby.”


Cancer industry trying to co-opt most recent potential natural cure - frankincense


'There is not one, but many cures for cancer available. But they are all being systematically suppressed by ... the major oncology centers. They have too much of an interest in the status quo," stated Dr Robert Atkins, MD, creator of the Atkins Diet, after licensure problems for curing cancer patients with ozone therapy during the 1960s.

Yet the cancer industry keeps doing exactly what Dr. Atkins described. It is amazing how many cures do exist while many suffer and die from "accepted" incredibly expensive toxic chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

At least 100 natural cancer cures have been discovered and used successfully without side effects since 1920.'


It's time to end the vaccine holocaust


'Sadly, Ashley is just one of countless young women and men who are harmed by Gardasil. It's time to end the vaccine holocaust that is devastating our youth.

It's time to end the conspiracy of silence among medical professionals, vaccine patent holders and the mainstream media, all of whom conspire to lie to the public about the supposed "safety" of vaccines while going out of their way to dismiss the overwhelming evidence of harm.'


The Home Apothecary :: Ingredients You Need to Create Your Own Home-Based Health & Healing Pantry

The Home Apothecary :: Ingredients You Need to Create a Home-Based Health and Healing Pantry
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'The idea that medicinal plants are the medicine of the home, and should be used in every day wellness, is very appealing to me — primarily because I love my garden and my kitchen.
But what’s more, I love that my home is a center for helping people prevent and heal illness.

In this broken world health isn’t something that comes naturally. Ailments and illnesses are just part of life.

Yet in my role as a wife, mother, and friend I long to do all that I can to care for myself and those that I love. In fact, it’s my passion – and creating a home apothecary pantry is a large part of that journey.'


Women Should Drink Beer, Men Should Drink Wine

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'It’s clear that alcohol is not a necessity for health. However, a great deal of research shows that moderate alcohol consumption has its benefits. We all know about the pros and cons, and today’s article is not about sorting through them. The reality is that for many of us, being able to enjoy a glass of wine, beer or a cocktail once in a while is part of a healthy lifestyle and social life.'