Eyes Wide Shut: Disease and Death from the Sky


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'There is one source of toxins and heavy metals that is virtually ignored by most health conscious people focusing on existing food, drug, and environmental toxins. Yet it exists as the unnoticed elephant in the room. It appears very often in most skies throughout the western world. Those who dare document their existence call them chemtrails.'


Powerful Message About Healing and Food

'NaturalHealth365.com presents an exclusive interview with Jonathan Landsman and Charlotte Gerson - as Charlotte reveals her remarkable story of recovery from a pelvic fracture.

Conventionally speaking, a pelvic fracture is a 'fatal accident' for most people.

But, at 90 years young, Charlotte defies conventional knowledge and healed her body in just 5 weeks! This video interview is living proof about the power of the human body to repair - even "impossible" health-related issues. You won't believe your eyes!' 

Why Most Calcium Supplement Recommendations are DEAD WRONG

Why Most Calcium Supplement Recommendations are DEAD WRONG

'An alarming new meta-analysis published in the journal Nutrients titled, "Cardiovascular Effects of Calcium Supplements," brings to the forefront the serious though mainly downplayed health risks associated with calcium supplementation, concluding they increase the risk of heart attack by 27%-31% and the risk of stroke by 12%-20%.'


Making Coffee Out of This World by Jeffrey Dach MD

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Natural Medicine in Your Own Kitchen

'The very best coffee is made with fresh whole coffee beans, freshly ground and mixed with boiling water in a French Coffee Press.  The most important component is the quality of the coffee beans. And among the very best beans are the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans.  These are “out of this world”, and far better than Starbucks coffee.'


The Diet Dictocrats Told Us To Drop Butter and Look What Happened

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'The Diet Dictocrats told us to drop butter decades ago and switch to a so-called healthier substitute called margarine made with what they claimed would be less harmful polyunsaturated fats. Their promise was it would prevent disease. 

People around the globe questioned this advice, especially those who have valued butter for its life-sustaining properties for millennia. 

Today we know that butter is light years healthier than margarine ever could be. It's a lesson to never go against the wisdom of our ancestors and always distrust corporate and malicious propaganda designed to generate profits not health.' 


Flaxseed Can Prevent And Kill Breast Cancer, Meta-Analysis Reveals

 Flaxseed Can Prevent And Kill Breast Cancer, Meta-Analysis Reveals
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'As we edge closer towards Breast Cancer Awareness month, one cause that most likely won't be marketed to us is that of women taking back control of their health by consuming more cancer-fighting foods. 

 In years past, Smith and Wesson's pink hand gun and KFC's "buckets for the cure," have made the list of approved 'pink' products, but nowhere does one find fund-raisers and races for better access to and consumption of the extensive list of foods that increasingly science has vetted as actually preventing and/or killing breast cancer.'


The Fascinating Impact of Color on Health

 colored pencils
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'Does color affect our health? Can it change our mood, make our muscles weak or affect our sleep even if the room is dark with no color actually visible to the naked eye?
Modern research suggests that, yes, color has a profound impact on how we feel and biological functions.

Research as early as 1932 showed that visible wavelengths of light may have a direct effect on the endocrine system as they are able to reach the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain through neurochemical channels that operate independently of the optic nerve. This means that color may not actually have to be “seen” to have an effect!'


CPS threatens to take sick child away from mother for choosing medicinal marijuana over toxic chemotherapy

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‘The medical establishment loathes when free-thinking people stray from its prescribed methods of disease treatment, which is why this imperious beast is aggressively trying to force a Colorado mother, who for more than a year has been successfully treating her leukemic son with healing, non-psychoactive cannabis oil, to instead poison her child with toxic chemotherapy, and possibly kill him in the process.'


A common vegetable cures skin cancer

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'When it comes to skin cancer, Big Pharma offers only topical chemo creams and surgery. The chemo creams often don't work but often do cause ugly, painful side effects. Removing skin cancer tumors surgically usually results with tumors resurfacing sooner or later. Surgeries often leave ugly scars.

However, there are inexpensive, effective, safe cures for curing skin cancer that are banned by the mainstream medical monopoly, which are not publicized by the mainstream media.'

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Cabbage is a potent medicinal food that prevents cancer


'Cabbage doesn’t receive all the fan-fare that other members of the cruciferous vegetable family do, but it should. What is cabbage good for?

A better question might be, what isn’t it good for? As one of the most potent medicinal foods available, including cabbage as a regular part of your diet (two or three times a week, or, even better, four or five) may offer many significant health benefits.

Cabbage Has Cancer-Preventing Properties

The George Mateljan Foundation recently highlighted some of the latest news about cabbage and topping the list was its potential for cancer prevention.


Probiotics End School Sick Days

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'Getting kids outfitted and ready to go back to school can be budget busting, but here is one more thing you might want to buy. Probiotics can strengthen your children’s immune systems and help them withstand the onslaught of bacteria so typical of a school or daycare environment.

There are probiotics formulas designed specifically for children that can help them stay healthy and free of colds, flu and allergies so they are present at school every day and alert and attentive to what is being taught.'


Blood Donations are Potential Biohazard from Those Vaccinated with Gardasil

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'The huge wave of serious adverse conditions after Gardasil vaccination has caused deep concern across the world. However, the suffering may not only be limited to those who are vaccinated.
Blood donated from individuals vaccinated with Gardasil may have horrific consequences for the recipients’ health.

HPV was found in a girl’s blood two years after vaccination. It should not be present!

Normally the virus does not survive in the blood stream for long. Why was the human papilloma virus present instead of the antibodies? A shocking discovery was made when an independent lab analyzed vials of Gardasil.' 


Systematic Review Shows Close To 40 Percent Of The World Has Low Levels of Vitamin D


'We know that in the absence of vitamin D from sunlight, disease increases more than 1000 percent. New data from a systematic review of almost 200 population-based studies shows that more than a third of populations worldwide suffer from low levels of vitamin D.'

'In June 2008, a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that low blood levels of vitamin D were associated with a doubled risk of death overall and from cardiovascular causes in women and men (average age 62) referred to a cardiac center for coronary angiography.

 At a scientific meeting in May 2008, Canadian researchers reported that vitamin D deficiency was linked to poorer outcomes in women with breast cancer. And a large study of aging in the Netherlands published in the May 2008 issue of Archives of General Psychiatry found a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and depression in women and men ages 65 to 95.'


Can Cinnamon Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

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'Of all the problems that can come along with aging, the loss of mental function is often feared the most, for good reason. For many of us, a gradual decline in physical abilities seems somewhat acceptable, but a disease that threatens our memories and ability to recognize familiar faces is another story altogether.'


Research: Radiotherapy Causes Cancer, Blueberry Kills It

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'An important new study reveals both the abject failure of conventional radiation treatment for cancer, and the very real possibility that blueberries contain a curative compound far more effective than anything modern cancer specialists have available to them to strike at the very root of cancer malignancy.

Published in the journal eCAM and titled, “BlueBerry Isolate, Pterostilbene, Functions as a Potential Anticancer Stem Cell Agent in Suppressing Irradiation-Mediated Enrichment of Hepatoma Stem Cells,”[1] researchers reported two major findings:'


New FDA Warning: Certain Antibiotics Linked To Serious Nerve Damage


Black Box Warning: May Cause Permanent Nerve Damage

A certain class of antibiotics have been issued a new black box warning because they cause serious nerve damage. Black box warnings are the most serious and often deadly side effects of drugs that are literally outlined in a black box on the package insert. Fluoroquinolones, such as Cipro, Levaquin, and Floxin were prescribed to over 23 million people in 2011 alone. 

They are commonly prescribed for respiratory and urinary tract infection. These are relatively simple conditions that have many natural and safe treatment alternatives. However, antibiotics are one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in America. Those hoping to find health from a pill are in for a very serious and very dangerous surprise. 


Rocket Fuel Medicine


'“When vitamins are delivered intravenously they reach the blood faster than when taken orally. Many people who receive the infusions report feeling healthy immediately afterward,” said Dr. Robert Graham, an internist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Intravenous medicine provides a method of increasing nutrient absorption so that the body can become healthy enough to heal itself.

The cells need to be healthy enough to have enough energy to bring in the nutrients required for repair, but a sick cell may not be able to do so even if those nutrients are around. In order to have a therapeutic effect, nutrients need to be adequately absorbed and delivered to the cell. When one drinks water full of magnesium, bicarbonate and iodine one receives a basket-full of nutrients, which will reach the cells almost as easily as if they were given intravenously.'


Three incredibly healthy reasons to eat the food of the gods

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'Cacao beans are loaded with powerful antioxidants as well as important minerals and vitamins. Unfortunately, the commercial chocolate we are all familiar with involves roasting the cacao beans, which greatly reduces their antioxidant level. The greatest health benefits from chocolate are from the unheated or raw cacao.

Raw chocolate contains higher levels of antioxidants, polyphenols, catechins, and epicatechins than red wine, goji berries, pomegranates, green tea and blueberries combined.'


Big Pharma Faces No Risks for Devastated Children

'Rob Schneider does the voice over for this brilliant five-minute video showing the truth of the US vaccine court. It is fascinating and eye-opening, clearly documenting the fact that there is no court for vaccine damages, those who are vaccine-injured stand little chance of compensation, the US itself owns vaccine patents, and that there can be little doubt that vaccines are the primary cause behind the accelerating epidemic of chronic diseases. [5:20]'-- Gaia Health

ED. NOTE: This is an amazingly insightful short presentation - thanks for sharing it, Heidi at Gaia Health!

10 Habits of Healthy, Happy Men—and What Women Can Learn

Happy Men
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'Men named relaxing time with family as one of the things that keep them happy and healthy.
What really makes men happy—and healthy?

There are plenty of health experts out there telling men what they should be doing to stay healthy. But men do some things just because they make them happy, without really thinking about the health benefits.

Turns out that some of these things actually have healthy side effects.
Here’s what we found—and how women can learn from what men already know!'


Italian Vegetable Soup (No Stock or Broth Needed)

Italian Veggie Soup
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'The secret to this soup recipe is miso, a traditional, fermented soybean paste from Japan that is delicious and flavorful when used as a soup base.

Worried that miso is made from soybeans?  Don’t be. Fermented soy in small amounts such as what would be consumed in this recipe on occasion and in line with the practice of healthy traditional cultures is no cause for concern.  It is the modern, unfermented soy loaded with phytic acid and other enzyme inhibitors that is hidden in nearly all processed foods as a cheap, unhealthy filler food that is the cause for concern.'


Health Lessons from nternational Cuisines: Japan (Asian Paradox)

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'In the first article of this series I talked about the French diet, and the Japanese diet is almost the polar opposite. Most of the foods that are staples in France – cheese, red meat, bread, butter – are consumed rarely in Japan, if at all. While France is known for their high-fat diet, Japan has one of the lowest-fat diets in the world, with meals built primarily on soy, fish, vegetables, and white rice.

The Japanese have maintained one of the highest life expectancies in the world, and have been featured on many lists of the world’s healthiest countries. Public health experts hold the Japanese diet in high esteem, second only to the venerable Mediterranean diet. So what can we learn from the Japanese?'


A Reflection On Antibiotics


'Antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals are among the most abused and overused pharmaceutical agents that contribute to human disease.  Louis Pasteur became famous for his "discoveries", and his contribution to the idea that germs could or should be killed.  

The problem with this paradigm is that while germs do exist and can be killed, it is not the way to create a healthy living environment.  Most people are unaware that Pasteur was a political-celebrity pseudoscientist, who lifted much of his information from Antoine Bechamp, his contemporary, and true scholar.  

Pasteur had a very poor understanding of the gestalt of living systems and in his hijacking of Bechamps information, which he couldn't have understood enough to even take credit for, he made some incorrect assumptions. ' 


Why Low Salt Diets Increase Risk of Death and Cardiovascular Disease

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'The pharmaceutical industrial complex has had great influence in scientific journals, medical literature and consequently Physicians in promoting the idea that salt is a baddy. Contrary to public perception, the reason the mantra of "eat less salt" has been advocated so strongly in decades past was due to the higher risk associated with cardiovascular disease which increased profits for pharmaceutical drugs. The proof as they say is in the pudding.'


Zinc Deficiency can Ruin Your Health

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'Most  of us are familiar with the use of zinc as an aid in combating the  common cold and sore throat.  However, many of us are unaware of just  how vital zinc is in maintaining overall good health. Zinc is one of the essential trace elements found in every cell in our bodies. 

While  studies have indicated that about 12% of Americans are deficient in  zinc, the ability to absorb zinc declines with age and it is estimated  that this percentage increases to 45% in older Americans.'


Health Lessons from International Cuisines: France (French Paradox)

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'International cuisines have long added variety to the American palate. Although modern, processed foods are gaining popularity in developed and developing countries, most regions still retain unique food cultures and dietary patterns that set them apart from the rest of the world.
In this series of internationally-themed articles, I’ll pick different countries or regions and share some of the most interesting and beneficial aspects of their food culture, and how they can enrich our own. First up: France!'


How to Detox With This Miracle Food

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'Beets are a super-healthy vegetable with a sweet taste and an amazing color. Despite this, beets don’t seem to be consumed as often as other vegetables. Perhaps it’s because most people feel that beets need to be cooked before they can be eaten, making them a little more labor intensive to prepare (you can eat beets raw, by the way, just like any other vegetable).

Whatever the reasons for beets being left off your weekly grocery list, this article is intended to get them back on the list and into your stomach as soon as possible.'


5 “Vegetarian Foods” I Never Eat

5 veg foods3

'I often see a lot of misconception surrounding vegetarianism from many people in the real food community and vice-versa. In my opinion the paleo/WAPF/traditional foods movements and vegetarians have a lot in common (see my article Not All Vegetarians Are Created Equal). 

So, I wanted to create this two part series on what a real food vegetarian eats. I’m starting off with a list of 5 “Vegetarian Foods” That I Never Eat and why. I’ve also created a list of 5 Real Food Vegetarian Protein Sources so you can get an idea of the kind of food that a real food vegetarian eats!'


Worried About Mercury Exposure? Arsenic May Be Worse—How to Test Your Levels

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'Do you fear heavy metal toxicity? If so, you have good reason to. Public awareness campaigns and even most doctors focus on mercury as the toxic nemesis of health.

Mercury sneaks into your body from amalgam dental fillings, fish, and in Thimerosal used as a preservative in vaccines, immunoglobulin preparations, skin test antigens, antivenins, eye and nose drops, multidose injection vials, and tattoo inks. It takes up residence in body tissues including the brain and bones. High levels are associated with chronic illness including autoimmune diseases, fatigue syndromes, and neurological diseases.

But is that all there is to heavy metal poisoning?

Certainly mercury toxicity is a serious problem and even moderately high levels in the body create an obstacle for restoring health. I’ve tested patients for more than twenty years, however, and I rarely find toxic mercury levels. The most common heavy metal I’ve found? Arsenic.' 


Lack of Infectious Diseases Causes Alzheimer’s: Vaccines & Hygiene

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'A new and well-done study clearly documents the relationship between hygiene and Alzheimer’s disease throughout the world. The lower the exposure to microbes, the greater the rate of Alzheimer’s. They name several hygiene issues, but have ignored the most significant according to modern medicine’s own claims: vaccines. Their research clearly shows that vaccines, along with other hygiene issues, are associated with dementia. 

A new study has documented an association between hygiene and Alzheimer’s disease. The usual interpretation is that too much cleanliness has led to the epidemic of Alzheimer’s, but that isn’t the whole story. There is an elephant in the hygiene room called vaccine.'


Why Dieting Doesn’t Work

 Why Diets Don't Work and How to Break the Dieting Cycle

'I’ve dieted. Dieting is an immense part of our society, from what we’ve been told, it’s for losing weight and getting ripped! The infomercials on Saturday mornings with restrictive meal plans and intense work-out regimes promise big results. But I don’t think it works. At least, not in the long run. Read on to find out why.

My [Most-Recent and Last] “Dieting” Story'