New Low For The CDC As They Market A Malevolent Mini Soap Opera To Strike Fear In Pregnant Women Who Refuse The Flu Shot

'A new marketing campaign has been released by the CDC which marks a new low in fear mongering for the influenza vaccine. A Spanish language mini soap opera is claimed to be based on a true story of a Hispanic couple expecting their second child. "The story of Jorge and Monica is a tragic reminder of the importance of annual flu vaccination for pregnant women and their family." states the CDC.'


How to Make Magnesium Oil

'Want to know how to make magnesium oil? The Journal of the American College of Nutrition says that at least 68% of us are magnesium deficient (most likely more), leading to a host of health problems — including insomnia, depression, and fatigue. Topically-applied magnesium oil is perhaps the best tool we’ve got to combat that deficiency and improve our health and wellness.

While it’s true you can buy magnesium oil already made, it’s far less expensive to make magnesium oil yourself (and surprisingly easy)!'


Could your baked potato cause you harm?


'The thought of a baked potato harming me has never crossed my mind, until the other night when I was on the phone. I mentioned to my mom about an article I saw about how you shouldn’t use tinfoil. My initial reaction to the article was “ugh one more thing I shouldn’t use” 

Then I thought to myself, for the amount that I actually use tinfoil, I’ll probably be okay. As we discussed our thoughts on tinfoil, my mom was telling me how she saw somewhere that you shouldn’t use tinfoil for baked potatoes because it can be quite deadly. Now I was shocked, I had never heard of this.'


Bentonite Clay 101 + 15 Head-to-Toe Uses

15 head-to-toe uses for Bentonite Clay , bentonite clay 101

'Bentonite clay. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s another one of those “natural remedies” that a lot of people use and have good results with. Althought it’s a very useful tool that’s natural and healthy, not all bentonite clays are created equal, and a lot of people don’t really know what bentonite clay is or even how it works.

Today, I’d like to give you some information on bentonite clay so that you’ll understand what to look for when selecting a good quality clay as well as how it works. Plus, I’m also going to share 15 ways you can use it from head to toe, and hopefully, in the end, you’ll know all about it and be confident in your ability to use it to benefit you and your family’s health!'


Cape Town Woman Cures Colon Cancer With Cannabis


'On the 12th August 2011 my life changed forever. I had been to the doctor three times before about experiencing pain in my lower abdomen. He did the usual urine and blood test and announced it was a bladder infection. Weeks of antibiotics later, I was sicker than ever.

That morning I woke with the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced, I could barely walk. Deep inside me, I knew it was something terrible.'


Marijuana and Coffee are Good for the Brain

Worth Repeating: Marijuana Is One of the Best-Studied Medicines In History

'An overwhelming amount of very promising research has been gathered supporting the use of medical cannabis for many illnesses and diseases… and the evidence is now impossible to ignore.


“The endogenous cannabinoid system has revealed potential avenues to treat many disease states … Medicinal indications of cannabinoid drugs including compounds that result in enhance endocannabinoid responses (EER) have expanded markedly in recent years.”

“The wide range of indications covers … chemotherapy complications, tumor growth, addiction, pain, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, inflammation, eating disorders, age-related neurodegenerative disorders, as well as epileptic seizures, traumatic brain injury, cerebral ischemia, and other excitotoxic insults.”


5 Uses for Spent Coffee Grounds

'If you drink a lot of coffee or have worked in a coffee house, you have probably looked at the massive amount of coffee grounds being thrown away after one use and wondered, “isn’t there something these can be used for?” 

You’re not alone, researchers all over the world have wondered the same thing and explored the issue. The good news — spent coffee grounds DO have value! What potential uses for used coffee grounds have been found?' 


Any Corrective Lenses Destroy Eyesight - How To Correct Vision Naturally Without Any Surgery, Glasses or Contacts

'Few optometrists will admit and the greatest majority are unaware that glasses and contacts are almost guaranteed to destroy your eyesight over time. Unfortunately, they're not trained on natural and preventative solutions that improve vision in the long-term because they simply do not understand the way the eye works. 

Contrary to popular belief, your vision doesn't have to decline over time. With regular exercise of the muscles that control your eye movements and visual acuity, you can reduce eyestrain and maintain or even improve your vision without any destructive correctional conventions such as laser surgery, glasses or contact lenses'


How to AVOID Acetaminophen Toxicity
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'What if a dietary supplement had been proven to cause liver damage, liver failure, and death?

What if each year this same supplement caused 100,000 calls to poison control centers, 56,000 emergency room visits, 26,000 hospitalizations, and more than 450 deaths from liver failure alone?

You know the answer. The FDA would immediately shut down the supplement company and seek to incarcerate the principals for life.'

What if, on the other hand, a highly profitable drug caused this much disease and death? To no one’s surprise, the FDA’s response is to do the equivalent of nothing.


‘Fluoridated Water Amounts to Public Murder on a Grand Scale’ ~ Dr. Burk

'It has been known for over 30 years that fluoridated public water is responsible for approximately 1/5th of all cancers diagnosed each year in exposed populations. In this amazing interview, Dr. Dean Burk, former NCI researcher and discoverer of biotin, reveals fluoridated water as a form of "public murder on a grand scale'....'


5 Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds

'Sunflower seeds — great at the ballpark, helpful during a long drive, and a native plant to North America that has become a staple to cultures worldwide. Despite their small size, sunflower seeds are a dense source of vitamins and minerals and essential oils. Not only are they a great snack, sunflower seeds offer several extraordinary health benefits'


10 Things the Processed Food Industry Does Not Want You to Know

'Processed foods are typically loaded with excess sugar, salt, unhealthful fats, preservatives and other additives.

But you probably know this already. What you may not know about processed foods is the extent of the havoc they can wreak on your body, a closely guarded secret that the processed food industry doesn’t want you to know.

In short, though they may taste good and be easy to prepare, when you eat processed foods you’re exchanging convenience for your health.

In the featured article, Donna Gates, author of The Body Ecology Diet, explains 10 reasons why you might want to think twice the next time you’re tempted to eat processed foods.'


Healthy Cast Iron Cooking

'Cooking in cast iron may seem like a throw-back to your Grand-mother's kitchen and not a move forward for your health, but I think if you'll be patient and read on you will find this information quite interesting. By heeding this advice, not only will you add valuable blood-cell building natural iron to your diet, but quite possibly eliminate a possible carcinogen from your environment.

For years we had used the latest Teflon-coated wonder-skillet in our kitchen for the perceived benefit of enjoying a stick-free cooking experience. Invariably, one of our kids would cook something in it and wind up using a metal spatula and scratching the surface. We were quite unaware that this could be bad for our health, we were only upset that our non-stick mojo had been messed with.'


Incredible stories of two pediatric cannabis patients

Ian Jacklin talks about his film

'Chris Wark interviews documentary filmmaker, actor and kickboxing champion Ian Jacklin about his current film,, which is about people who cured themselves of cancer after their doctors were unable to help them.'

Victims of Cervarix and Gardasil HPV Vaccines in Japan Demand Shots Be Eradicated

'Due to hundreds of adverse reactions to cervical cancer vaccine reported in Japan, teenagers injured and disabled by Cervarix and Gardasil HPV vaccination campaigns are now voicing their disdain and stepping up efforts to permanently end the government’s subsidy program for the toxic injections.

 Just last month, the health ministry issued a nationwide notice that cervical cancer vaccinations should no longer be recommended. Japanese teens who received the vaccines are now in wheelchairs with damage to their brains and spinal cord.'


A new giant vaccine scandal exposes government lies and psyops

'If you control the use of words and numbers, you can make trillions of dollars, and you can hide scandals that would otherwise take you down into infamy and prison.

You can pretty much operate a whole sector of society and remain untouched.

Nowhere is this more clear than in the criminal work of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

The real name of that agency should be: Centers for Disease Information Control. That’s what they do. They manipulate words and numbers to present fictional images to the public.

They’re a tax-funded PR front for the medical cartel. A 24/7 psyop.'


3 Lies Your Doctor May Tell You About Joint Pain


'Many people seem to accept as fate that they will become less active as they get older. They unwittingly believe that it’s normal to be plagued by stiffness, soreness and pain as they age. Well, I’m here to tell you that this false belief can cause you to suffer unnecessarily. 

Imagine what your life would be like without joint pain. What if throbbing, aching joints never made you think twice about doing the activities you used to enjoy?'


How to Improve Vision Naturally

'Contrary to popular belief, your vision doesn't have to decline over time. With regular exercise of the muscles that control your eye movements and visual acuity, you can reduce eyestrain and maintain or even improve your vision. Utilization of a few acupressure points can also help your vision by encouraging healthy blood flow to your eyes. 

The six muscles that control your eye movements are as follows:'


Beware: PSA prostate cancer screening test is a dangerous hoax, warns discoverer of prostate specific antigen

'The standard PSA (prostate specific antigen) test was approved by the FDA in 1994, and each year millions of men are screened via a blood test for the PSA antigen, which is manufactured exclusively by the prostate gland.

For many men, this is when the serious life threatening trouble begins. Early, aggressive allopathic prostate cancer treatment can and does cause permanent damage, including impotence, heart attacks, incontinence and even death from a disease that is, ironically, statistically unlikely to kill them.'


Blood Pressure Drugs Increase Risk for Breast Cancer

'More than 60 million Americans have high blood pressure (high BP) including more than half (54.3%) of all Americans age 65 to 74 years old and almost three quarters (71.8%) of all American blacks in the same age group. High BP is a major risk factor for a heart attack or stroke. In fact, it is generally regarded as the most significant risk factor for a stroke. 

Drugs to lower blood pressure are among the most commonly prescribed medicines in the U.S. More than 678 million blood pressure prescriptions were filled in 2010. All of the current classes of blood pressure lowering drugs possess significant side effects.' 


Brown Seaweed is Miraculous for the Human Body

'People  have eaten seaweed, sometimes called “sea vegetables” for thousands of  years.  The mixture of vitamins, minerals and trace elements found in  seaweed closely resembles that of the human body, making these nutrients  and healing elements easily absorbed. Some researchers are beginning to  believe seaweed alone is an almost perfect solution to many health  woes.'


All Foods That You Crave Are Driven By A Lack of Specific Nutrients - So Which Foods Will Address Your Craving and Why?

'Once we become aware of the foods that do not agree with our biochemistry, hormonal balance and digestion, we can rectify and tweak our diet to satisfy something larger that our body needs. 

Severe cravings can lead to binge eating and other eating disorders. If we know exactly why we crave a specific food, we can match the nutrient deficiency to a healthy bioavailable source that can perfectly address all our cravings and leave us satiated all year round.' 


Did You Know that Viruses are Saving Your Life Right Now?

'You’ve lived in an invisible sea of microbes from the moment you were born, breathing them, swallowing them, and harboring them on your skin. More than 90 percent of the DNA in your body is not yours, but actually belongs to these microbes.

In order for you to stay healthy, your body must remain in a perpetual state of battle-readiness so it can control the pathogenic organisms that make you sick, while supporting and protecting the beneficial ones that keep you healthy.

In order for this delicate dance to occur, your body must learn the difference between helpful and harmful microorganisms. But how does it accomplish this?


How to Make Coconut Milk
Photo Credit:Food Renegade

'Do you want to know how to make coconut milk? If you regularly use coconut milk in your cooking, learning how to make coconut milk will save you a considerable amount of money.

That’s because it’s hard to find coconut milk that’s not only organic, but also free of guar gum and other additives, and packaged in BPA-free containers.

By making coconut milk at home, you can meet all this criteria and save money. What’s not to love?'


The Reality of Fluoroquinolones- or- How I Became Disabled over night


'Funny how we trust. We trust authority figures such as teachers, police, Doctors, political figures. It’s a funny business this trust thing. It must be in human nature to just trust that all of the above mentioned will simply do the right thing, especially Doctors. 

Their credo is “Do no harm” They swear an oath so why would a physician prescribe a drug that has a Black Box warning and a long ugly list of side effects for something as simple as a UTI or a sinus infection?

 A drug that was designed for use against Anthrax for a bad case of diarrhea? Who knows. A more thought provoking question is after treatment when patients present with severe and disabling side effects of the drug, now the patient is mentally ill. That’s another “profession” that gets a lot of undeserving respect, the psychologist. 

Doctors are now dabbling in psychology and assuming that patients who present with side effects of drugs are mentally ill rather then pursuing the actual medical complaints that patients present with. Here is a drug for your mental illness. The medical world has gone mad itself.'


Me and Cancer - The Cannabis Oil Cure

'In 2011 a group of friends cured me of my terminal liver and bowel cancers using a similar method to 'Rick Simpson cannabis oil therapy'. This short video is an ode to them. Please thumbs up and spread the good word!'

Confessions of a Renegade Psychiatrist

Depression is Not A Serotonin Deficiency

Thanks to direct-to-consumer advertising and complicit FDA endorsement of evidence-less claims, the public has been sold an insultingly oversimplified tale about the underlying driver of depression. Here's how we know depression is not a serotonin deficiency corrected by Zoloft:

You might wonder: Well, then how is it that antidepressants are a billion dollar industry and I have all these friends who are so much better on them? 

Some pioneering individuals have investigated the data supporting antidepressant efficacy and have made compelling arguments for what is called the "active placebo" effect accounting for "breaking blind" in placebo-controlled trials. 

In short, the expectation of relief and subsequent change in symptoms experienced by "responders" is related to perception of side effects. This analysis suggests that antidepressants may only have 10% efficacy above and beyond the placebo effect. 


Peer-to-peer health care is a slow idea that will change the world

 'The information about the best cures is not coming through medical doctors. They are too beholden to the perks and the pronouncements of the industry that makes its money from sickness.

The information comes from others who have researched the same illness out of desperation and have found a solution. It's called p2p or peer-to-peer health care.'--Sepp Hasslberger @ Health Supreme

'Someone recently asked me to name the most exciting innovation in health care today. I think he was hoping for a sexy technology tip, like an app that’s catching fire in the expert patient communities I follow.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the most exciting innovation of the connected health era is…people talking with each other.

At the Pew Research Center we call it “peer-to-peer health care” and measure it with national survey data:

  • 24% of U.S. adults got information or support from others who have the same health condition the last time they had a significant health issue.'

Alkalize with Guacamole
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'Guacamole is one of the best foods to help you alkalize and reach the pinnacle of nutrition. The oil in guacamole ranks among the healthiest types of fat. Each of the other ingredients helps alkalize, and guacamole is loaded with phytonutrients. However, it is essential to make guacamole fresh, as the prefabricated mixes often contain no real avocado! Read on to learn more about each component of guacamole nutrition and discover the recipe at the end.'


4 Year Old Girl’s Vegetable Garden Must Go, Says USDA

'With each passing day, it seems the United States of America, “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” is becoming more and more like the Communist Russia I learned about in elementary school where people weren’t allowed to grow their own food unless the State “allowed” it.'


10 Health Benefits of Ginger
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'Earlier this year, I had a day where I experienced a sore throat and sinus irritation. I didn’t reach for a box of any over-the-counter remedy, instead I juiced a fair amount of ginger and lemon and added it to a tea. 

I was very satisfied with the relief I felt. My experience was nothing new; ginger, or ginger root, has been cultivated and used therapeutically for thousands of years. Traditional medicine systems all over the world have applied it to a wide range of ailments, including calming an upset stomach. Recent studies of ginger have confirmed this effect and much more…' 


Estrogen Dominance: Is It Affecting Your Health?

'When researchers from l'Universite de Montreal recently tested the waters of the St. Lawrence River downstream of Montreal, they discovered levels of estrogen 90 times the normal rate. 

These estrogens were both the natural type (estradiol) occurring in all women and men, and synthetic estrogens, like the ones found in some contraceptive medications and medications used in hormone replacement therapy.

Although the original reason for the research study was to determine the cause of changes in the reproductive organs of fish, there are implications for humans as well.'


Boost Your Memory With This Sweet and Refreshing Treat

'An exciting new study published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine confirms the power of a simple dietary change in improving memory problems in middle-aged and older adults.


 Thirty-two subjects with self-reported memory complaints were randomly assigned to drink 8 ounces of either pomegranate juice or a flavor-matched placebo drink for 4 weeks, receiving memory testing, functional MRI scans (fMRI), and blood draws for peripheral biomarkers before and after the intervention.'


Easy Sourdough Crepes with Whipped Coconut Cream

sourdough crepes

'These sourdough crepes are great for discarded starter. You know when you’re feeding your sourdough starter to proof it for baking and you have to throw some of the old starter out to feed it again? 

Well, this is a good use for the starter that you would normally throw away. If you don’t have sourdough starter yet, get on board! You can get sourdough starters here. Once you get them going you can use them for all kinds of things like bread, muffins, pancakes, etc.

The fact that the dough is “soured” reduces the phytic acid–an enzyme inhibitor present in grains that blocks the absorption of key vitamins and minerals.'