Watch the Effects Of Smart Meter RF/MW Radiation On Live Blood

ED. NOTE: Google "smart meter shielding materials" or smart meter shields" and find out how to protect yourself.

Cinnamon Combined With Magnesium Decreases Blood Pressure More Than Any Hypertension Medication In The World

'Supplementation with cinnamon has been found to lower blood pressure in pre-diabetic and diabetic people. Cinnamon combined with magnesium, diet and lifestyle changes may lead to overall reductions in blood pressure up to 25mm Hg, a reduction lower than any hypertension medication can achieve without side effects.'


Reverse Lung Damage from Asthma with Ginseng

 ginseng with tea 300x202 Reverse Lung Damage from Asthma with Ginseng

'Research is showing that it is possible to reverse lung damage from asthma! Asthma is a disease of the airways and lungs in which airflow both in and out of the lungs is restricted. It is characterized by shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing.

Most asthmatics have intermittent “attacks” and are symptom free at other times. Some asthmatics however, are never symptom free. Over time, there is damage to the tissues of the lungs and until now, this damage was thought to be irreversible.'


How About a National Campaign on Prostate Health?

Prostate Health

The PSA Controversy

'For decades, a simple routine blood test – the prostate specific antigen (PSA) – was a man’s equivalent to a mammogram. Levels above 3.0 were considered dangerous. When the numbers went higher, doctors were sure patients had prostate cancer. But there are lots of reasons PSA levels can rise—inflammation and infections are but two of them.

Benign enlargement, a physiologic but not cancerous change in prostate tissue, also sends PSA levels up. Conventional medical wisdom believed age drove PSA higher, as well—and created a greater risk for prostate cancer.

Were the experts right?

It turns out a lot of conventional prostate wisdom has been proven unhelpful when it comes to prostate health.' 


Dump toxic pharmaceuticals and use lavender essential oil for migraine headache relief instead
'America is a migraine nation. Approximately 37 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches. It's estimated that there are 2-3 million chronic migraine suffers and about 5 million have a minimum of one migraine attack per month.

Even worse, 11 million Americans are moderately to severely disabled by migraines. Ninety-one percent can't work or function during an attack, while 24% wind up in the emergency room because of severe pain.'


Healing Cancer Naturally – Resources And Stories


'Healing Cancer Naturally – Resources And Stories is a follow up to my last article. If you have not read Lilly’s Lung Cancer Drug Requires Vitamins To Reduce Death Rate you will want to read that first.

In my last post, I featured a story about Eli Lilly’s drug patent dispute over their blockbuster lung cancer drug, Alimta. When I first read about this story, I have to admit, I was infuriated! It is always upsetting to me to see the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry take advantage of emotionally vulnerable cancer patients, all for huge profits! Now, Lilly is using ‘nutrition’ – not to heal cancer but to prop up their profits.'


Cortisol is the Stress Hormone

 Obesity2 226x300 Cortisol is the Stress Hormone

 'All the stress and pollution along with poor diet choices are causing people to experience hormonal imbalance and decline at an earlier age than ever. Hormonal imbalance is now showing up in men and women in their late 20’s. 

Many people in their 30’s are in unrecognized hormonal imbalance that saps their energy, causes weight gain, and makes their thinking foggy, leaving them in a state where they are unable to act in their own best interests.

Americans are experiencing record levels of depression and sleeplessness. Their conventional physicians answer their symptoms with the prescription pad, adding even more chemicals to the pile without addressing the causes of these symptoms.' 


Gardasil Provides No Benefit: CDC Study

'The recent Gardasil study by the CDC claims that the vaccine has significantly reduced HPV infections. The authors’ claim bears little resemblance to the study’s results. Here’s an analysis demonstrating that, in reality, no conclusions can be drawn—that the study’s results are inconsistent, based on non-matched samples, and mixed the groups being compared.'

Recently, the mainstream news media was worked up about a study claiming that Gardasil has proven to be effective in preventing HPV (humanpapillomavirus) infections, and thereby, the implication that it will also prevent cervical cancer. However, careful perusal of the study shows something entirely different—that the vaccine provides no discernible benefit.'


This Pharmaceutical Company Used NSA-Like Tactics to Monitor Parents’ Concerns About Vaccines

 Pharmaceutical companies are eavesdropping on what concerns parents about vaccines.

‘Imagine you are about to be a new mother in three months and you want to learn more about vaccines. You read information on a website discussing the different toxic chemicals and dangerous biological agents contained in vaccines. (Get the list here.)

Reading about viruses cultured on monkey kidneys, mouse brains, and aborted fetal tissue makes you sick to your stomach. You decide to post the following question, “How do I tell my doctor I don’t want this stuff injected into my new baby? I’m scared and don’t know what to do. Please help!”

Fast forward three months after having your child.

You take your newborn into the pediatrician’s office, armed with your research and facts. You expect confrontation from a nurse or doctor, as so many other parents have reported. What you hear next surprises you and sounds very familiar.’


DMSO and Vitamin C - The Magic Duo for Cancer Treatment That Frightens The FDA and Conventional Medicine

'Use of DMSO in medicine dates back decades. It was predominantly used as a topical anagesic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Today, we know that DMSO can treat a variety of disorders including arthritis, mental illness, emphysema, and even cancer

 While this is now considered a superb cancer treatment, orthodox medicine is not interested in discussing its benefits. If DMSO were to be implemented and used in cancer treatment, the "true cure rate" for orthodox medicine would rise from 3% to above 90%! Here's why.'


Ginger Found to Inhibit Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Ginger Found to Inhibit Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus

'Medical researchers from a Taiwanese Medical School have determined that fresh ginger is an effective treatment against human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

The researchers, from the College of Medicine at Kaohsiung Medical University, tested fresh ginger and dried ginger (Zingiber officinale) against RSV-infected human liver and lung cells. The researchers found that the fresh ginger inhibited the attachment of the virus on to the cells and also stimulated the INF-beta secretions that help counteract viral infections among the cells of the mucosal membranes.

The inhibition of the virus occurred more readily amongst the alveolar (lung) cells – illustrating the potential for the ginger to inhibit infections of the lungs.'


The Definition of “Cancer” May Be Narrowed to Prevent Overtreatment of Harmless Tumors

'Nearly two million Americans are diagnosed with cancer every year, and one in three will face a cancer diagnosis at some time in their lives. Yet despite massive technological advances over the past half-century, Western medicine is still at a loss for how to rein in its prevalence.

At this point, it’s becoming increasingly clear that many of the conventional strategies, from diagnosis to treatment are riddled with flawed assumptions and approaches that, in many cases, do more harm than good.

What’s worse, virtually none of the conventional strategies actually address the root of the problem.'


Why I NEVER Use Agave

 Post image for Why I NEVER Use Agave

'I’ve noticed that many people use agave in their recipes even though they are Real Foodies. I just think they may not have heard the truth about agave. 

According to Russ Bianchi, executive of a globally recognized food and beverage development company, who lectured about this very subject at the Weston Price Mythbusters conference this past fall, agave is one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on the American people. 

The high levels of synthesized fructose in agave put people at risk for obesity, heart disease, arterial inflammation, high blood pressure and increased insulin resistance.'


Decoding Labels: KOYO Asian Vegetable Ramen
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'Okay, so it’s time to admit it. For a long period of college, I subsisted almost entirely on ramen and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Ramen is cheap, filling, and versatile. You can add meat to it, add frozen veggies to it, dress it up or down. It’s also super tasty and addictive.

But after my Real Food conversion, ramen could no longer be my go-to choice for a quick lunch. It was packed with MSG, artificial colors and flavors, deep fried noodles, you name it. It’s been years since I’ve eaten it. 

And then, a reader emailed me asking about a “natural” ramen she’d found at her supermarket that’s made with organic noodles. It’s called KOYO Asian Vegetable Ramen.'


Why Cannabis is Illegal


'Blood Sugar ControlSeveral studies have found that Cinnamon has properties that help those with insulin resistance. It is therefore very popular with Type 2 diabetics who take it to control their blood sugar variations.

Ceylon Cinnamon is particularly popular because it has low levels of Coumarin. compared to Cassia Cinnamon found in your grocery store. In case you did not know Coumarin in high doses can cause liver damage. Another study found that Ceylon Cinnamon has no effect on blood sugar control and only Cassia Cinnamon has this effect.

However in yet another study Ceylon Cinnamon was found to have an effect on blood sugar control in a rat model. So the evidence is confusing. If you are taking Ceylon Cinnamon for diabetes, take it in moderation as part of a healthy program of diet, proper nutrition and moderate exercise.'


Improve Your Memory and Prevent Alzheimer's with Sage

'Most likely due to more recently discovered benefits, sage was named "Herb of the Year" in 2001 by the International Herb Association. Its preservative benefits have been known throughout the world for centuries. But now western science has confirmed historically known benefits, which include minimizing the risk of Alzheimer Disease and improving memory.'


Miso Protects Against Radiation, Cancer and Hypertension

Miso Protects Against Radiation, Cancer and Hypertension

'When the second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on August 9th, 1945, 21 healthcare workers were attending 70 tuberculosis patients in a hospital 1.4 km from ground zero. None of them suffered from acute radiation poisoning.

Dr. Tatuichiro Akizuki, a physician at the hospital, credited this miracle to the fact that everyone was consuming daily cups of miso soup garnished with wakame seaweed.

In a new comprehensive review of both epidemiological and experimental studies, Japanese researcher Hiromitsu Watanabe from the Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine at Hiroshima University confirms the power of miso to prevent radiation injury.' 


Detox Baths: Which Ones are Best and for What Ailments

'One casualty of the hurry, hurry modern lifestyle is the regular practice of highly beneficial and therapeutic detoxification baths.

A quick shower in the morning or after working out has gained favor over a more leisurely soak with bathing ingredients carefully chosen to support internal cleansing, overall health and even to remedy specific ailments or injuries.

I first became familiar with the benefits of cleansing baths during my travels in Asia just before I launched into my corporate career after college.

The Japanese in particular greatly value cleansing baths, so much so that public baths remain popular even today.  The Japanese favor using water as hot as a person can possibly stand with a special type of cloth used to exfoliate and thereby encourage detoxification via the body’s largest organ – the skin.'


Chemotherapy is a Waste of Money


Do you know where your food comes from?

La surconsommation from Lasurconsommation on Vimeo.

'Back in like ’97 or ’98 my friend Brad Stanfill showed me one of the most beautiful and powerful documentaries I’ve ever seen called Baraka by Ron Fricke.

Earlier this year a clip started circulating around the net and I was reminded of its brilliance.
As it turns out, that clip is from a film called Samsara also made by Ron Fricke and shot over 5 years in 25 countries.

Anyway here is one small slice of the film that explores our food supply chain.
This clip contains no words, and no words can describe it.
Make sure you watch it all the way to the end. It’s only 6 minutes.

If at any point you feel a strong need to stop watching, skip ahead to 4:30.

 Afterward I would really like to know your thoughts about it.' --Chris Wark @ Chris Beat Cancer

Read comments HERE


Celery and Artichokes Contain Powerful Flavonoids That Kill Cancer Cells

'Celery, artichokes, and herbs, especially Mexican oregano, all contain powerful flavonoids that wipe out diseased cancer cells. Apigenin and luteolin kill pancreatic cancer in the lab by inhibiting an important enzyme, according to two new University of Illinois studies.

James Duke, Ph.D., author of The Green Pharmacy, found more than 20 anti-inflammatory compounds in celery and celery seeds, including a substance called apigenin, which is powerful in its anti-inflammatory action. Adding celery seeds to soups, stews or as a salt substitute in many recipes can boost the flavonoid content of these preparations.'


15 Natural Tips to Protect from Radiation When Flying

Photo Credit: Health Renegade

'The government has introduced new advanced imaging scanners at airports. The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) states the dose of radiation from these is extremely low, but all radiation exposure is accumulative.

Medical associations have warned that Americans today are exposed to seven times more radiation, via medical tests, than they were in the 1980s. Harvard Women’s Health Watch states that in 2006, about 62 million CT scans were performed in the U.S., compared with just 3 million in 1980.

Then there’s the flight itself, which also exposes passengers to higher doses of radiation than what they’d get on the ground.' 


How Big Pharma Lies To Doctors about The Medicine You are Taking

'Following doctor’s orders has become synonymous with danger. In my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, I documented that every year, FDA- approved drugs kill twice as many people as the total number of U.S. deaths from the Vietnam War. Death by medicine flourishes because deceit, not science, governs a doctor’s prescribing habits.

Working as a pharmaceutical chemist, I learned that the deceit comes in many forms. Medical ghostwriting and checkbook ‘science’ are the most prominent.' 


Cholesterol Does NOT Cause Heart Disease

Eating Raw Garlic Twice A Week Reduces Cancer By 44 Percent
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'That's a statistic the cancer industry cannot claim because almost 40% of cancer patients die within five years and more than 80% die within twelve years either of the cancer or the treatment that was administered for the cancer. Eating garlic twice a week will never kill you and it reduces cancer risk without any side effects whatsoever.'


Is The Epidemic of Thyroid Nodule 'Cancers' A Medical Illusion?

Is The Epidemic of Thyroid Nodule 'Cancers' A Medical Illusion?

'You might ask the obvious question, "Thyroid nodules are found in 67% of the population. What is causing this?" I would suggest that the most likely explanation is subclinical iodine deficiency in the population. Iodine deficiency causes thyroid enlargement (goiter), thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer.

Thyroid cancer appears linked to Iodine deficiency in both animal models and humans. Studies have shown that iodine deficiency is associated with increased anaplastic thyroid cancer, the aggressive type unresponsive to treatment and associated with high mortality rate. Population studies in which iodine supplementation was given showed reduced mortality from thyroid cancer. Incidentally, this reduced mortality was also associated with an increase in well differentiated papillary cancers, again suggesting the papillary type to be associated with a better outcome.'


Transhumanism: Genetic Engineering of Man – the New Eugenics
Photo Credit: Farm Wars

'There is a move afoot to reprogram humanity. To redefine it in the limited terms of scientific understanding, place it in a box, and then, all wrapped up in a pretty package, attempt to deliver this convoluted mess to us as progress.

There are those who think that, given the chance, they could and should genetically manipulate the earth and the creatures that inhabit it, including man, to suite a purpose of their own imaginings. They want to experiment on all of our precious resources, turn our rivers into streams of pollution, and take each and every living thing on earth and use it to create something “better.”

According to whose design? Well, the so-called “scientific” one, of course. And if this means combining cows and humans, goats and spiders, man and machine in order to achieve the goal? Well, so be it. After all, the only thing that is important is the end result. And the end result is that a few will obtain immortality… or so they think. And if a few eggs get broken in the process, well, that is the price paid for success.

This is Transhumanism – the natural culmination of something called reprogenetics. Some call it designer evolution.'


Incredible Research on Lavender for Migraines

Acetaminophen Linked to Fatal Skin Reactions

'Millions of people use acetaminophen, better known by the brand name Tylenol, for treating everything from fevers and muscle aches to headaches. It’s widely available over the counter (OTC), as well as used in many prescription medications to treat pain, allergies, sleeping problems, coughs, colds and more.

Because it’s so common and easily accessible, most people believe it’s perfectly safe, but a new warning from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) serves as an important reminder that even popular OTC medicines can be dangerous, and even deadly.'

FDA Warning: Acetaminophen Linked to Fatal Skin Reactions



Eight Health Warnings Your Fingernails May Be Sending

'Are your fingernails healthy, or sending you a health warning?

Fingernails and disease don’t go together in most minds… but they should. Your fingernails can give you valuable health warnings and signal the presence of serious disease.

Take a good long look at your nails. Hold a hand level with your nose about a foot out from your face and scrutinize each one.

Look at the curves, dips, ridges, and grooves. Check out how thick or thin they are and if your nails are chipped or broken. Make a note of the color of the nail itself, the skin under it, and the skin around the nail.

Photo Credit:everydayhealth

Slide show: 7 fingernail problems not to ignore

Let Fruit Be Your Medicine: Watermelon's Remarkable Health Benefits

Let Fruit Be Your Medicine: Watermelon's Remarkable Health Benefits

'Watermelon is so much more than just a highly refreshing summertime treat. From the perspective of a growing body of clinical research, it is a truly medicinal food.'

'Only this month, research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found watermelon juice is an effective remedy for reducing the recovery heart rate and muscle soreness in athletes who were given 500 ml of watermelon juice (16.9 oz) containing 1.17 grams of the naturally occurring amino acid L-citrulline.

Additional research indicates watermelon may possess the following health benefits:

Boosting Your Antioxidant Levels: Watermelon is exceptionally rich in lycopene (hence its red color) and other carotenoids such as lutein and beta carotene.'