10 Causes Of Fibromyalgia Your Doctor May Not Know About

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'It’s estimated that fibromyalgia affects approximately 10 million people in the United States. Fibromyalgia is classically characterized by chronic pain, particularly muscle pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances, brain fog or cognitive impairment, depression and painful tender points throughout the body.

Conventional medicine has yet to uncover the cause of fibromyalgia and only offers management of symptoms through pain medications and antidepressants.

Functional medicine, on the other hand, looks to find the root cause of fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases, treating the problem at the root level to restore the patient to health. As a functional medicine physician, I’ve helped many patients recover from fibromyalgia.  Below are the top ten root causes of fibromyalgia I see in my clinic.'


Curing With Cayenne

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"If you master only one herb in your life, master cayenne pepper. It is more powerful than any other."

                         - Dr. Richard SCHULZE, Medical Herbalist

'If you want to become a powerful healer for yourself and your family, master one herb...cayenne pepper. Knowing cayenne deeply will give you and your family more cures than dabbling in twenty herbs.

Learn cayenne deeply before you go on to anything else.

Life is like karate. If you smash a brick with your hand, you will accomplish nothing and bruise yourself. But if you mentally focus your energy, then you can achieve what seems impossible.

Focus. Don't scatter your energy. Being a good nutritional conversationalist won't save you from many of the diseases in this book. To cure yourself, you will need a detailed knowledge of cayenne.

Put the time in. Study this book. Practice now, so that when the emergencies come, you will act by reflex and not panic.

Students always ask Dr. Schultz, "What are the ten most important herbs to have in the home?" He tells them, "At the top of the list is cayenne pepper, because it will make the other nine work better."


War on Health - The FDA's Cult of Tyranny

Obesity epidemic caused by EMF exposures in the home according to startling new research

'Two-thirds of the U.S. population is overweight, and about one-quarter to one-third of adults are obese. Fact. Poor diet and a lack of exercise are at fault, the experts say. But what if the cause of this epidemic was something even more insidious? What if that which is considered the lifeblood of our modern day lives, electricity or more precisely dirty electricity, was really to blame?'


The Remarkable Heart-Friendy Properties of Avocados

The Remarkable Heart-Friendy Properties of Avocados

'There are still folks out there who believe that the 'high fat' content of avocados make them a liability for heart health. But the research on avocados simply doesn't support this lipid-phobic view. Take for example a recent study that looked at what happened when avocado was added to a heart-stopping American favorite, the hamburger meal.[i]

Researchers at the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition took eleven healthy subjects, and on two different occasions, fed them either 250 gram hamburger patty alone (ca. 436 cal and 25 g fat) or together with 68 grams of avocado flesh (an additional 114 cal and 11 g of fat for a total of 550 cal and 36 g fat).' 


Drink This and Risk Damaging Your Thyroid Gland

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'This ingredient in citrus flavored soft drinks and popular sport drinks, is banned in Europe and Japan. Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is used to prevent the separation of fat soluble citrus flavored oils in soft drinks. While there are restrictions in the use of BVO – limiting its concentration to 15 parts per million — it is still a dangerous endocrine disruptor, especially when consumed on a daily basis and even in quantities under the set limits.' 


Is Apple Cider Vinegar That Powerful of a Health Tonic? Science Says Yes

'One of the most traditional cures for almost anything is apple cider vinegar. Over the centuries, the ancient folk remedy is touted to relieve just about any ailment you can think of including diabetes, obesity and even cancer. Here's what science has found.'


Are You Poisoning Your Household With this Chore?


'Did you know that cleaning products are responsible for nearly 10 percent of all toxic exposures reported to U.S. Poison Control Centers?

In one New York medical center, reports of burns, rashes, dizziness and scratchy throats among hospital employees plummeted after the staff switched over to less toxic cleaning products. The number of missed work days due to cleaning product injuries declined from 54 in 2004 to zero in 2009.

Contributors to indoor pollution include the products you use every day in your home, which can come in contact with your skin and lungs. Household products have been found to contain very powerful and often toxic chemicals that you unknowingly expose yourself to in the course of an ordinary day. One of the most common household products is laundry detergent.' 


Horror as patient wakes up in NY hospital with doctors trying to harvest her organs for transplant profits


'I've warned Natural News readers about this several times over the last decade: Do NOT become an organ donor! Although you may wish to help others out of the goodness of your (literal) heart, the sinister truth is that doctors routinely harvest organs from LIVING patients right here in the USA.

And here's yet more proof. This true story will astound you.'


Is GMO Rewiring our DNA?

'New studies in cell research are bringing up some alarming new questions concerning GMOs, and one of them in particular makes liver failure or cancer seem like child’s play compared to the garish possibilities that arise when we start to look at how genetically modified foods likely affect our DNA.

Let’s get one thing straight, first. All kinds of things can alter our DNA, for the better or worse. Bruce Lipton, a pioneering biology scientist, proved that emotions can change our DNA; research has shown that even exercise or chemotherapy can alter our DNA; ancient cultures have known that sound can affect our DNA; and the newest research states that we aren’t relegated to a specific destiny because of our genes, but it seems our brains are being rewired via DNA to become ‘new humans.’'


How To Restore Magnesium In 3 Steps


'I am often asked, “So how much Magnesium do I need to take daily?”

It’s a great question.  And like most great questions, the answer is, “It depends.”

There are actually 3 points to consider:

1) Increased S*T*R*E*S*S = Increased MBR

First, please know that stress consumes Magnesium (Mg) — it’s how we’re wired as a species.  The more “Stress!” you are under, the more Magnesium your body burns.

I call this the “Magnesium Burn Rate”, or MBR.  It’s the metabolic price we pay for all that pressure & tension we feel.'


Simple Natural Solution Prevents Harmful Fungi From Developing In 60 Percent of Dishwashers

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'You probably consider your dishwasher a time-saving appliance that makes life easier by doing a dreaded household chore. Dishwashers get loaded, started, and emptied, but we rarely consider the consequences of the moisture, heat, food scraps which also make it a perfect breeding grounds for fungi, including some that could be harmful to your health. Here's a simple natural solution that prevents fungi from developing in your dishwasher.'


Reading and Writing Preserve the Brain, Stave off Memory Loss

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'We know reading can make you more informed, and if you’re reading the right stuff, it could even make you more intelligent. But a recent study published in the online journal Neurology from the American Academy of Neurology shows that reading and writing could help keep your mind sharper for longer while staving off memory loss.

7 Best Homemade Cleaning Solutions to Have On Hand

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'In 2010, a study published in Environmental Health linked the regular use of basic cleaning products to breast cancer, suggesting that it could double the risk. 

An earlier study suggested that cleaning products and air fresheners containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) reduced lung function by 4 percent—yet these dangerous compounds were not listed on the product labels since companies are not required to disclose them.

Other research has indicated that the use of spray household cleaners could increase the risk of developing asthma by nearly 50 percent. A 2012 study noted that 65 percent of exposures to potentially dangerous toxins in household cleaning products were in children less than five years of age.' 


Family Sues After Dangerous Flu Vaccine Causes Child to Become Severely Brain Damaged

 A child in Australia suffered a severe reaction to a flu vaccine.
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'A family in Perth, Australia, is seeking compensation from the pharmaceutical company CSL Limited. Their daughter Saba became severely disabled after she received the flu vaccine Fluvax in 2010. 

The family is suing CSL Limited for their daughter’s pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, profound disability, medical care and travel expenses, stating that Fluvax caused their daughter to become severely brain-damaged and almost completely blind.' 


The Health Risks & Benefits of the Oleander Plant

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'Recently I have had alot of questions regarding the benefits and risks of taking Oleander Extract for cancer as well as the bird or swine flu and other conditions. I think that this plant has amazing properties and is definitely worth writing a post about.

I do, however, recommend anyone wanting to take this herb do their own research. Sometimes the most poisonous plants give us the most rapid health benefits but must be used with extreme caution.'


Confirmed: The Lower Your Bone Density, The Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk

 Confirmed: The Lower Your Bone Density, The Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk

'When older women are told that their bones should be as dense as a young adult (30 year old) at peak bone mass, things can and do go terribly wrong.

A new study published in The Breast Journal, authored by researchers at the Department of Surgery, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, NY confirms numerous past studies showing low bone mineral density lowers the risk of breast cancer, [...] and validates the hypothesis that women with breast cancer and low bone mineral density will have lower breast cancer recurrence rates than women with so-called 'normal' bone density.'


Genetically-modified Rice Trials in U.S. Contaminate World’s Rice Supply

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'New evidence has emerged suggesting that the entire global supply of rice may have already been contaminated by unapproved, genetically-modified (GM) rice varieties manufactured by the American multinational corporation Bayer CropScience. 

A recent entry in the GM Contamination Register explains that between the years of 2006 and 2007, three different varieties of illegal GM rice, none of which have ever been approved for cultivation or consumption anywhere in the world, were identified in more than 30 countries worldwide.'


The Spice That Can Potentially Help Your Health in 150 Different Ways

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'Most spices have powerful medicinal properties, which is precisely why they've been used to promote healing for thousands of years prior to the advent of modern, synthetic drug-based medicine.
One such spice is turmeric, the yellow-pigmented "curry spice" often used in Indian cuisine. 

Turmeric contains curcumin, the polyphenol identified as its primary active component and which exhibits over 150 potentially therapeutic activities, which include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.'

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What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain – Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock Reveals Shocking Facts

'The Internet is littered with stories of “chemtrails” and geoengineering to combat “global warming” and until recently I took these stories with a grain of salt. 

One of the main reasons for my skepticism was that I rarely saw what they were describing in the skies. But over the past several years I have notice a great number of these trails and I have to admit they are not like the contrails I grew up seeing in the skies.

They are extensive, quite broad, are laid in a definite pattern and slowly evolve into artificial clouds. Of particular concern is that there are now so many ­dozens every day are littering the skies.

My major concern is that there is evidence that they are spraying tons of nanosized aluminum compounds. It has been demonstrated in the scientific and medical literature that nanosized particles are infinitely more reactive and induce intense inflammation in a number of tissues. 

Of special concern is the effect of these nanoparticles on the brain and spinal cord, as a growing list of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) are strongly related to exposure to environmental aluminum.'


Dr. Anna Goodwin speaks out about water fluoridation


'In the USA, it costs fertilizer companies $4000-$7000, per tanker truck, to dispose of fluorosilicic acid, which is considered a toxic pollutant by the environmental protection agency (EPA) . It cannot be legally dumped in any natural water supply, yet is being added to drinking water.

Hamilton Oncologist Dr Anna Goodwin says, “I was shocked to learn that, in the absence of any human studies to prove its safety or efficacy, the fertilizer industry held hands with government agencies (in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand) and fluorosilicic acid was deemed an “acceptable and equivalent” fluoride source, decades ago, completely without any real evidence for this assertion.'


Is salt bad for you?

Is salt bad? Why salt is essential to your health.

'Is salt bad? If you aren’t sure, you are not alone. There is so much contradicting research. Why do we make food so complicated? For most of history food was food. There were no nutritionists, scientists, businesses, or government officials telling people what to eat. Food was not a commodity. It was a way to survive.

This is why I love the real food movement. I trust food that’s been eaten for thousands of years and the traditional practices that were designed to help preserve life. And this includes salt. Lots of salt, actually. Since salt was the main source of preservation you can bet our ancestors ate a lot of salt. So is salt bad? This is why I say “no”.'


“Food Babe” – A Woman on a Mission to Change the Food Industry, and How You Can Too

'Vani Hari, better known as “Food Babe,” is a blogger and food activist in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her blog, FoodBabe.com 
and her “leading by example” style of activism is an inspiration to a growing number of people not just in the US but around the world.

One of her most celebrated achievements is her participation in the Democratic National Convention, in which she drew massive media attention by standing up with a makeshift “Label GMOs” sign in the front row, during Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack’s speech.

This interview was taped a week after the March Against Monsanto where I participated in one of the local marches and had a chance to witness first-hand people working in the activist movement. It really helped me understand that there’s a widespread opportunity for virtually anyone to participate, get inspired, and to really make a difference.' 


Flatal Incontinence and Women: What is it and Why does it Happen?

Women suffer from flatal incontinence
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'Uncontrollable gas (flatus or flatulent gases) is known as flatal incontinence. This condition is defined as involuntary flatulence at least once or more per week. The big problem: it can happen anywhere. Involuntarily ‘breaking wind’ while at the store, restaurant or at the office creates embarrassing situations. It can erode self-confidence. It can negatively impact one’s relationships'


Vaccination Causes Autism – Here’s What They Know …

'For many years, parents have believed that multiple vaccinations have caused their children to become autistic. Governments from around the world, however, have categorically denied this possibility.They continue to bury their heads in the sand and ignore what is happening. They refuse to carry out relevant studies and will not answer any questions that may uncover the truth about vaccines.

Their actions are clearly demonstrated in a video titled AutismOne & Generation Rescue 2013 Conference Congressional Panel, featuring Congressman Burton (R-IN), Congressman Weldon, MD (R-FL) and Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL), published on May 11, 2013.

The video highlights what has been going on behind closed doors over the years and gives parents the rare opportunity to witness first hand the lies that are being told and the sheer enormity of the vaccine deception.'


Do You Believe in Offit?

Do You Believe in Offit?

By Scott C. Tips, President of the National Health Federation

'The pharmaceutical industry and the American Medical Association (AMA) are running scared – very scared. In fact, jackrabbits have more courage right now than they do. 

After having created a near-monopoly in medical care that has endured one hundred years since the Flexner Report came out in 1910 with its hatchet job against competitive health treatments such as homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic, and herbal medicine, this drug and medical mafia has kept a jealous and vigilant watch over its monopolistic commercial privileges.'


Secrets of people who never get sick

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'It’s tempting to dismiss it as luck: Some people might catch a slight cold or suffer an occasional ache or pain now and then, but they never seem to suffer from flus, fevers and illnesses that send the rest of us diving under the covers for days.

Despite centuries of scientific advances, doctors still can’t tell us definitively how to stay well. So why not look for solutions from the people for whom the common cold is, well, uncommon?

Here are 8 surprising habits of those people who never get sick — and how you can adapt them to your own soon-to-be healthier life.' 

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Here's What's Inside Every Soft Serve Frozen Treat Coming From Your Neighborhood Ice Cream Truck

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'The chimes of a friendly neighborhood ice cream truck on a warm summer's day guarantee flocks of children will soon be gathering within its vicinity. No child wants to be excluded from the delicious frozen treats their friends are receiving do they? 

However, when you become informed of what is actually in those soft serve delicacies--preventing and restricting their consumption should be the priority of any parent concerned with the health of their child.'


Authorities never have “issues with authority”


'It’s simple. Authorities invented the idea that other people have issues with authority.

Psychiatrists rank right up there among the elitists setting the standards. They, for example, have concocted a little fictional doodad called Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

And magically, they never accuse their professional colleagues of having it. No.

Why should they? They amuse themselves by deciding when civilians are overly defiant and need pacification (drugs). 

 Sepp Hasslberger's (Health Supreme) insight: 
'Psychiatry is fake science. It's all about opinion and labels ... and drugs - and violent electric shocks - to make people less of a nuisance to the system.

But the system needs our nuisance. How else is it going to change into something we can live with?'

Curcumin Found To Outperform Pneumococcal Vaccines In Protecting Infants

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'Despite no evidence of its effectiveness to prevent disease, public health agencies and the medical community insist that infants and children between the ages of 2 and 12 months require up to four shots of the Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV). Now new research finds a substance in turmeric, curcumin, may outperform the vaccine in providing long lasting protection against potentially deadly lung damage in infants.'


Carrageenan—Is This Additive Safe?

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Have you checked the ingredient list on your soymilk, pudding, toothpaste, or chocolate? You may find “carrageenan,” a food additive recently tied with potential stomach tumors. 
Look on the back of your ice cream, pudding, soymilk, salad dressing, infant formula, beer, or even toothpaste, and you may see the ingredient “carrageenan” listed there. A common additive derived from seaweed, it’s long been considered to be safe, but some recent studies have raised concerns that it may cause gastrointestinal ulcerations and tumors. 

What’s the bottom line on this ingredient? Should you avoid it?


13 Mind-Body Techniques That Can Help Ease Pain and Depression

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By Dr. Mercola

'Many aches and pains are rooted in brain processes that can be affected by your mental attitude and emotions. While the mechanics of these mind-body links are still being unraveled, what is known is that your brain, and consequently your thoughts and emotions, do play a role in your experience of physical pain. 

For instance, meditation appears to work for pain relief because it reduces brain activity in your primary somatosensory cortex, an area that helps create the feeling of where and how intense a painful stimulus is. 

Laughter is also known to relieve pain because it releases endorphins that activate brain receptors that produce pain-killing and euphoria-producing effects.'


Changing To Specific LED Bulbs In Your Refrigerator Can Double Berry Shelf Life

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'Moisture is the main cause of mold on berries. Many fungi are capable of rotting mature or near-mature fruits of strawberry, grape, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. Serious losses can occur under favorable environmental conditions for disease development. 

Berry lovers rejoice as the days of unpacking your luscious berries from the refrigerator only to find them sprouting wispy goatees of mold may be numbered. A research team has demonstrated that low irradiance ultra-violet (UV) light at typical home refrigerator conditions--delays spoilage and specific LED bulbs may do the job.'