Swine Flu Vaccine Caused Narcolepsy in Thousands: BMJ Claim

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'The Pandemrix vaccine has condemned thousands of children to lives constrained by narcolepsy. An autoimmune disease was entirely predictable because the adjuvant used was squalene—but warnings were ignored. Now, the BMJ has produced a study that proves the AS03 adjuvant of Pandemrix causes narcolepsy.'

'The narcolepsy toll from GlaxoSmithKline’s Pandemrix swine flu vaccine is far more rampant than already recognized with 800 European children’s lives devastated. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has revealed that the numbers worldwide must run into the thousands. Suggestions that there was something unique about the Scandinavian population that first noted the problem have now been shown to be untrue.'


Manufacturers Replace BPA with Still Highly Toxic BPS

Manufacturers Replace BPA with Still Highly Toxic BPS

'As we reported on back in June of last year, in an exposé titled, Consumer Alert: BPA-Free Goods Still Contain Toxin Bisphenol, the petrochemical bisphenol A (BPA), a ubiquitous ingredient in thousands of consumer products and which has been linked to a wide range of serious adverse health effects,[i] has been removed by many ostensibly scrupulous manufacturers in favor of another equally toxic analog in the same chemical class, known as bisphenol S (BPS). 

This has enabled manufacturers of products as varied as thermal printer receipts to sippy cups to advertise their products as "BPA-free," while still exposing consumers to potentially harmful, and less regulated chemicals.'

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Vitamin E Is a Potentially Dangerous Vaccine Adjuvant


'Adjuvants are, by definition, toxic. That’s why they’re used. The immune system sees a threat and acts on it. The only vaccines that don’t have adjuvants are ones that use live viruses, which carry their own risks, not to mention being particularly difficult and expensive to manufacture. 

Most new vaccines utilize recombinant DNA to simulate bits of the surface of disease organisms, but these are weak antigens .They simply don’t cause enough of an immune response to create antibodies, which are the goal of vaccines.  The problem is that adjuvants are also risky, possibly even more so than the antigens.'


Scientists Officially Link Processed Foods To Autoimmune Disease

'The modern diet of processed foods, takeaways and microwave meals could be to blame for a sharp increase in autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, including alopecia, asthma and eczema.

A team of scientists from Yale University in the U.S and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, in Germany, say junk food diets could be partly to blame.

'This study is the first to indicate that excess refined and processed salt may be one of the environmental factors driving the increased incidence of autoimmune diseases,' they said.

Junk foods at fast food restaurants as well as processed foods at grocery retailers represent the largest sources of sodium intake from refined salts.' 


The Great “Smart Meters” Hoax – Electromagnetic Fields Are Real And Dangerous To Our Health

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'Just when you thought modern technology in the wrong hands of profit driven companies can’t possibly destroy your health, soil, air, food and water any worse than it already does…something even more monstrous is cooking in their “money making oven”! This time it is called SMART METER! The only “smart” thing about it is that the utility providers found a dirty way to measure (and in the future control) your use of gas, electricity and water, by ensuring bigger profits, more control and power for them and a high cost for you.'


How Inflammation Affects Every Aspect of Your Health

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Dr. David M. Marquis, DC, DACBN 

'Inflammation controls our lives. Have you or a loved one dealt with pain, obesity, ADD/ADHD, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, migraines, thyroid issues, dental issues, or cancer?
If you answered yes to any of these disorders you are dealing with inflammation.

Sadly, most of us are suffering from one or more of these disorders but have no idea how to eliminate inflammation. Most doctors are utilizing pharmaceuticals in lieu of getting to the root cause.

It often seems extremely foreign to most people when they realize the majority of inflammatory diseases start in the gut with an autoimmune reaction which progresses into systemic inflammation. To truly be effective at managing or hopefully overcome a disease it needs to be addressed on all levels. Taking a look at where this process starts is the key.'


CDC's 'Nightmare Bacteria' Reveals Need for Natural Medicine

CDC's Nightmare Bacteria Signals Need for Natural Medicine

Nightmare Bacteria' or Rude Intellectual Awakening?

'Truly this is a lesson in humility for the conventional medical system, and if the situation really is a "nightmare," it will probably result in waking quite a few folks up, who despite appearing to have been awake were actually slumbering -- at least in the intellectual sense.

Drug resistance – an increasingly prevalent phenomena, whether we are talking about infection or cancer – is proving to the world that, except for emergency medicine and other rare exceptions, the drugs really don't work as advertised – at least not if the goal is to save lives. Suppressing or "treating" symptoms often results in turning acute health conditions into chronic ones, compounded by the subsequent poisoning by a battery xenobiotic (foreign to our biology) medications.'


What Caused More Suffering And Deaths Than Any Other Human Activity In The History of Medical Intervention?

Many people are of the opinion that vaccinations are one of modern medicine’s greatest achievements, preventing suffering and saving lives! But did you know that no reliable safety study has ever been performed on any vaccine and evidence suggests that they are both ineffective and harmful?


9 Reasons Why Exercise May Be the Best Medicine

Forms of Exercise

'There is no debate, regular exercise is vital for maintaining health and wellness. Again and again, research confirms that everyone can benefit from physical activity. Want to live a long, healthy life?

Your chances of doing so are far better if you regularly work your body. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, regular physical activity has been shown to reduce mortality rates of many chronic diseases. Additionally, many illnesses and health ailments can be improved, or even prevented, by engaging in regular physical activity.'


15-Year-Old Invents New Test for Early, Reliable Detection of Pancreatic Cancer

From mercola.com: 'Pancreatic cancer is a devastatingly fatal form of cancer, and is typically regarded as the most deadly and universally rapid-killing form of cancer. According to the U.S. National Cancer Institute,1 an estimated 45,220 Americans will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year, of which 38,460 are expected to die. Part of the problem is that this cancer is usually diagnosed quite late, contributing to the abysmal five-year survival rate. It also shows you just how ineffective conventional detection methods and treatments are.

All of that may soon change however — all due to the persistence and dedication of a high school kid who decided there must be a better way to detect this lethal cancer sooner...Yes, a 15-year-old boy named Jack Andraka has done what scientists with millions of dollars-worth of research grants at their disposal have failed to do. He invented a dipstick-type sensor to detect pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer that is: 168 times faster, 26,000 times less expensive, and 400 times more sensitive than the current standard of detection.'

Have Trouble Getting Out of Bed In The Morning? Your Body Clock May Run Longer Than 24 Hours

'For some people, getting out of bed each morning is a daily struggle that can disrupt their lives. Making matters worse is when daylight savings time begins and we move the clocks forward in March, further creating instability in our cycle. 

Some experts believe some people have internal body clocks that run longer than 24 hours, or at the very least have slower adapting mechanisms to the traditional daily cycle. This means they are out of sync with daily rhythms and that the body's internal clock does not effectively create a signal that divides the circadian cycle into two distinct periods that mesh with societal expectations--a biological day and a biological night.' 


How to Make Healthy Fudge

Photo Credit: Dr. Ben Kim

'This is for fudge and brownie lovers out there who want to enjoy their decadent squares sans flour and refined sugar.

Start by adding about two cups of almond butter to a large mixing bowl. Today, I used about 500 grams of almond butter - every last bit that I could get out of a small jar.  

You can use raw almond butter or roasted almond butter. I find that roasted almond butter is a better choice for this recipe, as it mixes more easily than the raw form, and roasted almond butter also has this great aroma and flavor that can't be matched by any other nut butter.'


Eat an Apple a Day To Prevent Arterial Hardening

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disease officially surpassed cancer as the leading cause of death in the US and many western societies. The sad part of the story is that heart disease is largely preventable by adopting healthy lifestyle changes including a natural diet filled with vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits, regular physical activity and avoidance of commercial and household pollutants. 

A number of foods have been identified that provide our body with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phenols that directly lower our risk for developing cardiovascular and other health disorders.'


Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s: The Low-fat Diet and Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Part of the Problem?

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'2012 was the year that the news about coconut oil and Alzheimer’s disease started making it into the mainstream media. This is not surprising, as it coincided with news about the failure of drugs in treating Alzheimer’s also making headlines. In January 2012, drug companies Pfizer and Medivation admitted that the new drug they were developing for Alzheimer’s, dimebon, not only did not help patients in trials, but made patients worse. 

The expensive drug had already reached phase III trials. (See story here on ABC News) So as the development of this drug has now been abandoned, and so many other potential drugs have also failed, many are beginning to look at the role of diet in Alzheimer’s and focusing on prevention. People are also beginning to see positive results in using coconut oil to reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s.'


If Your Care About Your Eye Health, Include Bilberries In Your Diet

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'People often confuse the bilberry with the blueberry and of course both these delicious fruits have wonderful health benefits, especially their strong antioxident properties. 

Although bilberries and blueberries are similar in appearance and closely related, the bilberry is proven to have special benefits for eye health. And these eye health benefits are not something recent as – for example – British World War 2 pilots reported improved night vision when flying after eating bilberry jam!'

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Vaccine Injury Gives Rise To New Syndrome


'In 2011 a group of researchers headed by Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld the head of the Zabludowicz Center for Autoimmune Diseases, and Dr. Levine who is a senior physician in the Zabludowicz Center, coined a new term to a group of 4 immune-mediated diseases triggered by an adjuvant stimulus.
It’s called Autoimmune (Auto-inflammatory) Syndrome induced by Adjuvants. These four seemingly unrelated conditions: siliconosis, Gulf War syndrome, macrophagic myofascitis syndrome and post-vaccination phenomena share a common trigger that is used in every doctor’s office on as many patients as possible.

Vaccine Adjuvants are the Trigger to Autoimmune Diseases'


Miracle drug for multiple sclerosis pirated from molecules in cordyceps mushrooms

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'The drug is projected to be a blockbuster seller, with estimates putting it in the top 10 drugs by 2018 when it is expected to reach $5.3 billion in sales. A one-year course of Gilenya costs $48,000.

The drug was discovered by studying compounds used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a 5,000-year-old medical art form that still out-performs western medicine at every level (cost, safety and effectiveness). Japanese researcher Tetsuro Fujita began studying what he calls "Himalayan fungus" in the 1980's, and his "discovery" (if you can even call it that, as Chinese Medicine has known about this for millennia) looks likely to earn Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp up to $5 billion.'


Raw Milk Co-Op Farmer Acquitted Through Jury Nullification

'Last week a Minnesota man charged with violating the state’s restrictions on raw milk sales was acquitted in what he and his supporters called a victory for consumer freedom. Alvin Schlangen is a peaceful farmer who connects people with the food sources that meet their high standards for health by providing private access under lawful ownership of farm animals. The member owners pay the Amish farm family for labor to milk the leased 100% grass-fed cows, manage the pasture, store the feed, etc.'


Cleanse, Flush, Sweat, Mobilize, Chelate, Detox...and Heal

Cleanse, Flush, Sweat, Mobilize, Chelate, Detox...and Heal

'It's an industrial world out there. Few pristine places are left on Earth, and even there the winds of industry blow. Luckily we have answers.

Obviously sunshine, exercise, a truly healthy diet and a happy mindful kinetic lifestyle are lobby-level, yet illness can begin in the best of us when toxic chemical intake and auto-generated wastes overwhelm the capacity for elimination. In other words the rate of elimination must meet or exceed input...or toxins accumulate. 

 Amalgam fillings, air and water pollution, smoking, eating fish and processed foods, pesticides, battlefield toxins, radiations and drug residues commonly lead to cancers, heart/artery disease, autism, depression, PTSD, candidiasis, viral infections, autoimmune disorders, etc., etc. These conditions can logically and practically be prevented, improved or reversed by expeditious elimination of the offending molecules.'


The Cause of all Disease: Toxemia Explained

Dr. John Tilden M.D.

'As some of you know, last summer I had the opportunity to speak at a health conference in New York called Staying Alive.

It was at this conference that I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Thomas Lodi from An Oasis of Healing speak for the first time. He gave an incredibly insightful talk about healing cancer and made a very compelling case that all disease was caused by toxemia.

For further insight on this concept he recommended that everyone read a book written in…


So I did.

And it was one of the most brilliant books I’ve ever read.

The principles in this book that defy conventional medical
 wisdom still hold true today, 87 years later.'


Children Who Drink Raw Milk Exhibit High Resistance to Allergens

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'The Hygiene Hypothesis states that when children lack early exposure to infectious agents, parasites, and symbiotic microorganisms like normal gut flora such as would naturally occur in a rural or farm environment, they are much more likely to suffer from autoimmune disorders such as allergies or asthma.

This hypothesis helps to explain why farm kids tend to be so much healthier and far less prone to immune disorders than children raised in an urban setting.

Now, an international team of researchers has taken the Hygiene Hypothesis a step further by looking at the role raw milk plays in protecting against hypersensitization to environmental allergens'


The Planned Obsolescence of Humanity

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'Remember when things lasted a long time? I recall going with my dad to the hardware store, and being able to find just about everything needed to fix anything on the ranch. Need a gasket? Just get the gasket material and cut your own. 

Got a gadget that won’t work? Just get the part that’s broken, replace that one part, and the gadget works again. Not so, today. Today, we buy something, and if it doesn’t work, we simply throw it away and get a new one, because that is the way things are made. They are not made to last. They are made to break and the sooner the better.'


How To Find Your Real Food Style

What's Your Real Food Style?
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'Real food enthusiasts are an adventurous lot. Most of us love to try new kinds of foods and taste new flavors. We’re up for whatever comes our way as long as it’s fresh and real and has traditionally been eaten by some culture somewhere. 

It’s easy to get the impression that seeking new things to try is a major part of adopting a real food lifestyle, maybe even the biggest part. There are many unconventional dishes, drinks and snacks that turn up on real food websites. Those who are new to the real food scene often think they need to quit eating their favorite foods and start eating only these kinds of dishes instead. They try to work out what kind of meals to plan based totally on these exciting and somewhat exotic recipes. 

But copying someone else’s style doesn’t really work out. We each need to develop our own style of real food eating.'


Warning: Major Supplements Openly Contain GMO Vitamin Sources

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'Genetically modified organisms have permeated much of the crop industry, absolutely infesting the processed food market, but are many ‘health’ supplements free from the presence of GMOs? As it turns out, major supplement producers actually will openly admit that they derive many of their formulas from GMO crops — consumers just aren’t really paying attention!'


Monsanto and the FDA: 2 crime families working a trillion-dollar hustle


'Imagine this. A killer is put on trial, and the jury, in a surprise verdict, finds him not guilty. Afterwards, reporters interview this killer. He says, “The jury freed me. It’s up to them. They decide. That’s what justice is all about.”

Then the press moves along to members of the jury, who say: Well, we had to take the defendant’s word. He said he was innocent, so that’s what we ruled.

That’s an exact description of the FDA and Monsanto partnership.'


Study: Gold nanoparticles kill cancer without chemo

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“Gold nanoparticles kill lymphoma without chemotherapy”

by Kathy Boltz PhD

'Lymphoma can be starved to death by depriving it of what appears to be a favorite food: high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.

A new nanoparticle appears to the cancerous lymphoma cell like a preferred meal of natural HDL. When the particle engages the cell, it plugs it up and blocks cholesterol from entering. Deprived of an essential nutrient, the cell eventually dies.

B-cell lymphoma is dependent on the uptake of natural HDL, from which it derives fat content, such as cholesterol.'


Mind Over Matter: Secrets of Human Aura Revealed by Russian Scientists

'A Russian scientist is trying to convince people they can change the world simply by using their own energy. He claims that thinking in a certain way can have a positive or negative effect on the surrounding environment. 

"We are developing the idea that our consciousness is part of the material world and that with our consciousness we can directly influence our world," said Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a professor of physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University. 

To bridge our understanding of the unseen world of energy, scientific experiments are being carried out using a technique called bioelectrophotography. 

The assumption is that we are constantly emitting energy. Bioelectrophotography aims to capture these energy fields seen as a light around the body -- or what some people would call your aura.'

The Number One Nutrient To Protect Your Body From Premature Aging


ED NOTE: The author did not include cacao nibs - they have the highest antioxidant capacity of all antioxidant sources.

'Free radicals are unstable molecules that occur in the body from normal body processes as well as from exposure to toxins. Antioxidants are a type of nutrient that lessen or neutralize these free radicals. Insufficient levels of antioxidants, or inhibition of the antioxidant enzymes can cause oxidative stress and may damage or kill cells. They are are widely used in dietary supplements and have been investigated for the prevention of diseases such as cancer and coronary heart disease. However, your best sources are real food.'


5 Health Benefits of Sauna Use

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'If you’ve ever been in a sauna then you know first hand how rejuvenating and invigorating a good sweat can be. Sweating is a form of detoxification and there may be no better place to stimulate this process than in the sauna. Sauna therapy developed in the Scandinavian region, specifically Finland, and is used for bathing, improving ailments, and even as a setting for childbirth. 

To say the sauna is a foundational element of Finnish society would be an understatement, some even view it as a holy place and behave as they would in a church. It’s no wonder, more than just a place to feel good, the sweat inducing heat is also thought to improve many health problems including hypertension, fatigue, pain, and even addiction. 

Many formal studies have set out to determine the health benefits of using a sauna and the outcomes have been very positive.' 


Dandelion Root Chai Tea

'I don't know about you but I love warm spicy drinks like chai tea. I prefer to make my own because coffee shop chai is usually far too sweet for me. I've been working on perfecting a chai tea recipe for some time now. Yesterday I was inspired to add dandelion root to my recipe after reading this article on the amazing cancer-fighting effects from consuming dandelion root extract.'


The secret at the bottom of psychiatry’s rabbit hole

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'Nightmares, out-of-control aggressive behavior, extreme sadness and passivity, confusion, hallucinations, mania, brain damage, suicide, homicide—these are just a few central effects of psychiatric drugs.

Read the staggering statistics reported by Robert Whitaker, the author of Mad in America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine, and the Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill: “The number of adults, ages 18 to 65, on the federal disability rolls due to mental illness jumped from 1.25 million in 1987 to four million in 2007. Roughly one in every 45 working-age adults is now on government disability due to mental illness.' 


Why We Need Germs

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'Before you reach in horror for the hand sanitizer or industrial-strength mouthwash, you might want to keep something in mind. A profusion of research in just the past five years is showing that our microbial hitchhikers, collectively called the “human microbiota” and so small they account for only 1 or 2 percent of our weight, play a key role in maintaining our health. 

Photo Credit: Realifesurvivalguide.com

And we disrupt them at our peril. “It’s not possible to understand human health and disease without exploring the massive community of microorganisms we carry around with us,” says Professor George Weinstock of Washington University in St. Louis. Knowing which microbes live in healthy people “allows us to better investigate what goes awry in diseases that are thought to have a microbial link, like Crohn’s and obesity.”'


The Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

The Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

ED. NOTE: Bragg's unpasteurized raw apple cider vinegar is the healthiest.

'Most of you have probably heard about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), however, did you know that it has been used for many hundreds, if not thousands of years. In fact, Hippocrates ( the father of medicine) used AVC back in around 400 B.C. for its health giving qualities. Even today, many use it as a common household remedy. More and more people are becoming attuned to its amazing health benefits.'


20 Ingredients To Memorize and Avoid In ANY Food You Consume

'Artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, emulsifiers, sweeteners have saturated the food supply for more than four decades. We are on the precipice of discovering what our toxic food industry has done to our bodies and our environment. There is a heightened awareness and a sense of caution on the minds of most grocery shoppers, so let's make it easier for them. Here are 25 of the most common toxic ingredients you must avoid in foods. The discovery of even one of these ingredients on a food label means "stay away."'


Your Spice Rack as a Medicine Cabinet: 5 Hidden Healers in Your Kitchen

Photo Credit: Grit.com

'You don’t have to be a chef to know that some herbs and spices taste good in certain dishes. Likewise, you don’t have to be a professional herbalist to use many of these same spices and herbs to treat and prevent illness and disease. Your kitchen should double as your medicine cabinet, as you’ll often find what you need without having to hit the drug store or the pharmacy.

While we could write a book on healing herbs and spices (many such books have been written), we’ll just give you a brief run-down of some of the more commonly overlooked herbs and spices with healing properties. Here are 5 healers that can be found in your kitchen.'


Lobotomy Returns Under a Kinder Gentler New Name

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'In a new push forward to the dark ages, modern medicine is again claiming to fix mental problems with surgery. There’s little difference between newer surgeries and lobotomies. Both destroy brain tissue. It is, in fact, the goal. Who but a doctor would use the term therapy for brain destruction?'

'It has just come to my attention that cingulotomies are being pushed in Scotland. It’s a horrifying development—brain mutilation pressed as a benefit for certain “intractable” cases of severe depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or whatever magical diagnosis the psychiatrists have opted to select from the latest issue of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which is a selection of invented diagnoses presented as scientific and evidence-based, though none of it passes even the giggle test, let alone any sort of scientific research.'


The Biggest Moneymaker of all Time: Cancer, and Why the Profiteers Don’t Want a Cure

'People wail, cry, and question why him /her, how could this happen to a child? Immeasurable grief.

Yet the answers are quite clear: humans are unknowingly exposed to far too many chemicals on their food, in their water, their clothes – even when buying a new car. That new car smell? Major cancer causing chemicals that have been used to treat the new leather and the rugs in that new car. And people get in and snort it like they smelled a bouquet of flowers.

Food sprayed with chemicals to make them last? Preservatives. At one time, you could not patent food. Yet we now have a patented soybean. Just so Monsanto can profit. This fooling around and injecting chemicals in food has got to stop!'


Can You Cut Your Breast Cancer Risk by Skipping Mammograms?

'In the US, women are still urged to get an annual mammogram starting at the age of 40, despite the fact that updated guidelines set forth by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force in 2009 urge women to wait until the age of 50, and to only get bi-annual screening thereafter.

Unfortunately, many women are completely unaware that the science simply does not back up the use of routine mammograms as a means to prevent breast cancer death.

What’s worse, the “new and improved” tomosynthesis mammogram, which provides a three-dimensional (3D) image of the breast,1 is now being hoisted on women across the US as “the answer” to mammography’s failing efficacy rates and pattern of harmful misdiagnosis.'


Protect your children from psychiatric medication


'The pharmaceutical companies have broadened their horizon. It is not enough that they have 30% of middle and upper income white women addicted to antidepressants and that 20% of adults take some form of psychiatric medication. They now want to hook as many children as possible on psychiatric medication as well.' 


Info Coming back from the brink of death is possible, says doctor


'When people describe seeing tunnels, white lights and deceased family members after their hearts stop, they're dead - but they can come back, believes Dr. Sam Parnia.

Parnia, a critical care doctor and the director of resuscitation research at Stony Brook University School of Medicine, writes in his new book, Erasing Death: The Science That is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death, that a person can now be resuscitated long after they previously would have been considered clinically dead.

"The advances in the last 10 years have shown us that it's only after a person dies that they turn into a corpse, that their brain cells start to die,'' Parnia told Savannah Guthrie on TODAY Tuesday. "Although most people think this takes place in only four or five minutes, we now know that actually brain cells are viable for up to eight hours."' 


Why Red Beets Should Be A Part Of Your Life

Big, beautiful beets
Photo Credit: NPR.org

'I'm  constantly on the lookout for recipes that call for red beets; per  ounce, few foods that I'm aware of are as dense in a variety of  nutrients that can help prevent heart disease and certain types of  cancer, especially colon cancer.  Red beets are particularly rich in B  vitamins, including folate, which makes them useful for lowering blood  homocysteine and preventing birth defects.

If you have a problem with constipation, red beets and their green  tops are likely to provide significant relief. Both are rich in fiber  that can help keep waste materials moving through your gastrointestinal  tract at a healthy pace.'