This Detergent In Almost Every Flu Vaccine Affects The Blood Brain Barrier And Can Cause Seizures


'Every single vaccine currently in existence, whether for adults or children, contains at least one or more toxic ingredients or excipients that are injected directly into the body. One of these ingredients called sodium deoxycholate is found in almost every flu vaccine. This chemical is a water soluble ionic detergent/bile salt which causes cell death. 

It has been shown to weaken the blood-brain-barrier (BBB) and subsequently activate seizures. It has also demonstrated synergistic toxicity with other medications. Detergents and emulsifiers promote tumors and cause cells to leak or explode by weakening their walls, with no mechanism for regulating destructive activity. These chemicals are not completely purified out of the final vaccine product, so they enter the body at the time of injection.' 


German Remedy Effective for Respiratory Tract Infections

German Remedy Effective for Respiratory Tract Infections

'The herbal treatment consisted of extracts of Armoraciae rusticanae radix – also called Horseradish root - and Tropaeoli majoris herba – also called Nasturtium. Both of these have been utilized in traditional western and South American herbal medicines for treating respiratory ailments.

Over the period, the researchers observed the number of new respiratory infections, their duration, and their severity. They also analyzed the patients' well being and range of satisfaction with their treatments.'


Aloe Vera – The Healing Elixer

'Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), known as the ‘elixer of youth’ in Russia, held a legendary status in ancient times for its miraculous healing properties. Fighting deadly cancers and curing diseases from Aids to baldness to insomnia are all in a days work for this magical gift from nature.

The classical Ancient Indian healing system of Ayurveda (and other Ancient traditions), regarded Aloe Vera as sacred. To this day the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant are laid atop of funeral pyres to symbolize eternal rebirth.'


10 Dirty Facts About Laundry Detergents

10 dirty facts

'Laundry Detergents are used to take away grease, grime, germs, stains, scum–but they also leave something behind. We breathe their fumes and absorb their residues through our skin. We send them down the drain and into the world where they affect the delicate chemistry of ecosystems. So what is the right balance? When do cleaning agents become a greater contaminant than the dirt they are designed to clean? And what about all those plastic bottles?!

Here are 10 dirty facts about laundry detergents that may surprise you and hopefully influence you to rethink the products you are using to clean your clothes.'


Sunny and Spicy Anti-influenza Tea

Photo Credit: Homeorganics

'Since we are right in the middle of a raging flu season, I thought I would post a quick recipe for ginger-garlic tea. Believe me, it will help to ease flu symptoms in no time flat. It may even prevent the illness altogether. And it actually tastes good -- another incentive to try this unconventional combination.

As you may know, garlic gives the immune system a nice boost. It is also a natural antibiotic and has strong antiviral and anti fungal properties.'


Deceptions in the Food Industry: Omega 3s

ED NOTE: Good article exposing processed food lies - but the author failed to mention ALL the omega-3 food sources that include flax seeds (freshly ground), hemp seeds, and chia seeds. Other animal sources include fish and krill oils.

'In this edition of Deceptions in the Food Industry, I’m tackling Omega 3s. If you shop at the grocery store, you know there are thousands of products proclaiming their Omega 3 value, from cereals, crackers, chips, breads, bagels, and pretzels to fish and krill oil, flax and other seed oils, to vitamins and powders.

The latest offender I’ve seen is a bag of Ritz Toasted Chips, at a friend’s house. I think most people know crackers and chips aren’t healthy, but come on…do people really believe this product has Omega 3s?'


Multiple Vaccine Doses Have Resulted in up to 145,000 Child Deaths in Past 20 Years

'The recommended childhood vaccination schedule has changed dramatically over the years, with children now receiving upwards of 30 vaccines, including multiple combination vaccines, before the age of six. And in many cases, doctors and nurses administer half a dozen or more vaccines all at once during a single visit to make sure children get all these shots and to save time.

But according to data compiled from the government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), as many as 145,000 children or more have died throughout the past 20 years as a result of this multiple vaccine dose approach, and few parents are aware of this shocking fact.'


10 Ways to Use Colloidial Silver’s Amazing Healing Abilities

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'Colloidal silver consists of silver atoms suspended in distilled ion-less water. The particles of silver are small enough to penetrate on a cellular level and destroy pathogens of all types, including bacteria, fungal spores, parasites, and viruses.

Not only does silver get rid of pathogens, it helps promote rapid healing of the tissues infected or destroyed. Most burn centers use various forms of silver and silver soaked bandaging for burn victims.'


Medical Radiation 101: What you need to know

'Radiation is a subject most of us know little about.

'Well most folks know that the sun has radiation, x-rays have radiation, nuclear weapons have radiation, and The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Daredevil, The Fantastic Four, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all got their super powers from exposure to radiation.

And of course CT Scans use radiation. Everybody knows that right?
Actually, no.'

[Excerpt from Reuters Health]

One third of people getting a CT scan didn’t know the test exposed their body to radiation.

In a new study from a U.S. medical center, researchers found that 85% of patients also underestimated the amount of radiation delivered by a CT scan, and only 5% of them thought the scan would increase their chances of getting cancer again in their lifetime.'


Cancer-Causing Chemicals Used in 34% of Reported Fracking Operations

ED NOTE: Had to share the satirical ranting on fracking from the YouTubing  British taxi driver! He's a reality based hoot - like the  "mad as hell and not taking it anymore" dynamic featured in the movie classic "Network.".

'Furthermore, when Darling expanded the search to include suspected carcinogens, a long list of substances from common household chemicals to arsenic and chromium, he found 24,861 fracks (or 90% of all reports) that listed using at least one suspected carcinogen in the fracking process. 

Understanding that nearly all industrial processes pose some risk to public health, we think the routine use of these chemicals highlights an area in need of independent research and evaluation: What are the pathways for water, soil, and air contamination from hydraulic fracturing that could potentially lead to human exposure? And how often do failures occur during drilling and fracking operations that could result in unwanted chemical migration along those pathways?' 


Ghee – An Ayurvedic Perspective

'The ingestion of Ghee is like offering the finest of fuels into the fires of digestion-Agni. In accord with this, Ghee builds the aura, makes all the organs soft, builds up the internal juices of the body-Rasa, which are destroyed by aging and increases the most refined element of digestion-Shukra or Ojas, the underlying basis of all immunity and the “essence of all bodily tissues”. Maya Tiwari calls Ghee the “single most ojas producing food on earth”. Ghee is known to increase intelligence--Dhi, refine the intellect-Buddhi and improve the memory-Smrti.' 



Yes - this is pure satire.

Common Modern Foods Which Cause DNA Damage


'How important is it what you put in your mouth, after all? How much man made, toxic lab food can one ingest before negative symptoms show up? How much more sickness does this society have to endure before we finally stay united and demand more from our food system, through the choices we make every day?'


Raw Honey Garlic Lemon Shots: A Simple Recipe To Supercharge Your Immune System (Recipe)

'One criticism often received by recipes involving cooked onions, garlic and other alliums is that the heating process destroys much of the allicin that leads to its protective effects. While this is partially true, knowing how to optimize garlic before eating it raw or cooked will maximize garlic enzymes and give them the best chance to survive meal preparation. I'll share a very simple recipe to use regularly during the cold and flu season that will supercharge your immune system.' 


Are Your "Side Effects" Symptoms of Illness or Healthiness?

Are Your "Side Effects" Symptoms of Illness or Healthiness?

'Our current medical paradigm is incomplete and insufficient. Clinical studies treat symptoms* as 'bad', to be 'treated' or minimized. This failure is at the core of many of the systemic medical problems we face today. It is a reason we have 'given up' trying to cure many chronic illnesses. It is also a reason we don't test conventional nor alternative medicines adequately.

Most medical studies completely ignore symptoms of health and healing. All medications list 'side effects' on the packaging. Every medicine has a design effect. Other effects are listed as 'side effects'.

Side effects can be symptoms of healing and healthiness. They might be symptoms indicating further, or different, unhealthiness or illness.'


The DSM: Psychiatry's Deadliest Scam

The Whole Truth about Whole Foods Markets


'If you have learned the dangers of pesticides, chemicals and hormones in food, you’re probably shopping at Whole Foods Markets or excitedly waiting for a Whole Foods store to open near you. This is because Whole Foods has made an implied agreement with us that the food they sell is largely organic, locally grown and free of anything that would harm us. We enjoy their stores, where we can revel in nature’s bounty free of worry, and enjoy righteous culinary delights. We take home whatever appeals to us because we’re sure it’s also good for us. But a closer look suggests it may be time to take off the rose colored glasses.'


Psychotronic and Electromagnetic Weapons: Remote Control of the Human Nervous System

'Britain’s Daily Mail, as another exception, wrote that research in electromagnetic weapons has been secretly carried out in the USA and Russia since the 1950’s and that „previous research has shown that low-frequency waves or beams can affect brain cells, alter psychological states and make it possible to transmit suggestions and commands directly into someone’s thought processes. High doses of microwaves can damage the functioning of internal organs, control behaviour or even drive victims to suicide.”'


Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops

'How should a regulatory agency announce they have discovered something potentially very important about the safety of products they have been approving for over twenty years?

In the course of analysis to identify potential allergens in GMO crops, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has belatedly discovered that the most common genetic regulatory sequence in commercial GMOs also encodes a significant fragment of a viral gene (Podevin and du Jardin 2012). This finding has serious ramifications for crop biotechnology and its regulation, but possibly even greater ones for consumers and farmers.'


New world vaccine order striking across America

'It is obvious nowadays by watching, listening, or reading mainstream media news that there is a plan, a goal to get as many people vaccinated as possible. The flu vaccine, one of the biggest hoaxes pounded into people's brains, is not just a choice anymore for uninformed victims. It's becoming a mandate in some places. Hospitals across America are beginning to implement flu vaccine mandates, forcing their staff to comply or lose their job. Some are bending to this new world vaccine order. Some are not.'


FDA Gives Sole Herbal Product Rights to Big Pharma

FDA gives dragon's blood to corporation

Photo Credit: Gaia Health:Dragon Image by Arab Fancy.

'The FDA has taken a freely-available herbal product, sap of the dragon’s blood tree, defined it as the drug Fulyzac, & handed it to Big Pharma. Nature’s gift is being polluted. What you get after Big Pharma and the FDA get their hands on it has lost much of its value and often been rendered into a poison, the very nature of a drug.

An extract from a South American tree known as dragon’s blood is now classed as a drug and the FDA has handed sole rights to a single pharmaceutical corporation. The drug, which is made by Salix Pharmaceuticals, will be sold by Napo Pharmaceuticals of San Francisco under the brand name of Fulyzac. The generic term for it is crofelemer. It will be sold as a treatment for the diarrhea that’s a common adverse effect of harsh HIV drugs.'

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Eating Our Way In and Out of Our Symptoms

Photo Credit:WakingTimes

'Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. ~Hippocrates

We truly live at a strange crossroads in human history.

Over the last few decades, the human species has been hypnotized by the temptations offered by the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The 1950s ushered in the “better living through chemicals” age. 

And we believed, and we bought and swallowed and injected and are still consuming them in massive amounts, and, most recklessly, injecting such chemicals as ethyl mercury, ethylene glycol (antifreeze), aluminum and formaldehyde into our babies as part of vaccines, without any prior safety testing.'


Is Your Your Cell Phone Stealing Your Life Force?

'Your life force is your energy, often referred to as Qi, Prana, or Life Force. There are many names for it, and it is absolutely essential to life.

Many people don’t believe in energy because they can’t see it or touch it. Interestingly though, most everyone feels energy, even if they are not recognizing it for what it is. It’s easy to explain off those feelings as one thing or another, but make no mistake about it, energy is all around us. If it weren’t, then you and I wouldn’t be here. Most people believe that life is nourished and sustained by other ‘physical objects’, such as food, yet, this is not actually how life maintains itself.'


There is Nothing Smart About Smart Balance

'I’ve had it. Everyone has her limits and I’ve reached mine.

If one more person who claims to eat healthy tells me that she uses Smart Balance, Earth Balance, or any of those health robbing butter substitute “spreads”, I think I’m going to scream.
A loud, obnoxious, ear piercing, wine glass shattering SCREAM!

You see, there is nothing “smart” about Smart Balance, unless of course you happen to be a shareholder of the company in which case you would be very happy with the cheap, rancid, genetically modified vegetable oils that are used to manufacture this butter substitute resulting in a very low cost of production and resultant huge profit margins.'


Dr. Sinatra & Others Speaking Out – Cholesterol is Not the Cause of Heart Disease

'How did this myth begin?

Since the earlier part of the 20th century, doctors have been rallying around the idea that cholesterol causes heart disease.

In 1913, Russian researcher Nikolaj Nikolajewitsch fed cholesterol to rabbits and made the conclusion that their cholesterol levels went up (with no acknowledgement whatsoever that cholesterol is not a normal part of a rabbit’s diet).

And the idea that plaque deposits collecting in the blood vessels due to diet was born.

At the same time, companies like Proctor and Gamble were busy creating products that would replace animal fats as a way to increase profits.'


Best foods for calming your nervous system

Photo Credit:

'Modern-day living and all the busyness and stress that comes along with it can do a real number on your central nervous system, especially if you are not taking proactive steps to counteract this perpetual negative effect on your body. Rather than feed energy and nutrients into your body's productive systems, an overtaxed nervous system typically expends most of its resources just trying to defend the body against attack, whether it be in the form of anxiety, panic, or stress, which depletes your energy reserves and potentially even harms your endocrine system.'


Chlorinated Drinking Water Contributes to Bladder Cancer, Anal Cancer

'Extensive research and case studies over the past two decades show that drinking chlorinated water is linked to bladder cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer.

Cities like Minneapolis and Saint Paul that rely on surface water and groundwater, such as the Mississippi River and lakes, heavily chlorinate at the water treatment plants. Over the years, the Minneapolis Drinking Water Quality Report consistently shows levels of chlorine at 2.1-3.1 ppm'


Autism: Made in America

Look In the Mirror: What Does Your Face Tell You About Your Health?

'Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the healthiest of them all? If you know where to look, your external appearance may be a window to your internal health. Your face not only gives you nonverbal signals about your well-being from unconscious facial expressions, but the state of your skin reveals a great deal about what's going on inside, both physically and emotionally. Some facial diagnosticians can even diagnose incipient illnesses, such as the early stages of cancer.'


A Path to Guaranteed Happiness



'Happiness is what our nation is founded on – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  But maybe we have it all wrong in pursuing happiness through fierce individualism and seeking out material things, which give us momentary pleasure and success.

I have found a repeatable path to guaranteed happiness, even joy.  And as corny as it sounds, it is quite simple. Serve others with love and compassion.  That’s it.  Guaranteed happiness is just a few minutes away.'


10 Simple Tricks to Raise Your Metabolism

Photo Credit:Menshealth

'Metabolism is the process the body uses to break down food in order to produce energy. As we age, we lose muscle and gain more fat. The more fat you are carrying vs. muscle, the more your metabolism slows down.

Your basal metabolic rate accounts for about 60 to 75 percent of the calories you burn every day. So increasing your metabolism is something that helps you lose weight. (Not to mention you get to eat more food, which is always a bonus.)

Low metabolism causes all sorts of health problems including low energy and fatigue, cold hands and feet (and low body temperature — the kind of person who is always shivering in a sweater), hair loss, low sex drive, infertility, mood swings, anxiety and irritability, hypothyroidism, insomnia, etc.


German New Medicine - How You Control Your Own Healing

Garlic Soup Made With 52 Cloves of Garlic Can Defeat Colds, Flu and Even Norovirus

'Forget the flu shot. A soup based on more than 50 cloves of garlic, onions, thyme and lemon will destroy almost any virus that enters its path including colds, flu and even norovirus.

As we sneeze and cough our way through these dark months of contagious nasties, garlic is being hailed for its powers to halt viruses in their tracks.

It has gained its reputation as a virus buster thanks to one of its chemical constituents, allicin.


Thyroid Cancer & Iodine

'Medical ignorance is epidemic and nowhere is this more evident than in how contemporary medicine views and treats thyroid cancer. Over treatment of thyroid cancer with radioactive iodine is rampant even though there is substantial uncertainty about the indications for radioactive iodine for thyroid cancer. Radioactive iodine absorbed by the thyroid can injure the gland.

There was a large increase in the proportion of thyroid cancer patients receiving radioactive iodine between 1990 and 2008 even though radioactive iodine is a cause of thyroid cancer. Between 1990 and 2008, the percentage of patients treated with radioactive iodine climbed from 40 to 56 percent, and hospitals varied widely in their use of iodine. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, there are more than 40,000 new cases of thyroid cancer every year in the U.S.—a number that’s been climbing steadily.'


Loneliness linked to dysfunctional immune responses, has potential to harm health


'New research links loneliness to a number of dysfunctional immune responses, suggesting that being lonely has the potential to harm overall health.

Researchers found that people who were more lonely showed signs of elevated latent herpes virus reactivation and produced more inflammation-related proteins in response to acute stress than did people who felt more socially connected.'

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What's REALLY in Your Pet's Food

US Scientists Find That Chemotherapy Boosts Cancer Growth

'Chemotherapy can damage healthy cells? Say it isn’t so? You don’t need a degree to figure this one out. Poison kills indiscriminately– always has and always will. While damaging healthy cells, chemotherapy also triggers them to secrete a protein that sustains tumour growth and resistance to further treatment. Researchers in the United States made the “completely unexpected” finding they claimed while seeking to explain why cancer cells are so resilient inside the human body when they are easy to kill in the lab.

Only through the forces that have carefully conspired to thwart meaningful advances in cancer research and treatment over the past century has chemotherapy succeeded. In what reality do we live in when cut, poison and burn are the only ways acceptable to treat cancer?'


Case Dismissed! Texas Ends 15-Year Fight Against Cancer Doctor Burzynski



 ED. NOTE: This should give you a sense of why I use the term Medical Mafia Matrix.

'After a grueling 15-year long battle, the Texas Medical Board has officially ended its crusade to revoke Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski's medical license in an effort to end his use of Antineoplastons, as well as his combination gene-targeted therapy for cancer. 

The Texas Medical Board’s case against him was dismissed on November 19, 2012, just in time for Thanksgiving. According to Dr. Burzynski’s attorney, Richard A. Jaffe, Esq: “Early on, two medical board informal settlement panels found that the use of these combination drugs on the advanced cancer patients involved was within the standard of care.  

However, the Texas Medical Board refused to drop the case and instead filed a formal complaint against Dr. Burzynski alleging the same standard of care violations previously rejected by the board settlement panels.'

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Mercury Treaty Finalized: Mercury Stays in Vaccines

Editor's Note: Vaccines are toxic with or without mercury.

'Mercury will continue to be used in vaccines. So sayeth a UN treaty. As Gaia Health has said, ‘The upcoming mercury treaty will not ban mercury in vaccines. Instead, it will most likely have the opposite effect. It will probably prevent nations from banning mercury-laden vaccines.’

'... The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has finalized a mercury treaty that leaves those most at risk fully exposed. Vaccinated children will receive no protections whatsoever.

Mercury in the form of thimerosal (also called thiomersal) will continue to be used in vaccines.'


Blows Against Big Pharma and Its Vaccine Culture Fortress

'Do you hear it happening? Do you hear the emerging discontent within the infrastructure that, up-until-now, Big Pharma was capable of preventing from happening around their ‘sacred cows’—vaccines and pharmaceuticals, aka legal drugs? How many prescription drugs are senior citizens prescribed and how many vaccines do infants receive in their first year of life? All are destined to become legal ‘druggies’ from the beginning to the end of their lives.

If you are not aware, some within medicine and the pharmaceutical industry are coming out of the closet about vaccines.'


Oil of Oregano is Nature’s Antibiotic

'Oregano is nature’s antibiotic. It may be one reason why people who eat a Mediterranean diet tend to live longer and healthier lives. Besides making pizza, pasta and salad taste great, the oil of the wild oregano plant has been shown to kill unwanted bacteria, fungus, yeast, parasites and viruses, and it’s a powerful antihistamine. Research is finding that oil of oregano is as effective against ulcerative colitis as prescription drugs without the harmful side effects. Oil of oregano is also able to regenerate liver cells.'


The Health of Trees and The Natural World Is Closely Linked To Our Own State of Health

'As a species, we’re just beginning to recognize that the environment is vital to our health. The need to reduce acid rain emissions, stop dumping hazardous wastes, and slow down deforestation needs be addressed from the perspective of people’s health. Evidence is increasing from multiple scientific fields that exposure to the natural environment can improve human health.

The health of our environment affects human health in different forms. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat are quickly becoming polluted to the point of being unsafe to consume without endangering our well-being. Will there be a point of reversal?'