Homemade Chinese Fried Rice Recipe

Editors Note: Use ALL organic ingredients. If you add meat or eggs make sure they are pastured and organic. Do not use a non-stick (Teflon) wok!!  Here's a quick and dirty guide for choosing tasty and healthy shrimp: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/a-quick-guide-to-shrimp/#axzz2no3kkqPE 
Be sure to use some fresh minced ginger and garlic in your stir fry -not only for taste but for health- of course.

Finally do NOT us toxic Canola OIL!!

'Enjoy Chinese takeout at home with this delicious recipe for Chinese Fried Rice! Options for vegetarian, shrimp, or chicken!

Happpppy Friday to you! Friday seems like the perfect night for Chinese take-out, doesn’t it? Or how about Chinese take-in? This recipe for Chinese Fried Rice comes together surprisingly quick, and it’s tasty, darn tasty! I’ve made many Chinese Fried Rice recipes over the years and it always seemed like it was missing something. This time, the flavors come together perfectly and I finally feel like my life is complete knowing I have the perfect Chinese Fried Rice recipe to share with you all today.

First things first, you’ll want to start with cold rice. This means you do have to plan ahead a little. I made the rice I was going to use for this the night before. For whatever reason, day-old cold rice works best here.'


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