Healing a Child with Natural Remedies

 potion made from leaves of Adulsa, Phangli, bitter gourd, guava and tulsi

'Nature has a cure for every illness; one simply needs to be made aware of these cures. For several years we lived in virtually an isolated place close to the hills and the fields and that’s when we realised the benefits of living close to nature.

We started using herbs/plants to treat our now two and a half year old son when he was down with a cold, stuffy nose, bout of fever or a tummy ache – old-fashioned home remedies are often the best way to treat kids. The people who are disconnected from urban life have the knowledge of plant-based remedies.

Like the local woman where we lived, enlightened us about a potion made from five different types of plants – Adhatoda vasica (Adulsa), highly worshiped Indian herb Holy Basil (Tulsi), Bitter Gourd (Karela), Guava and a local wild plant called Phangli. We used this remedy when our son suffered from a bout of fever, cold and cough, when he was around 7 months old.'


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