Documentary: The Family Meal

The Family Meal
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Family Dinners May Be a Growing Trend

'The family meal hit a low point in the 1950s, the era of the TV dinner and the cultural shift that began to regard cooking dinner for the family as a major inconvenience. As foods become more readily available and storable in the freezer and in the pantry, the idea of cooking from scratch became almost passé.

Today in the US, we’re largely a nation of “heater-uppers” -- not cooks – and this means less time spent together with your family during the traditional ritual of preparing a meal. That being said, this seems to be changing, perhaps because people are beginning to miss the security and the socialization that family meals impart.

One study conducted earlier this year found that most US families eat dinner together most nights of the week, and 34 percent eat together seven nights a week. And wouldn't you know… 84 percent said that the time their family eats together is actually one of their favorite parts of the day.'


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