Iodine as Breast Cancer Treatment

Dr. David Brownstein Reports Spontaneous Regression of Breast Cancer After Iodine

In his Iodine book, David Brownstein MD reports three cases of spontaneous regression of breast cancer after iodine supplementation.(1)(page 63)

The first patient, Joan a 63 year old English teacher, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989, declined conventional treatment, and took 50 mg per day of Iodoral, (Iodine). Six weeks later, a PET scan (image below) showed, "all of the existing tumors were disintegrating".

 Pet scan showing breast cancer )(red arrows) Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Iodine Causes Regression of Breast Cancer on Pet Scan Dr David Brownstein

The second patient, 73 year old Delores, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. She declined conventional treatment with radiation and chemotherapy. Instead, Dolores took 50 mg of Iodoral daily.'


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