18 Things You Can Do Right Now To Become a Loving, Positive Person


'We live in denial of our inherent negativity for the most part, and often wonder why the world around is so mean and reckless. Unlike dogs we may not be born eternal optimists, but positivity is something that can be imbibed even if a tad forcibly; such as by trying to tweak our sense of humour, the way we react to a given situation, by being more pleasant and believing others too have a mind, and by smiling each time somebody says 'thank you'. While positivity is a state of mind, the answer lies in our perspective. Here are 18 things you can do right now to becoming a more loving and positive person.'


Research Finds Aloe Vera May Prevent and Treat Skin Cancer


'Research from the University of Belgrade School of Medicine has confirmed what other recent studies have been finding – that Aloe vera and its constituents inhibit the process of skin cell proliferation that accompanies skin cancer.'


160,000 Flu Shots Recalled: Particles Seen Floating in Vials

'The vaccine manufacturing company Novartis has recently made the news this time with the recall of 160,000 dosages of the Agrippal influenza flu vaccination in both the United Kingdom and Italy. The recall was due to ‘particles seen floating in the vials.’

The particles were later determined to be protein aggregates. When researching protein aggregates we soon find that they are not only dangers as misfolded proteins, but they are also toxic and linked to amyloidal diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and diseases related to prions.'


New clinical study confirms that beans are the preferred starch source for diabetics

Photo Credit: NPR.org

'I have taught for years that beans are nutritionally superior to whole grains, and should be the preferred starch source for diabetics – I often call my dietary recommendations for diabetics “the greens and beans diet” (learn more in my new book The End of Diabetes) A new study published by the research group of Dr. David Jenkins (who originally developed the concept of the glycemic index) has confirmed the advantages of beans over whole grains, especially for diabetics.'


The Surprising Health Benefits of Rising Early

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'Early birds are happier, slimmer and healthier than night owls, according to several recent studies. Morning people also tend to perform better on the job, are more productive, and on average, make more money, researchers also report. And students who rise early shine at school, earning a GPA that’s a full point higher than those who label themselves as night owls (3.5 versus 2.5), a Texas University study found, even after other measures of academic ability were taken into account.'


Apple Pie French Toast Bake for Holiday Travel Made Easy

Apple Pie French Toast Bake #Recipe via FoodforMyFamily.com

'A recipe for an apple pie spiced French toast casserole, baked in the oven. This is an easy do-ahead breakfast that makes it a wonderful choice for Christmas morning or any busy day during the holiday season...'

'All the goodness of apple pie is baked into this French toast casserole. It can be put together the night before and baked off while the family opens presents, cleans up paper, and gets ready to head out the door. It makes a wonderful breakfast for dinner, brunch offering, or relaxing Saturday morning breakfast.' 


Medical And Scientific Experts Urge Halting Fracking Rush Until Medical Unknowns Are Better Understood


 'This week, the group Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy (PSE) declared they would submit a petition to the White House signed by 107 experts to urge the administration to slow down and consider the health effects of natural gas fracking before allowing any new permits. They want the government to consider the two ethical principles adhered to by physicians: “do no harm” and that of “informed consent.”'


Stopping Cancer Cell Growth May Be As Simple As Squeezing Breasts

 Editor's Note: Perhaps this is another important reason many alternative healers/practitioners consider therapeutic massage to be a valuable healing tool.
'While many men may have a field day with that title, it is literal. Compression of breasts restores normal growth in malignant mammary cells, researchers have found.The findings show for the first time that mechanical forces alone can revert and stop the out-of-control growth of cancer cells.

This change happens even though the genetic mutations responsible for malignancy remain, setting up a nature-versus-nurture battle in determining a cell's fate.'


TSA Scanners Emitting Around 'Three CT Scans' Each

Why I always opt out of the TSA's naked body scanners

 'The TSA's naked body scanners have created mass congestion and humiliation within every major airport at which they are installed, but leading radiation experts say that they are also causing mass waves of cancer - the exact number of which is impossible to calculate. You may or may not remember, but in November of last year a bombshell report linking the scanners to cancer actually led to a TSA press response in which they promised to re-test the scanners through independent trials.' 


Why I Drink Coffee Every Day

Photo Credit:livingthenourishedlife.com

'Some things we hate to love. Some we love to hate. Coffee is both. People talk about the evils of coffee in the same way they talk about addictions to meth or cocaine (or the so-called evils of sugar). Whether you drink it or not, you've likely been told over and over about the detriment of coffee consumption from one health guru or another.

I once believed that myth and quit drinking coffee completely for a couple of years. Now I drink coffee every day. Because I'm a hopeless addict? No. Because I sifted through the hype and learned about the health benefits of coffee.'


Growing Number of Unemployed Young Adults in US Becoming Homeless

Editor's Note: They said it couldn't happen here! Bankster slaves in the land of the fee and the home of the slave!

'Throughout the US, tens of thousands of such young adults, “many with college credits or work histories,” continue to struggle to find a place to live following the recession that has left the college-age youngsters with the highest unemployment rate of all adults, 'The New York Times reports on Wednesday.

“Without a stable home address, they are an elusive group that mostly couch surfs or sleeps hidden away in cars or other private places, hoping to avoid the lasting stigma of public homelessness during what they hope will be a temporary predicament,” the report says.'


Christmas Pasta Salad

Christmas Pasta Salad
Photo Credit: Cheeseslave

'If you’re looking for the perfect salad for a holiday party, try this Christmas Pasta Salad recipe. It’s served at room temperature, so it’s easy to transport. And the broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and pomegranate seeds give it holiday flair with red and green colors.

I love the flavor of roasted, carmelized Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Combined with mozzarella cheese and Kalamata olives, the flavor is outstanding. Add pomegranate seeds, and you get even more flavor and the color is beautiful.'


U.S. Doctors and the AAP Fight U.N. Ban of Thimerosal Preservative in Vaccines


'Pharmaceutical companies are vampire corporations literally sucking the life out of children and we continue to let them do just that. The medical media, paid for in full by the medical industrial establishment, is not to be trusted. Even with tragedies like the shooting of innocent children in Connecticut we find that they cannot get their story straight so the public media is the public’s deceiver.

I think it is disgusting that in the middle of this tragedy that medical organizations like the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) would try to slip into the media the pronouncement of their right to continue to attack children around the world and in America with thimerosal, a mercury-based vaccine preservative—a powerful neurological poison.'


David Icke - The Toxic Agenda to Soft Kill You and Your Family

Turmeric Extract Puts Drugs For Knee Osteoarthritis To Shame

Turmeric Extract Puts Drugs For Knee Osteoarthritis To Shame

'Millions take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) daily for arthritis and related inflammatory conditions, but are completely unaware that far safer, and at least as effective, natural alternative already exist -- and are as easily accessible and inexpensive as the spices found in your kitchen cupboard.' 


Frankensteer: Big Beef and Big Pharma Team Up to Give Us Toxic Beef

Frankensteer from ... on Vimeo.

'FRANKENSTEER is a disturbing yet compelling documentary that reveals how the ordinary cow is being transformed into an antibiotic dependent, hormone-laced potential carrier of toxic bacteria, all in the name of cheaper food.

The beef industry, supported by North American government agencies and pharmaceutical companies, has engaged in an on-going experiment to create the perfect food machine to increase speed of production and reduce the cost of manufacture. But there is a price in producing a cheap industrial product. This benign, grazing herbivore has undergone a radical rethinking in how it's raised, fed and slaughtered, including recent changes in inspection rules have shifted the responsibility for food safety from government inspectors to the people on the floor who do the slaughtering and packing.'

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell": Concerned Citizen Uncovers Whole Foods' Policy on Selling Food Grown in Sewage Sludge

'Don't fancy the thought of your spinach and carrots being grown in sewage sludge?

Neither does Mario Ciasulli, a semi-retired electrical engineer living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Mario likes to cook, and enjoys good food. When he found out last year about the practice of spreading dried and heated human and industrial waste as "fertilizer" on food crops, he was upset.

Certified organic food cannot be grown in sewage sludge -- or "biosolids," the Orwellian PR euphemism used by the sewage sludge industry.

But sometimes the vegetable Mario needs for a dish isn't certified organic, or he can't afford the higher price of the organically grown version. Until he found out about sludge, he thought that as long as a "conventionally" grown fruit or vegetable he used wasn't one of the "dirty dozen" for pesticide residues, he had nothing to worry about.'


Thoughts on Eating a Healthy Breakfast and Lunch

Photo Credit:Synthesis.net

'Whenever there is discussion of weight loss methods, “eat healthy!” is always a suggestion. My opinion is no exception. I’ve devoted several recent blog posts to discussions about weight loss and the importance of implementing healthy eating habits in order to achieve it. The key word is “habit” and the key concept is knowing that it means “every day”. Healthy eating habits don’t come in the form of an occasional bottle of V8, a once-in-a-while banana, diet Coke instead of regular, or gorging out on 100 calorie snack packs of cookies and chips.' 


Using Vitamin C for Heart Disease, Cancer and Cell Protection

Description: http://www.vitamin-c.co.za/images/The-Actual-Role-of-Vitamin-C_20111027622.6967.jpg

'Researchers at the University of California say that participants who took about 500 milligrams of vitamin C supplements per day saw a 24 per cent drop in plasma C-reactive protein (CRP) levels after two months. Recent research suggests that CRP may be a better predictor of heart disease than cholesterol levels. "C-reactive protein is a marker of inflammation, and there is a growing body of evidence that chronic inflammation is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s disease," said Dr. Gladys Block, UC Berkeley professor of epidemiology and public health nutrition and lead author of the study.'


Neurological Disorder MMF Found to Be Caused by Vaccines: Scientific Proof

'It is a little-known condition that can trigger persistent and debilitating symptoms similar to those associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) and fibromyalgia, but is also one that the medical profession at large is still unwilling to acknowledge. And yet emerging research continues to show that macrophagic myofasciitis, or MMF, is a very real condition brought about as a direct result of vaccines that contain aluminum adjuvants, which become lodged in muscle tissue and lead to severe neurological damage and other problems.'


Vegetable oils promote obesity

'Excessive dietary omega-6 may increase our appetite and promote weight gain.

A recent study suggests a close association between dietary omega-6 and the development of overweight and obesity. Omega-6 is a type of fat found in certain vegetable oils which is present in large amount in processed and junk food.

New results from experiments using animal models show that a high intake of omega-6 led to overproduction of signalling compounds that stimulate the appetite, with the result that the animals ate more and developed obesity.

“People in the Western world are eating less and less fat, but at the same time our body weight is increasing, so the type of fats we eat would seem to mean more for developing overweight and obesity than just how much fat we consume,” says NIFES scientist Anita R√łyneberg Alvheim.'


School Shootings Linked to Pharmaceutical Drugs

School Shootings Linked to Pharmaceutical Drugs
Photo Credit: Cheeseslave

'In the wake of the latest terrifying school shooting in Newtown Connecticut, The Washington Post reported that 20-year-old gunman Adam Lanza, killer of 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, Connecticut was on pharmaceutical drugs.

This has yet to be confirmed. However, it’s important to note that almost every incidence of violence in schools in the past 25 years has been connected to pharmaceutical drugs.

In Arianna Huffington’s syndicated newspaper column dated July 9, 1998, Dr. Peter Breggin, psychiatrist and author (Your Drug May Be Your Problem: How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric Medications) states, “I have no doubt that Prozac can cause or contribute to violence and suicide. I’ve seen many cases. In a recent clinical trial, 6% of the children became psychotic on Prozac. And manic psychosis can lead to violence.”'


Human and Synthetic Hormones Now Contaminate Fresh Produce

Human and Synthetic Hormones Now Contaminate Fresh Produce 
'Hormones and/or hormone-mimicking chemicals are omnipresent environmental contaminants. Already found in places as varied as our teeth (dental sealant) to our paper products (receipts, money), our meat to our canned foods, new research now indicates that even fresh, whole vegetables and fruits are no longer immune to this growing biological and chemical threat.'


Whiten Your Teeth Naturally With No Dangerous Chemicals

Photo Credit: Womanbeauty.net

'Fortunately, there’s an easier, cheaper, and completely natural way to whiten your teeth in less than 3 minutes a day. It’s one of the six tooth care recipes I share in my brand new ebook, DIY Organic Beauty Recipes. And like many truly healthy options, the solution seems almost counter-intuitive. Eat fat to lose fat? Check! Brush your teeth with something that looks like squid ink for a dazzling, pearly white smile? Surprisingly, that works, too.'


Announcing Vaccine Bombshell: Leaked Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After This Vaccine

'A confidential GlaxoSmithKline document recently leaked to the press exposed that within a two-year period, a total of 36 infants died after receiving the 6-in-1 vaccine, Infanrix Hexa. [1] According to the website Initiative Citoyenne [2] who reported the news, the 1271 page document revealed that GlaxoSmithKline received a total of 1,742 reports of adverse reactions between October 23, 2009, and October 22, 2011, including 503 serious adverse reactions and 36 deaths.

ED Note: Most vaccination adverse events don't even get reported.


Get Your Flu Shot or Get Fired: Media Hails New ‘Safety’ Policies Forcing Shots on Workers

Photo Credit:zeropointradio.com

'Don’t want to be injected with the seasonal flu vaccine due to concerns over ingredients like MSG, antibiotics, formaldehyde, and aluminum as admitted by the FDA on their own website? Well then you may lose your job for refusing a ‘safety’ measure, as more and more major corporations are forcing the flu vaccine (among others) on workers in order to keep their job.'


Former Marine sues military over vaccines that gave him brain damage

Is Your Diet Making You Moody?

Is Your Diet Making You Moody?

'How many people do you know who are on a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet? How many people do you know who are on antidepressants? Is there a link?

Julia Ross, a clinical psychologist and author of The Mood Cure, sees a connection between the skyrocketing rates of depression and the diet obsession in this country. Statistics show: We are 100 times more depressed than we were in 1900; fully 50% of Americans over the age of 14 are experiencing "significant debilitating depression and/or anxiety;" and in the past two decades antidepressants have become the third largest class of prescription drugs.' 


Why More Than Half of New Year’s Resolutions Go Nowhere (and How to Actually Succeed this Year)


'Every year at this time people all over the world begin making resolutions for the New Year.

The #1 resolution is to lose weight and become more physically fit.  A very good one I will admit.  This translates to a busy time for anyone in the fitness industry and one that is embraced and capitalized on.

Getting started is easy but how many of these people actually stick it out over the long haul?

Not many.  Statistics show that about 75% go strong through the first two weeks while the number dwindles to less than 45% at the 6 month mark and fewer than 20% at the two year mark.
Others show even less adherence.  

Having been in the fitness industry for over 17 years I would say they are pretty spot on. Why do so many people fall off the bandwagon?   Many reasons as it turns out:'


In 1912, Americans Waged War Against the Giving of Useless Xmas Gifts

Wikipedia/Public Domain

'Every year around this time, amid the dull din of a hurried holiday rush, it's not uncommon to hear shoppers bemoan that the true spirit of the season is slipping away (perhaps even as their carts teem with bound-to-be-forgotten gifts). But a century ago, folks were likewise fed-up with the culture of mindless consumerism. And in one of the most fascinating, little-known chapters of American history -- they waged a war that even Presidents would join.

In 1911, faced with a surmounting culture of buying cheap, throwaway presents to give for Christmas, philanthropist August Belmont announced before a crowd of low-paid working woman at an event in New York City the formation of a new club: The Society for the Prevention of Useless Giving.'


Congress Handing the Farm to Monsanto

Deathco Superimposed over US Flag

'Once a GM crop has been planted, Pandora’s box has been opened. Congress plans to prevent any and all USDA oversight of genetically engineered crops, turning it into nothing more than a rubberstamping agency for Agribiz.'

'The United States Congress is selling out the American people with their approval of the intentionally misnamed “Farmer Assurance Provision” of the 2013 Agriculture Appropriations Bill. Worse, these riders overstep Congress’ authority, just as the executive office—the president—has been drastically overstepping his authority with the oppression of raw milk and raids on health food shops.

Food Democracy Now has more accurately dubbed Section 733 as the “Monsanto Protection Act” because it effectively removes all ability for either governmental agencies or the people to control GMOs, genetically modified crops.


Cannabidiols Offer Boost Towards a Healthy, Cancer-free Body


'Research institutions around the world are beginning to discover the many positive effects that the cannabis plant has on the human body. More scientists are researching how the properties of marijuana could fulfill the need for effective cancer prevention and treatment. 

As a result, a growing amount of research now supports the claims that both cannabinoids (CBD), the non-psychoactive component of the marijuana plant, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component, can “have a protective effect against the development of certain types of tumors” and potentially inhibit the growth of all types of cancer such as brain and breast cancer. (source: National Cancer Institute)'


7 Foods Experts Won’t Eat

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

The Expert: Jeffrey Smith, author of  Seeds of Deception and founder of Institute for Responsible Technology

1. GMO FOODS (Any of them)
'The Situation: GMO foods encourage the massive spraying of herbicides on our topsoils, polluting the ground, waterways, animals and humans. Scientific studies have shown the RoundUp Ready genes in GMO foods to transfer to our intestinal flora and the pesticide producing genes, called Bt-toxins, to be present in both unborn fetuses and their mothers. 

In short, GMO foods pollute our environment and our bodies. No long term health studies of GMO foods have been performed on humans. In addition to polluting our bodies with mutant DNA, eating RoundUp Ready GMO foods insures a hefty dose of herbicide given that GMO crops are even more heavily sprayed than conventional non-organic crops.'

Chemtrails, Aerosol Geoengineering and Bioengineering: A Massive Biological Experiment of Unknown Purpose

'The US Government and Human Experimentation

The US government and military have long possessed the capacity and demonstrated the will to violate the Nuremberg Code by using nerve, biological, and radiological agents on unsuspecting human subjects.The fluoridation of public water supplies and above-ground nuclear testing are but a few dramatic and irrefutable examples. 

The premeditated will to do so further resounds in the government’s overt sponsorship of over 700 Nazi scientists under Operation Paperclip. The fruits of their research included the noxious and debilitating mycoplasma stealth pathogen derived from the brucellosis bacterium that likely infects many today.'


Lutein from Avocados and Lycopene from Tomatoes Can Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

'New findings from UCLA indicate that Lutein — a carotenoid recently discovered in California avocados and found in green vegetables — can help protect against prostate cancer. This study was presented at the American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR) meeting in July 2001 in Washington D.C.

In recent studies, Lycopene — a carotenoid found in tomatoes — was associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer, but lutein had not been linked to prostate cancer prevention until now.'


Walking Outdoors Away From Technology and Gadgets Can Boost Brain Power 50 Percent

'Clearing your mind may be as easy as leaving your laptop at home, switching off the smartphone and taking a walk outdoors. It may even help boost brain power by as much as 50 percent, a study has revealed.

This holiday season, why not get your loved one some silk long underwear or furry, soft gloves or a good hat to encourage outdoor activity. But tell them to leave their cell phone at home while out on their excursions. This not only helps with physical health, but also can improve people's mental well-being.'


How to Decalcify and Detoxify the Pineal Gland

 'The primary goal of decalcifying your pineal gland is so that you can begin the process of pineal gland activation and begin the awakening of your third eye.

There are two parts to pineal gland decalcification. The first is to stop any further calcification of your pineal gland which is caused by any lifestyle habits or environmental factors, e.g. flouride, etc. The second step is to work on reducing and removing the existing calcification and help to further develop your pineal gland.

Below we will go through the methods you can take to achieve these two steps.'


Santa Claus and the Magic Mushrooms

Have you ever wondered why on Christmas we cut down/carry evergreen trees inside our houses, decorate them with fancy ornaments, and place presents underneath them?

“So, why do people bring Pine trees into their houses at the Winter Solstice, placing brightly colored (Red and White) packages under their boughs, as gifts to show their love for eachother and as representations of the love of God and the gift of his Sons life? It is because, underneath the Pine bough is the exact location where one would find this ‘Most Sacred’Substance, the Amanita muscaria, in the wild.”–James Arthur, “Mushrooms and Mankind” (8)

The Amanita muscaria is the red and white magic mushroom that grows almost exclusively beneath Pine trees. Their main psychoactive ingredient is ‘muscimol,’ as well as trace amounts of DMT, an entheogen naturally produced in the brain’s pineal gland. The pinecone-shaped pine-al gland is an organ that produces the same DMT found in this pine tree fungus, and much more."


The Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel and Juice

Spirulina: Converting Sunshine to Superfood

Spirulina: Converting Sunshine to Superfood

'Pond scum is under-appreciated. Just looking at the green slime on your local pond may even make you gag. But you might want to get over that. The algae growing on the surface of still water everywhere could be the key to a healthy vibrant life.

Spirulina is a single-celled, blue-green algae that has been thriving on Earth since the beginning of life itself. Named for the microscopic spiraling helixes it forms, spirulina's green color is derived from chlorophyll.

Its blue color comes from a pigment called phycocyanin, which has been shown to help increase the production of bone marrow stem cells and anti-cancer natural killer (NK) cells, as well as inhibit cancer colony formation.

Like plankton, spirulina is very low on the food chain, and converts sunshine to protein, fatty acids, carbohydrates and a multitude of nutrients that are essential to life on Earth.'


8 Critical Nutrients Lacking In More Than 70 Percent of Diets

'While we all pay attention to incorporating vitamins and minerals into our diets, are you getting enough critical nutrients? There are some nutrients that you need to pay special attention to -- ones you probably aren't getting enough of, yet they're essential to primary cell functions. Here are seven critical nutrients which are depleted in more than 70 percent of diets.'


Large-Scale Survey Shows Green Tea Protects Against Cancer of the Digestive System

greenteapowder 260x162 Large Scale Survey Shows Green Tea Protects Against Cancer of the Digestive System

'If you haven’t heard of the link between green tea and cancer risk reduction, you’re about to right now. Scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that green tea has anti-cancer benefits. A new, large-scale statistical survey combines this information to show just how potent the natural beverage can be.

The study’s findings were first published in Reuters and then in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It was conducted by Shanghai Women’s Health Study and involved nearly 70,000 non-smoking, middle-aged or older women who regularly drank green tea.'