Olive Oil Turns Off Heart Disease Genes

Olive Oil Turns Off Heart Disease Genes

'Long touted as a "heart healthy" fat, olive oil has now been shown to work its magic at the genetic level by turning off genes that are associated with heart disease and inflammation.

Researchers in Spain have shown that just because you inherited some "bad genes" from your parents and grandparents, you are not doomed to suffer the diseases to which you are predisposed. A healthy diet, they say, can modulate the effect of these genes.'


Scandal at the FDA: Board Members with Drug Maker Ties Voted to Approve Drug that's Killing Women

'An investigation by the Washington Monthly and the British Medical Journal determined that at least four members of an FDA advisory board which voted to approve a drug used in the birth control pills Yaz and Yasmin had either done work for the drugs' manufacturer or received research funds from the manufacturer. Though the four committee members disclosed their ties to the FDA, the FDA decided that the ties did not matter and did not make the disclosures public. Tragically, the drugs the committee endorsed have been killing the women who take them.'


The Ten Dogmas Of Modern Science

'The ‘scientific worldview’ is immensely influential because the sciences have been so successful. They touch all our lives through technologies and through modern medicine. Our intellectual world has been transformed by an immense expansion of knowledge, down into the most microscopic particles of matter and out into the vastness of space, with hundreds of billions of galaxies in an ever-expanding universe.
Yet in the second decade of the twenty-first century, when science and technology seem to be at the peak of their power, when their influence has spread all over the world and when their triumph seems indisputable, unexpected problems are disrupting the sciences from within. Most scientists take it for granted that these problems will eventually be solved by more research along established lines, but some, including myself, think they are symptoms of a deeper malaise.'


Sense About Science: Big Pharma & Agribusiness Lobby Group Masquerades as Charity

'Sense About Science is none of what it claims. It is not independent, charitable, and certainly not deserving of the term trust. It provides the appearance of legitimacy for Big Pharma and Agribusiness.'

'Sense About Science presents itself is a fair arbiter of all things related to science, describing itself in the first sentence of its website’s home page as “a charitable trust that equips people to make sense of scientific and medical claims in public discussion”. Nearly every stance they take is on the side of Big Pharma and Agribusiness. The reality is that virtually all their financing comes from those industries or their beneficiaries, and their officials, trustees, and advisory council come from or are associated with the same sources.'


Mothers To Regulators: We Will Not Comply!

'On August 18, 2012 a group of mothers and others, members of the advocacy groups, the Raw Milk Freedom Riders and Lemonade Freedom Day, will take their raw milk and lemonade to the lawn of the US Capitol to celebrate their right to “voluntary exchange.”

By offering raw milk and lemonade for sale or barter, which is illegal in many places including Washington DC, these mothers and other activists risk criminal charges, and possibly jail. Last August, in a similar protest, three people were arrested for selling 10-cent cups of lemonade.

“The law has turned ordinary people into criminals for engaging in normal human behavior,” says Liz Reitzig, one of the event’s organizers. “I am proud to stand with others as we peacefully do not comply with these laws.”'


2045 ‘Immortality’ Transhumanism Program Threatens Humanity’s Integrity


'With the overt disclosure of the 2045 program, a scientific advancement process intended to ultimately lead to ‘immortality’ via an artificial body and mind, a startlingly clear picture of what was once thought of as a science fiction fantasy is forming into reality in a profound way.
The 2045 strategic social initiative is an explicit display of a plan for what is touted as human immortality — first available to the wealthy elite of the world. Also called the avatar project, this effort puts a face to the underlying attempts of transhumanists to use genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology to create a technologically advanced grade of “humans” with abilities and lifespan far beyond that of the average man.'


Turmeric: A Most Amazing Spice!

'India has among the lowest rates of prostate, breast, colon, and lung cancer in the world. Some researchers attribute these numbers to the regular consumption of a common household spice, which has also shown to offer support for cognitive function and inflammation. The best part? Chances are, this spice may already be in your cabinet.

A cancer diagnosis can feel like a death sentence, with 1.4 million new cases of cancer per year resulting in more than 500,000 deaths per year in the US. While this is still a life-threatening diagnosis, new research may give hope.*

This research has scientists amazed at how a simple spice can promote healthy cell replication, and even support the health of patients undergoing chemotherapy.*
This is only one small role this spice plays in promoting optimal health.* For thousands of years in Ayurveda, this common spice was used for physical pain, liver ailments, healthy skin, mental clarity, intestinal health, bile flow, and fat metabolism.*

Keep reading for a taste of other incredible benefits offered by turmeric, plus one super-simple tip for boosting its absorption.'



'In 1976, the great critic of 20th-century society, Ivan Illich, wrote: “Modern medicine is a negation of health. It isn’t organized to serve human health, but only itself, an institution. It makes more people sick than it heals.”

The medical cartel is the answer to the question: what do you with the population of Earth once they are living under a globalist oligarchy?

It’s all about managing lives, from womb to grave, and no institution serves that management better than Medicine.'


Is Mandatory Pediatric Chemo Institutionalized Child Abuse?

Is Mandatory Pediatric Chemo Institutionalized Child Abuse?

'Mandatory chemotherapy for your child. The concept is horrific. But it is not just a concept. It has already happened and is still happening, which is why I am writing this article. We need to sound the alarm about this disturbing trend that, despite recent mainstream media references to a case of court-coerced chemotherapy, is still largely going unnoticed and/or unrecognized for what it really is: a human rights violation of the worst kind. Moreover, as it involves our children who can not rightly advocate for themselves, we need to speak up and act on their behalf.'


Vaccine Campaigns Getting Desperate

'Research exposing the true risks of vaccinations is never fully reported to the medical professionals giving the shots. Parents are provided a, carefully worded, vaccine insert only upon request.

Moments prior to the child receiving a shot, the parents are given a watered down sheet distributed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that is supposed to provide enough information for the parent to give informed consent. 

At no point is a parent ever fully educated on the ingredients within the vaccines, the efficacy rates or the host of less common, adverse effects and in most cases, neither are those doing the poking.'


We Are All Unique: Biochemical Individuality and Nutrition

'Each of us has innate biochemical factors which influence personality, behavior, mental health, immune function, allergic tendencies, etc. Scientists tell us that the number of different genetic combinations possible in a child from the same two parents exceeds 42 million. It's interesting to note that we do not possess a combination of characteristics from our parents, but instead have a diverse collection of characteristics from many ancestors on both sides of the family.'


Transhumanism – Techno-Eugenics Usurping Humanity

Origins of the “Transhumanist Agenda”

'Transhumanism is essentially eugenics. It’s the lessening of the human factor in humanity for the sake of the few who control.

Here’s a terrific quote on the profound impact of the transhumanist agenda and definition of eugenics:

Julian Huxley, brother of Aldous who authored Brave New World, first used this word: Transhumanism. Huxley was a member of the British Eugenics Society, eugenics being the foundation of Transhumanism.

Eugenics is a science dedicated to a Darwinist philosophy applied to humanity, that the strong should thrive and evolve, while the weak are culled and eradicated.

Eugenics rests on a necessity of there being superior and inferior genetic pools in the human population. It might be very socially unacceptable to speak publicly of there being some races, ethnic or cultural groups who are inferior to the rest, yet in secrecy this is exactly what elite Eugenicists believe.'


Greens kill cancer genes


'IT turns out that mum was right - you really should eat your greens. Numerous studies have found cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts and cabbage contain cancer-fighting nutrients.

But in a further breakthrough, researchers from Oregon State University in the US have uncovered how green vegetables fight disease in a new study published in the Clinical Epigenetics journal.'


HepB Vaccine Causes Liver Disease: Science Documents & Shows How

Boy scared of vaccine
'How many parents today believe that their babies were born with autism simply because they never had the opportunity to experience them as normal?'

'The science is definitive: The Hepatitis B  vaccine is not only associated with liver disease, it causes it. The specific harm done is known, clearly documented. Low doses of the hepatitis B vaccine with aluminum adjuvant results in loss of mitochondrial integrity, cell death, and apoptosis, particularly in liver cells.
It is truly ironic that a vaccine supposedly for the purpose of protecting the liver is itself the cause of liver disease.'


The Battle Over Genetically Modified Organisms

The Battle Over Genetically Modified Organisms

Controversy over Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) has been increasing in intensity.

Cases in point:

'Depending on which poll, and how the question is asked, between 75% and 95% of Americans believe that foods containing GMOs ought to be labeled or identified, so they have a choice about consuming them or feeding them to their children. They are opposed by giant agribusiness corporations in league with captive government regulatory agencies, who maintain, with no evidence whatsoever to support them, that GMO foods are safe for human consumption.

Pesticide-producing GMO corn crops are failing due to the very pest they were intended to kill, resulting in huge price increases as corn supplies dwindle.'


Why Organic Milk Falls Short on Nutrition


'Many people have switched to buying organic milk because the awareness of how dangerous conventional milk is due to hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs used in the production of milk is increasing rapidly in health and food communities.

But did you know that organic milk can still come from feedlots and undesirable environments, just like conventional milk? Here are important reasons why organic milk may not be the best choice for your family:'


The Microscopic Zoo within Us

Microscopic Organisms

By Dr. Mercola
'Believe it or not, there's a microbial zoo living inside you, literally trillions of microscopic organisms―more than 10,000 different kinds of them―all co-existing with each other and you.
In fact they outnumber you ten to one and ninety percent of the genetic material, (DNA and RNA) in your body is not yours, it belongs to the bacteria that is located mostly in your gut, but some also live on your skin and even in your nose.
Exactly what those different life forms do has been the subject of some exciting research in recent years, and while a few of these organisms can sometimes wreak havoc with your system, the majority of these little "bugs" are good, helping you digest your food, stay protected from infections, and even keeping your immune system properly regulated to fend off autoimmune diseases like asthma, allergies, and diabetes.'

Read more... 

Utah wants to Register Gardens! Agenda 21?

Body Count: Agenda 21 and the Control of Food

'While Agenda 21 was introduced in 1992, the elite collectivists, lead by the Rockefellers, have been pushing population control on America and the world for generations.  In 1992, this depopulation and control policy was modernized and given a name: Agenda 21, or the Agenda for the 21st century.  The premise for depopulation and control is to preserve the environment. 
One would have to be an idiot to disregard environmental concerns, however, the solutions that Agenda 21 offers fail to address the real issues.  The primary tools that Agenda 21 Sustainable Development uses are global warming lies, water shortages (like the man made drought in California, which also causes food shortages) and the Endangered Species Act (designed to take away private property, which is the base of wealth creation and freedom).(4)
Food control goes hand in hand with population control. '


Raw Milk Helps Sick Baby to Thrive

'A remarkable story of how a premature baby with serious health problems and dental deformity was healed by nutrient dense foods and raw milk. This diet is recommended by The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF), and John, who tells this story is a volunteer chapter leader for WAPF.'

The American Diet and The Industrial Food Complex

Between Awake and Asleep – Achieving Deep Relaxation with Qi Gong

'Most Eastern arts seek ways for the practitioner to spend more time in a deeply relaxed state, that is, with a meditative mind. This deep level of meditation is an essential step for achievement in all Eastern disciplines: seeking enlightenment (meditation), better performance (Kung Fu), higher quality of life (Taoism), and better health (Qigong). Through centuries of accumulated experience, the Eastern arts discovered that the mind is usually in an active state, even during sleep. This has been scientifically researched and verified in modern times.
A common realization is that in order to achieve a deep level of relaxation and high skill in internal arts, one needs to develop a concentrated and meditative mind, which can be difficult to reach for any person. In fact, achieving this skill is an art in itself, which has been explored by many disciplines, if not all, such as Buddhism, Zen, Yoga, martial arts, dance, and various sports.'

10 Years to Life for Medical Marijuana

Garden Hoses Leach Toxic Chemicals Into Water

Garden Hoses Leach Toxic Chemicals Into Water

'Have you ever wondered where that funny taste and/or smell comes from when you take a drink of water out of the garden hose? Most likely, it comes from toxins in the lining of the garden hose and its fittings.

Research released by Healthystuff.org studied 90 different types of garden hoses. They found levels of lead in excess of Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards for other products, and phthalate DEHP and lead levels in excess of the Federal safe water drinking standards.

The research also found a number of other concerning toxins leached out by garden hoses, including antimony, Bisphenol A, Di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP), Diisobuytle phtalate (DIBP) and Diisononyl phthalates (DINP). The BPA levels of hose water from the tests were twenty times higher than the .1 ppm BPA levels allowed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) – a safe drinking water foundation and certification group.'


A Simple Way To Remove Splinters With Baking Soda

'A splinter is an partially or fully embedded piece of wood, glass, metal or any foreign body in the skin. The typical response to a splinter is to squeeze the skin to try and get it out with a tweezer. This often results in embedding it further into the skin and if it's brittle, it often breaks into smaller pieces. Here is an easy, fairly pain-free way to remove a splinter without further aggravating the skin.'


One Nation Under Drugs: How the FDA Is Sabotaging Your Health and the Environment

'As a medicinal chemist, I tried to ignore my suspicion that an insidious and deliberate conspiracy to get each and every American hooked on drugs, while at the same time bankrupting them, existed between Big Pharma and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

I enjoyed my work. Drug design paid well and kept me comfortably isolated in a high-tech lab, fully equipped to help me bend and twist matter at will. The last thing I wanted to think of was a plot designed to sabotage health and wealth—while causing untold ecological damage—using my chemistry skills. But over time, experience confirmed my suspicion as fact and revealed something even scarier.'


Autism: A Conspiracy of Silence

Conspiracy of Silence

'The millions of children whose lives have been circumscribed by the autism pandemic are collateral damage to a medical system mad with greed. Jagannath Chatterjee summarizes what would generally be known if it weren’t for a Conspiracy of Silence.'

'April was Autism Awareness Month and yet autism is virtually unknown outside of the circle of families that harbour those unfortunate children who have been afflicted with this strange disorder. 

Strange, because these children are rarely affected from birth; they proceed normally and then suddenly change in front of their hapless parents’ eyes to become a shadow of their former selves. 

Then begins a struggle the magnitude of which can be appreciated only by those touched by the disorder; be they victims, their parents or caregivers. The doctors generally shrug their shoulders and refer these children to various therapists who ignore the extensive physical damage lurking in them.'


9 Common Indian Spices That Prevent Cancer

'When the opposition in question is an adamant disease like cancer, our armoury should be packed with a healthy lifestyle and a diet including foods that double as anti-cancer agents. Look no further than Indian spices to add incredible flavor to your food and prevent cancer.

When actress Lisa Ray was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a relatively rare cancer of the bone marrow, all she said was, "I'll beat cancer". Carrying this spirit of defeating a disease often labelled 'incurable', we try to find out diet methods, especially in the selection of spices that can avert the multiplying of malignant cells in the body that gradually mature into insurmountable cancer cells.'


5 Amazing Healing Honey Facts

5 Amazing Healing Honey Facts

'Honey, unlike almost everything else we consume in our diet, was intended solely to be a form of nourishment – albeit, for the bees. Only milk, to my knowledge, shares this singular biological imperative. But honey is far more than a source of sweetness and quick energy within the human diet.

It has profound medicinal applications, some of which are as follows:'


Watercress May 'Turn Off' Breast Cancer Signal

'New scientific research from the University of Southampton has revealed that a plant compound in watercress may have the ability to suppress breast cancer cell development by 'turning off' a signal in the body and thereby starving the growing tumour of essential blood and oxygen.'


Court Forces Chemo on Eight-year-old Minnesota Girl Despite Family's Desire to Use Alternative Medicine

Ed. Note: This article incorrectly implies that Dr.Kevin Connors was part of the intimidation of Sarah Parisian's parents. He is one of the good guys, actually.

'Where once it was rare for courts of law to invade the privacy and purview of parents when it came to raising their children, in today's America the wall between parental rights and the state's Leviathan is increasingly being dismantled by activists disguised as public servants.

Karen Parisian of Minnetonka, Minn., told a local television station during a recent interview that her cancer-stricken eight-year-old daughter, Sarah, was having a lot of difficulties following a single cycle of chemotherapy. Besides the standard hair loss, Sarah lost weight and suffered from nausea and a sore throat. "The week that we were to start chemo she was sleeping 22 hours a day," her mother told WCCO-TV.

Because of the chemo's negative effects, Sarah's family wanted her to forego further treatments. Instead, they wanted to use alternative medicine techniques because a) they know alternative medicine; and b) it was their choice to make. Or so they thought.'


Fact: Vaccinations are Killing Our Kids

'Every day we are told that vaccinations are the best defense against the killer diseases threatening our children. The governments, media and pharmaceutical industries dish out billions of dollars advertising the benefits of vaccination in an effort to convince us.
By the age of 18 months children in the USA will have received a staggering 38 vaccinations (1) these are:
  • Up to 4 doses of the Hepatitis B Vaccine
  • 3 doses of the rotavirus vaccine
  • 4 doses of the DTaP
  • 4 doses of the Hib vaccine
  • 4 doses of the pneumococcal vaccine
  • 3 doses of the polio vaccine
  • up to 2 doses of the flu vaccine
  • 2 doses of the hepatitis A vaccine
  • 1 MMR shot
  • 1 chickenpox shot'


Corporations Sneak Synthetic Preservatives into Organic Food

'The Cornucopia Institute, a not-for-profit policy research organization based in Wisconsin, filed a formal legal complaint with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) against several infant formula manufacturers that are adding two synthetic preservatives to certified organic infant formula.

The Organic Foods Production Act, passed by Congress in 1990, explicitly bans synthetic preservatives in organic food.

“This is another blatant violation of the federal law governing organics by multi-billion dollar corporations that apparently think they can get away with anything,” says Charlotte Vallaeys, Director of Farm and Food Policy at The Cornucopia Institute.'


Time: Doctors Pushing More Illegally Marketed Dangerous Hard Drugs on Kids

'Time Magazine blows the lid off Big Pharma’s dangerous, unproven and illegal push of drugs on our kids which of which Wired notes ‘You should definitely read the whole thing — short, important, and sickening’.

Wired Science alerts use to a ‘short, important, and sickening’ Time magazine article detailing who (sic - 
how?) Big Pharma used a combination of illegal marketing and paying off our corrupt government officials to push a whole new wave of dangerous and unproven anti-psychotic drugs on our children.'


This is What Your Tap Water Looks Like

Avocado Dressing

Green Goddess-y Goodness

'Last week I promised you an Avocado Dressing that goes especially well with refreshing salads loaded with purifying bitters like arugula, radicchio, spinach and radishes. This dressing provides prefect harmony thanks to what I call the Mary Poppins Principle, which holds that sweet balances bitter, as every good Nanny knows. “Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down… “

Avocado is not exactly the sugar Mary Poppins was referring to, but it is considered sweet according to Ayurveda. Its qualities are heavy, wet, cold and it is strengthening, tonifying, nourishing. In summer, when days heat up, Avocado has the cooling, hydrating affect your body seeks. Plus, it lovingly embraces those important bitters in your salad, tricking your body into wholeheartedly accepting these medicinal roots and shoots.'


Farmers Abandon Fields Larger Than Belgium and Luxembourg

'Food prices are expected to surge after the worst drought in the U.S. for half a century destroyed one-sixth of the country’s expected corn crop over the past month.

The hottest July in U.S. history has caused irreparable damage to crops, forcing corn farmers to abandon fields greater in area than Belgium and Luxembourg. Soyabeans, which are used for animal feed and to make vegetable oil, have also been affected, with this harvest likely to be the worst for five years.'


Vaccines – The True Weapons of Mass Destruction --Doctor Rebecca Carley

Big Pharma and Collaborators Resort to Underhanded Tactics in Push to Ban Homeopathy

'Ever since I released my book "Codex Alimentarius – The End of Health Freedom" and began speaking out about the coming destruction of access to vitamin and mineral supplements inside the United States and the rest of the world, I have been met with the tired response of “it won’t happen here.” Of course, saying “it won’t happen here” is generally a guaranteed method of ensuring that whatever you are claiming can’t happen will happen.

Nevertheless, the historically naïve masses - even those who are aware enough to seek out natural supplements and healthy food - still believe that the supplement lobby and the natural health industry are too large to be brought down by restrictive laws. The people, they say, would never allow it.'


GMO tomatoes: good-looking poison

Scientists Invent Particles That Will Let You Live Without Breathing

'This may seem like something out of a science fiction movie: researchers have designed microparticles that can be injected directly into the bloodstream to quickly oxygenate your body, even if you can't breathe anymore. It's one of the best medical breakthroughs in recent years, and one that could save millions of lives every year.
The invention, developed by a team at Boston Children's Hospital, will allow medical teams to keep patients alive and well for 15 to 30 minutes despite major respiratory failure. This is enough time for doctors and emergency personnel to act without risking a heart attack or permanent brain injuries in the patient.'


Questioning the Doctor, Challenging a God

'Patients want collaborative relationships with their doctors but fear retribution for raising too many questions.'

'How many times have you seen the phrase, "Discuss it with your doctor"? From Internet medical articles to TV ads selling drugs, the phrase continually pops up as if it's the simplest thing the world to do. A team of doctors and researchers who conducted focus groups with patients from the San Francisco Bay area have now published evidence that's all too familiar to people in the rest of the country: discussing medical issues with your doctor is much easier said than done.

Two major concerns mentioned by the patients were fear of losing their doctor's good will by questioning their advice and the lack of time during doctor visits.'



'Science and religion meet at the intersection of a $5 million grant gifted to UC Riverside in Pennsylvania by the John Templeton Foundation for further research into an afterlife and immortality.

John Martin Fischer, philosophy professor from UC Riverside, will host conferences and oversee post-doctoral students running a website that centers around immortality; along with international consensus where psychologists and neuroscientists from across the globe will convene.'