Pasteur, Béchamp and Forbidden Medicine

 'Béchamp (doctor, biologist, chemist, and physicist) discovered microbes before Pasteur. After years of observation, he was able to prove that human beings create their own microbes in order to re-establish order and balance inside tissues and organs. Béchamp also discovered microzymas, the smallest living particles. These changed their shape – pleomorphism – and became microbes when a person’s health deteriorated. Germs were actually allies. He published many scientific papers to prove his theory.

Pasteur (chemist) used and falcified Béchamp’s results, publishing them under his own name with opposite conclusions.'


Vaccines and Injections Soon To Be Delivered Via Small Needleless High-Pressure Jets

'Once the public grew more skeptical of vaccines after the pandemic flu hoax, mainstream medicine was forced to adopt new methods of tackling the antagonists of their beloved immunization campaigns (a misnomer in itself). One idea was to make vaccines more friendly to the public. Something that has always struck fear (and rightfully so) in the hearts of children is the vaccine needle.

So the heads of conventional medicine approached MIT researchers to develop a needleless delivery system that would at least squelch the "needle phobia" to make drug injections seamless, painless and free from any stigma attached to the jab. It seems that we'll soon have change those graphic depictions of hypodermic needles to a device that is very different as technology continues to progress while modern medicine continues to regress.'

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Study Suggests Calcium Supplements Linked to Significantly Increased Heart Attack Risk

Calcium pills
 © Elenathewise / Fotolia

'Calcium supplements might increase the risk of having a heart attack, and should be "taken with caution," concludes research published in the online issue of the journal Heart.

Furthermore, boosting overall calcium intake from dietary sources confers no significant advantage in terms of staving off heart disease and stroke, the findings indicate.' 


Another Way to Heal:Ho'oponopono

How Dr. Hew Len healed a ward of mentally ill criminals with Ho'oponopono

Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian system that heals oneself ... and the world, too

'More than thirty years ago, in Hawaii, at the Hawaii State Hospital, there was a special ward, a clinic for the mentally ill criminals. People who had committed extremely serious crimes were assignated there either because they had a very deep mental disorder or because they needed to be checked to see if they were sane enough to stand trial. They had committed murder, rape, kidnapping or other such crimes. According to a nurse that worked there in those years, the place was so bleak that not even the paint could stick to the walls, everything was decaying, terrifying, repulsive. No day would pass without a patient-inmate attacking another inmate or a member of the staff.'


Persistent Sensory Experience Is Good for Aging Brain

growing old is not bad

'Despite a long-held scientific belief that much of the wiring of the brain is fixed by the time of adolescence, a new study shows that changes in sensory experience can cause massive rewiring of the brain, even as one ages. In addition, the study found that this rewiring involves fibers that supply the primary input to the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain that is responsible for sensory perception, motor control and cognition. These findings promise to open new avenues of research on brain remodeling and aging.'


Dr Peter Glidden - A Naturopathic Answer to Mental Health Treatment



'Dr Peter Glidden is an outspoken advocate of holistic Health, Dr. Glidden has lectured to thousands of people over the last 2 decades. He delivers over 60 Free Lectures each year, and is a regular speaker at Health Freedom Expo & Youngevity Regional Meetings. He has appeared on TV, is a regular guest host of the "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" Health Talk radio program, and gives free weekly seminars all over Chicagoland. His new book, The MD Emperor Has No Clothes, is an eye-opening, groundbreaking, jaw dropping exposition on the shortcomings of conventional MD directed medicine and the  unrivaled excellence of holistic medical treatments.

Treatment Philosophy
For over 2 decades, Dr. Glidden has been treating people around the world with Naturopathic therapeutics including Homeopathy, Medical Nutrition, Heavy Metal Chelation, Detoxification, Herbal Medicine and Bio-identical Hormone Supplementation. Dr. Glidden's current treatment protocols, perfected over 2 decades of clinical work, are unique in the field of Naturopathic medicine. He is the only physician in the world to combine Classical Homeopathy, Medical Nutrition, and Comprehensive Clinical Diet protocols.

All of Dr. Glidden's treatments are science-based and clinically verified. He does not use any "black box" unproven diagnostic techniques, nor any therapeutics that are experimental. He relies on time-tested, science based, clinically verified, safe and effective treatment protocols to help his patients/clients to recover their health.

Dr. Glidden's work is "results oriented," and his patients/clients are always given a time-frame inside of which they will work to secure noticeable and measurable results. None of Dr. Glidden's treatment protocols are "open-ended.'

FDA Promotes Drug That Kills You One Cell At a Time!

Gerson Therapy and Cancer

6 Bodily Tissues That Can Be Regenerated Through Nutrition

6 Bodily Tissues That Can Be Regenerated Through Nutrition

'It may come as a surprise to some, especially those with conventional medical training, but the default state of the body is one of ceaseless regeneration. Without the flame-like process of continual cell turnover within the body – life and death ceaselessly intertwined – the miracle of the human body would not exist.

In times of illness, however, regenerative processes are overcome by degenerative ones. This is where medicine may perform its most noble feat, nudging the body back into balance with foods, herbs, nutrients, healing energies, i.e. healing intention. Today, however, drug-based medicine invariably uses chemicals that have not one iota of regenerative potential; to the contrary, they almost always interfere with bodily self-renewal in order to suppress the symptoms against which they are applied.'


Record Numbers of Pregnant Women Are Refusing The Flu Shot

'An overwhelming majority of pregnant women who visit the doctor's office are now refusing the flu vaccine over fears it will harm their fetus. The medical community is on damage control pushing out flawed studies in an attempt to sway opinion in a losing battle for control over fetus health. More than 90% of all expecting mothers will now say no to the flu vaccine due to fear of miscarriage and delivery of toxic byproducts to their unborn child.

 Getting a flu shot during pregnancy provides unanticipated risks to the baby. Specifically, one study showed that the H1N1 vaccination during the H1N1 pandemic was associated with thousands of cases of miscarriages and stillbirths which the CDC failed to inform vaccine providers.

Current data from a 3-year reporting base is confirming previous reports that the majority of pregnant women are refusing influenza and other related vaccines that may jeopardize their health and that of their baby.'


Wake-Up Ladies: You’re Being Slowly Poisoned… by Birth Control Pills!

So What Do You Do?

'Since the 1960’s, when birth control pills were first introduced, millions of women worldwide have taken them, believing they were safe and effective for contraception. 

Unfortunately, that’s only a half-truth.  Birth control pills are indeed very effective at contraception. But the downside is they’re extremely hazardous.  Since the introduction of the Pill, there’s been an explosion of women’s diseases and maladies in a scope never experienced before in the history of medicine:


  •  'These are just the major problems known to be caused by the Pill (and standard Hormone Replacement Therapy as well).  Plus, we fully expect ovarian cancer and Alzheimer’s Dementia to join this list in the next few years once more studies are completed.

    But ask any doctor, and despite evidence to the contrary, they’ll describe the wonderful “benefits” of using the Pill besides contraception: Reduction in ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, endometriosis and stabilization of periods.  Some brands are marketed to improve acne in younger women.'

    How wrong they are!

Icon “Big Tex” Gets Chemtrailed

'They’re at it everywhere, trying to incorporate chemtrails into every day images. This large tile mural is from a popular market in Dallas. Big Tex is the famous mascot of the State Fair of Texas, a giant statue and icon in the center of the fairgrounds.

When Texas used to be known for its wide open big skies, it’s now famous as one of the most heavily chemtrailed states.

After all, keep them wild horse Texans sedated or they might just kick back. Fluoride in the water, sedatives in the air, adulterated food.

Nice country.'

And here in the Lone Pentagram state of all places, and dear Tex replete with masonic red and blue imagery. Hmmm. But I digress.

Hey, with all the aluminum oxide and barium everyone’s ingesting we won’t remember anything anyway, aluminum being one of the causes of alzheimer’s. That and the brain damaging anti-cholesterol statin drugs that they’re now suggesting everyone over the age of 50 take routinely that also trigger alzheimer’s.

The ol’ one-two.'


Microwave Weapons and Your Health

France’s Ban of GM Corn Is Reversed by the EU

AFP Corn protest

'In 2008, France banned the GM strain of corn, MON 810, after the people protested. A French court overturned that ban in 2011. However, France’s agricultural minister overturned the court’s ruling, based on his recognition that MON 810 holds the potential of harming the environment.

Now, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has ruled that France did not provide adequate evidence to prove that “there is no specific scientific evidence, in terms of risk to human and animal health or the environment”.

Notice the use of science to back the EFSA’s claims. This is not real science. It’s the pseudo science owned by corporations like Monsanto.'


Long Term Dangers of Birth Control Pills

Health Videos - Long Term Dangers of Birth Control Pills

The Dangers Every Woman Needs to Know About the Birth Control Pill

'Did you know that an estimated 150 million women worldwide take birth control pills?

Such widespread use of birth control pills worries me because many women are not aware of the serious health implications of these drugs. I also believe that birth control pills are often prescribed to address symptoms (like cramping, spotting, irregular periods and acne) instead of the underlying causes of the symptoms.

Many women do not consider the very real (and sometimes very dangerous) side effects of these synthetic hormones, but you owe it to your body, and to your future children, to find out more.'


Bee Pollen Benefits Longevity in Humans

Curing All Illnesses in 3 Minutes In Medicineless Hospitals

'Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body. In a medicineless hospital in Bejing, China, closed due to political reasons, they successfully treated over 180 types of illnesses including bladder cancer. The Center avoided medicines and special diets in favor of exercise, love, and life energy. 

 It was a non-profit organization and recognized by the Chinese government as a legitimate clinic. Over the years, the Center had treated more than one hundred and eighty diseases, the overall success rate being more than 95%.

The Power of ChiLel

ChiLel, the method employed in the Center, was developed by Dr. Pang. The method is based on the 5,000-year-old concept of qigong (chigong, chi kung) as well as modern medical knowledge. Dr. Pang, reverently known as Lao-shi, the Teacher, has written more than nine books on ChiLel.'



Forbidden Skin Cancer Cures

Pau d’Arco, Protease, and Hydrotherapy: An Interview with Judy Seeger N.D.

Photo Credit:

'The following is a excerpt from a phone interview with Judy Seeger N.D. on January 18, 2011.  The conversation has been edited to improve readability.

CHRIS WARK: Hey, everybody!   I am excited to be able to do an interview today with Judy Seeger, Doctor of Naturopathy that I met actually on Facebook. Is that right? Isn’t that where we met?

JUDY SEEGER: That’s right. That’s exactly where we met.

CHRIS WARK: Well, let me tell you a little bit about Judy, and then we’ll get right into this. I was really excited to meet her, because not only is she a doctor of naturopathy, just like a local naturopath here in Memphis who helped me when I was dealing with cancer, but also she has been doing it for 30 years; helping people from all walks of life with all kinds of diseases, including cancer, get well.  She’s got a background in psychology, biology, enzymes, herbal medicines, nutritional consulting, and really, really knows her stuff.'


Shrimp At Grocery Retailers Contains Antibiotics and Carcinogens Affecting DNA

'"We estimate that at least 80% of all shrimp imported to grocery retailers comes from farmed sources with similar practices," said Graham Beaton, a head toxicologist and food inspector. "We know that 80% of all farmed shrimp comes from Asia, mostly from Thailand and China who are well known for producing 'dirty shrimp'."

Shrimp farming has changed from traditional, small-scale businesses in Southeast Asia into a global industry whose primary motive is profit. Technological advances have led to growing shrimp at ever higher densities, and broodstock is shipped worldwide.'


Magnesium Deficiency

Insomnia - Dr. John Douillard, DC

Whole Foods Adds Creepy Warning Stickers To Their Raw Juices

Whole Foods: Raw Foods May Make You Seriously Sick

'First, I was a bit incredulous! "Really?? I just spent a good chunk of the remainder of my last paycheck buying a presumably healthy drink for my family, and I’m being told that it could make us terribly ill??"

Second, angry: "Good lord. I can buy genetically engineered (GE) food in this country (which should bear the skull and crossbones), without any label warning me of this fact, but I can’t buy an organic raw juice without being told that it may contain 'harmful bacteria’ and could cause serious illness in my child because it was not pasteurized????"'


Alternative Cancer Conference Banned by Town Council

 The Disturbing Rise of Medical Fascism

'In response to Dr. Hopwood’s request as to whether the conference was now compliant with legislation after removing Dr. Simoncini from the conference lineup and making the requested changes to the clinic website, the Trading Standards responded with the following:

“The Cancer Act 1939 creates a criminal offense to take any part in the publication of any advertisement [for cancer treatment]. Your website and the conference itself does not fall into any of these exempt categories. Even the title of the conference and the title of your clinic, in our view, are likely to breach the legislation because of their promotion of cancer treatment.”

After Trading Standards asked for the booking to be cancelled and the conference banned, the Totnes Town Council caved to the pressure with the majority of councilors siding with the regulating body.'


Modern Medicine: How Healing Illness became Managing Illness for Profit

Medical Monopoly Game Board Details

'For over 6000 years, man looked first to nature to heal illness and maintain wellness.  As a result of a deliberate and often sinister plan, the past century and a half has seen curing illness with nature replaced with managing sickness and treating the symptoms of illness in a system that places profits far above healing and humanity.

When this country was founded, medical freedom was assumed. Early Americans ran away from intolerance hoping to find religious and political freedom. Medical freedom was simply assumed. It was assumed that the people had the right to choose whatever form of health care they preferred. 

Dr Benjamin Rush proposed that these rights should be specifically laid out in our constitution: "The Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic."'

UTTER PROFITABLE DEPOPULATION BULLSHIT: CDC Targeting Baby Boomers for Mass Vaccination Agenda

'The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has drafted a recommendation that ALL Baby Boomers (people born between 1945 and 1965) be tested for the hepatitis C virus and subsequently vaccinated.

The CDC estimates 800,000 people are infected and being vaccinated could save 120,000 lives.
The Baby Boomers are being targeted because of the rampant drug use in the '80s with needles, as well as blood transfusions that were in great use during the '90s; before blood screening was common place. The CDC says this “generational epidemic” will claim more Baby Boomers unless they are vaccinated...'


Editor's note: Did you know the Hepatitis C virus has never been isolated!

HEPATITIS C: The 'Phantom virus' and Hepatitis C Cases Successfully Treated with Herbs and Diet

by Dr. Michael Tierra, OMD

The formulas I'm currently recommending include Planetary Formulas' Bupleurum Liver Cleanse, Shiitake Mushroom Supreme and Liver Defense. In addition to this I recommend two or three portions of steamed greens daily, dandelion root tea, whole grains, vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, a glass or two of freshly squeezed organic carrot juice, and fish. Other foods can be included, but these should be included daily. Avoid exceptional stress as it can activate the latent virus in the body. Also avoid refined foods as much as possible. Other substances to avoid include coffee and drugs including marijuana.

I offer the following information to many of my patients who, after being treated with herbs, with all symptoms of liver disease resolved, are still concerned with an elevated viral load test. What if, despite the fact that they indeed had a sick liver, there never was a hepatitis C virus in the first place? Therefore the viral load question becomes a moot point, measuring something that ultimately has no relevance to their liver disease.


Symptoms of Lymphatic Congestion

'Perhaps the most forgotten, under studied and least understood system in the body is the Lymphatic System. The lymph travels with the nerves, arteries and veins and is by itself twice as big as the arterial blood supply system - and maybe twice as important. The Lymphatic System removes waste and from every cell in your body whil regulating the immune system.

When I co-directed a cancer center with Deepak Chopra, one of my jobs was to train and certify medical doctors in Ayurvedic medicine. My medical doctor students were constantly telling me, "We were never taught such details about the lymphatic system." They knew it was a place where cancers resides and were taught to remove cancerous lymph nodes, but the purpose of this system was never really discussed.'


Chemtrails for Dummies

Top Ten Cancer Fighting Foods

Rick Simpson Hemp Cures Cannabis Interview/Weed Isn't Evil, It Cures Cancer!

Big Pharma Doesn't Want You to Know About Ibogaine-- Find Out Why....

Reversing Multiple Sclerosis

The Sad, Sad Truth

'First of all, it hits you hard. Right in the heart. Your family is at stake, humanity is at stake. We’re being relentlessly attacked by some unidentified force and we’re reeling, with not a lot to stand on.

Our planet’s resources are being polluted faster than we can identify. Everything we just years ago held dear and tried to naturally defend has been so drastically altered it’s beyond identification or comprehension.

And we scream as if in a nightmare with no one listening.'


A Sitting NY Supreme Court Judge With Cancer Makes A Plea For Medical Marijuana

marijuana leaf.jpeg

Photo: Discovery Health

'After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, New York Supreme Court justice Gustin L. Reichbach found himself immersed in a world of pain and misery, brought on by months of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

He’s spent 40 years in the law — over two decades as a judge — and thus never could have imagined that he would one day find himself turning to marijuana to quell his unbearable suffering, as he explains in his NY Times Op Ed...'


The Miracle Molecule

Health Videos - L-Arginine: The Miracle Molecule

Health Videos - Fight Aging with L-Arginine

 This One Amino Acid May Help Protect You from 150 Diseases

 By Dr. Mercola

'We have known for 20 years that the amino acid L-arginine offers multiple vascular benefits to people with heart disease, or those who have increased risk for heart disease due to multiple cardiac risk factors. L-arginine is a key nutrient in promoting efficient blood flow and overall cardiovascular function. L-arginine is considered one of the "semi-essential" amino acids—meaning, your body can't produce it in sufficient quantities, so you must obtain most of it from your diet. 

But new research is emerging every day that this little powerhouse-nutrient plays a number of other important roles in your health, with benefits stretching far beyond your heart and blood. It
appears that cardiovascular benefits may have just been the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what L-arginine can do for you—including possibly slowing down the aging process itself.'


Paleo for Autoimmune Illness

'I have a special interest in working with people who experience chronic pain. As happens with many people, it took my own experience to propel me to study and learn more about how to best help this patient population. In 2007, I became very ill with what was later diagnosed as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. 

This is an autoimmune illness (AI) caused by the body mounting an attack on the thyroid gland in an attempt to destroy it. For those who have not heard of this illness, the thyroid is a major part of the endocrine system. It is a gland that makes and stores hormones that help regulate the heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and the rate at which food is converted into energy. Thyroid hormones are essential for the function of every cell in the body. They help regulate growth and the rate of chemical reactions (metabolism) in the body.'


Michael Murphy: Chemtrails, Depopulation, and Weather Control/Warfare

Weaponization of Everything!
'What’s with this world? It doesn’t matter what new technology surfaces, “How can we weaponize it?” It’s insane to the max.

Whether it’s viruses and bacteria, flying things, vaccines, food, sound and electromagnetic technology, anything with a camera, x-rays and radiation, forays into space, psychological advances, mosquitoes, vehicles of any sort including unmanned drones of every size, time travel and remote viewing, microchips and computers, robots, and even the environment and flipping weather.
And that’s just some of the stuff we know about. Whatever….. “Weaponize it!”'


FDA is A Rogue Criminal Agency

'The discovery of a page, on the FDA’s own website, proves the FDA is fully aware that:

the drugs it certifies as safe have been killing Americans, at the rate of 100,000 per year.

The FDA website page is currently available under the heading, “Why Learn About Adverse Drug Reactions,” and it can be Googled. (Click here to go directly to the FDA page.)

The implications of this Smoking Gun are hard to grasp in any rational way.

The FDA takes no blame, no responsibility for its actions, and yet it admits the death statistics are accurate.'

David R. Hamilton PhD: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

Latest Story Organic Watergate: Fed agencies allow GMOs in ‘USDA-certified organic’

 'The Cornucopia Institute is challenging what it calls a “conspiracy” between corporate agribusiness interests and the USDA that has increasingly facilitated the use of questionable synthetic additives and even dangerous chemicals in organic foods. In its new white paper, The Organic Watergate, Cornucopia details violations of federal law, ignoring congressional intent, that has created a climate of regulatory abuse and corporate exploitation.'

'“I wish I was making this up, but one of the newest contractors to fulfill this review function is The Organic Center, the nonprofit offshoot of the Organic Trade Association, an agribusiness lobby group,” Kastel added. “This is the proverbial fox watching the organic chicken coop.”

The Organic Center’s board is chaired by Mark Retzloff, President of Aurora Dairy, a giant factory farm milk producer bottling private-label organic milk for Walmart, Costco and Target. Aurora was found by the USDA in 2007 to have “willfully” violated 14 tenets of federal organic law—likely the largest scandal in organic industry history.

Other members of the Organic Center’s leadership reads like a Who’s Who of giant corporations involved in organics, including four individuals associated with Dean Foods and their WhiteWave division (Horizon and Silk).'


'We are Living Through the Worst Public Health Scandal in History' — 60 Million Developed Cancer from Nuclear Weapons Tests

Carrot Slaw

Photo Credit:

'I’ve only eaten this by itself so far and it is delicious! To be honest, I don’t unusually think of carrots being able to hold their own but they manage to shine in this yummy recipe. The citrus and cranberries give it a great sweet kick as well so I think I will be putting these on some veggie dogs later this week (and for sure on my usual veggie sandwiches).'