Dr. Detox - Episode 1

The Reality of Chemical Terrorism In Our Food

'Is it really that hard for most people to believe that we are being assaulted on a daily basis by chemical terrorism? Genetically modified foods, artificial flavours, colors, preservatives, emulsifiers, and sweeteners all made with toxic chemicals, all of which are proven toxic to human health. 

We are being bombarded on a daily basis by an astronomical level of toxicity, all controlled by these chemical terrorists on behalf of the food industry. Worse is we let them.'


Shocker: What Happens In Your Body When You Eat Processed Foods

The Marijuana Diet: How Pot Enhances My Life


'Flashback to the 1980s. The social and political “correctness” or acceptance of marijuana changed in the post-hippie apathy. We heard years of ”Just say no” from Nancy Reagan. Pot became more underground. You didn’t always know who among your newer friends was using or not, and whether they would like you for choosing to do so.

In my life, there were times I took breaks from smoking pot. I stopped smoking marijuana when my husband and I decided to become parents.

When I did return to having a relationship with Mary Jane, pot was different. Now it was not a lid (an ounce) that got you through the night, and one small toke of some super bud was plenty to change your state. 

There were strains that had names and different psychological and physical effects. People began to investigate how marijuana could enhance someone’s life while undergoing acute medical treatment for cancer, AIDS and chronic pain. In other words, there were more uses for marijuana than recreational.'


How to Make Sauerkraut (My Simple No-Fail Method!)

'How to Make Homemade Fermented Sauerkraut (Pink Ginger Sauerkraut)

1 Head Green Cabbage

1 Head Purple Cabbage

2-3 tbsp Sea Salt

2-4 tbsp Fresh Ginger

1 Lemon Squeezed

1-2 cups Water

1) Gather the ingredients needed for the sauerkraut recipe you are planning make…

2)  Chop off the base of the cabbage and put aside for later…

3) Shred the heads of cabbage (using a hand-shredder or food processor)…

4) Combine shredded cabbage and all other ingredients in a large bowl…'


Earthing: Health Benefits from being Grounded

'Earthing' or 'grounding' has been getting a lot of attention of late in certain communities, so about a week ago I decided to take a look. Here, in summary is what I've learned.

What is 'earthing'?

Earthing is the practice of connecting the body with earth by touching skin to a conductive material such as grass (preferably wet), wet sand, a river, lake or sea.

Why would you want to do that?

When the body loses contact with the earth it can carry a positive voltage relative to the Earth. Some people believe this is not good for health and wellbeing. Earthing the body returns the voltage to zero which is, supposedly better for us.'


The Health Benefits of Sungazing

'I recently saw the feature length documentary, Eat the Sun, and was inspired to explore the practice of sungazing. 

The practice of sungazing closely resembles its name. At sunrise and/or sunset, when the sun is closest to the earth, sungazers stand barefoot on the earth and look directly at the sun for 10 seconds. Every day, 10 seconds are added and some sungazers eventually reach a duration of 44 minutes.
The theory is that the sun is the force of all life, and staring at it can infuse the body with large amounts of energy. 


So much so that one of the sungazers featured in the film, Hira Ratan Manek, claims to have gone eight years without eating. He has been “eating” a steady diet of solar rays, and claims that this is all he needs for nourishment.' 


Daily Physical Activity May Reduce Alzheimer’s Disease Risk at Any Age

'Daily physical activity may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline, even in people over the age of 80, according to a new study by neurological researchers from Rush University Medical Center that will be published in the online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology on April 18.

"The results of our study indicate that all physical activities including exercise as well as other activities such as cooking, washing the dishes, and cleaning are associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease," said Dr. Aron S. Buchman, lead author of the study and associate professor of neurological sciences at Rush.

"These results provide support for efforts to encourage all types of physical activity even in very old adults who might not be able to participate in formal exercise, but can still benefit from a more active lifestyle."'


10 Myths About CIA Mind Control Methods-- The Covert Occupation of the American Mind --


'The CIA’s secret policy of mind control and collective brainwashing is connected to its history of illegal covert operations inside the United States to direct the course of America’s political life. In addition, the CIA has a decades-long policy of spreading disinformation in the media, concealing information, and creating false historical narratives to justify its own existence. As a result, the CIA has a near-total psychological grip on the American mind. It is an occupation of consciousness.

Below, I will try my best to debunk the top ten myths about the CIA’s psychological occupation of the American mind and the global collective mind. As a French woman said on the day of the September 11 fraud, Today, we are all Americans.” 

So, in a very real way, we are all living under psychological occupation, because the American mind and the global mind were combined into one single planetary mind immediately after the 9/11 events and the subsequent illegal global war on terrorism.'


IV Vitamin C: A Powerful Healing Tool The FDA Wants Banned

'You know you're doing something right for your health when the FDA starts prohibiting it. Intravenous (IV) vitamin C is a very power healing tool that can prevent dozens of diseases without any side effects. 

The treatment is so effective, it can even kill cancer. You’re probably familiar with vitamin C’s antioxidant properties since it is one of the body’s most important free-radical fighters. But this vitamin is far more than just an antioxidant. 

It’s also involved in a number of enzymatic and metabolic reactions, including the synthesis of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, the formation of bile, and the production of collagen. Inadequate levels of vitamin C are associated with scurvy, heart disease, cataracts, diabetic complications, asthma attacks, and more. Furthermore, it’s highly protective when taken as a supplement. It boosts immune function, increases resistance to infection, and protects against a wide range of diseases.'


Pomegranates: The New Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy?


'Modern women at midlife have many options when it comes to dealing with those nasty menopausal symptoms like mood swings, depression, bone loss, and fluctuating estrogen levels.  But their most surprising source of natural relief may come from an ancient food:  the juicy pomegranate.

Pomegranates have been cultivated for over 4,000 years.  Our word pomegranate dates back to around 750 B.C. and comes from the Latin "Punicum malum" meaning "Phoenician apple."  Today the fruit is often called a "Chinese apple." '


The Hidden Cause of Psychiatric Disorders Almost No One Considers

'The Gut-Brain Connection From a proactive perspective, it's important to realize that you have the potential to take control over your health, including your mental or psychiatric health. Psychiatric conditions such as OCD are primarily believed to be the result of chemical dysfunction in your brain, or in some cases hereditary and therefore out of your control. 

Many fail to realize that a) your lifestyle can override genetic predispositions, and b) your lifestyle can be a major underlying cause of that chemical imbalance or dysfunction. So, there's plenty of reason to take a closer look at lifestyle factors such as diet and toxic exposures—whether you want to prevent a health condition, or treat it. 

 Some may object and say that a child hasn't had enough time to develop bad lifestyle habits, but when it comes to health problems related to the brain, the GUT is typically involved, and children are now increasingly BORN with damaged gut flora—courtesy of less than ideal lifestyle choices by the child's mother... In a very real sense, you have two brains: one inside your skull and one in your gut.' 


Optimism protects against heart attack and stroke, study shows

'Positive psychological characteristics such as optimism, life satisfaction, and happiness appear to reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular events, a new study has found. The study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers is the first and largest systematic review on this topic to date.' 


HEALED: How I Cured My Cancer with Cannabis

 'Mike McShane has endured five bouts of Squamous cell carcinoma cancer. He’s spent a million dollars and has been treated with radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery by this team of doctors at the Detroit Medical Center. 

Today, he believes the invasive treatments were unnecessary. He says he’s cured his latest bout with the disease using a highly concentrated form of marijuana oil called Simpson Oil.
Michael McShane and Gersh Avery are hanging out in my office, chain smoking cigarettes and talking about Jesus.

“That may be why they hung him on that tree you know,” Gersh says, waving his hand and sending a cascade of ashes across my desk. “What do you think was in that oil he was healing people with? It was cannabis.”'


The Cancer Myth Part 2: “What They Don’t Want You To Know



So we know what it is, but how often are we told what CAUSES cancer?
Well, this is the cause and how it works:

'The cause of cancer was discovered by Dr. Otto Warburg in the 1930′s. He won a Nobel Prize for it. He discovered that cancer cells produce energy through anaerobic fermentation (a process that ferments glucose to make energy). Cancer cells can only develop in a low oxygenated and acidic environment. Metabolic acidosis is a term used to describe unhealthy levels of acidity in the body. Acidity is measured by high numbers of positively charged hydrogen ions H+ which pair up with oxygen molecules to make water, thus reducing oxygen levels in the body.

Healthy cells use oxygen to create energy through respiration; in the absence of oxygen, normal cells die. However, some cells adapt to these low oxygenated environments and mutate to produce energy through fermentation (a process that does not use oxygen). This fermentation creates a by-product of lactic acid, which further increases acidity in the body, creating a breeding ground for cancer cells to thrive.'

Read more... 

The Cancer Myth Part 1: “Conventional Treatments”

But what else does chemotherapy do…?

'“If cancer specialists were to admit publicly that chemotherapy is of limited usefulness and is often dangerous, the public might demand a radical change in direction—possibly toward unorthodox and nontoxic methods, and toward cancer prevention. …The use of chemotherapy is even advocated by those members of the establishment who realize how ineffective and dangerous it can be.” – Ralph W. Moss, author, The Cancer Industry

Chemotherapy cannot target only cancer cells, its toxic chemicals also destroy healthy cells. Chemotherapy targets rapidly dividing cells, which is why is it used to treat cancer, but many other types of cells in the body also divide rapidly. The cells that make up the lining of the intestines are rapidly dividing, making them susceptible to damage by chemotherapy agents. This results in the frequently reported side effects of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation. Cells inside hair follicles are also rapidly dividing, and when chemotherapy kills these cells, hair loss results.'


The Fluoroquinolone Wall of Pain Victim & Survivor Stories

Photo Credit:http://www.cbsnews.com



Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics such as Cipro and Levaquin Ruin Lives

by Jay Hammers on June 21, 2010

'Americans are being poisoned on a vast scale by toxins generated by corporations whose only goal is profit regardless of the consequences on humanity and its future.  These corporations include but are not limited to pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment, which thrive on treating illnesses with expensive toxic drugs rather than simple, natural treatments that wouldn’t turn a profit.'

The adverse symptoms of fluoroquinolomes include but are not limited to: 

Central Nervous System:
- toxic psychosis
- panic/anxiety
- insomnia
- seizures
- tremors
- dizziness
- confusion
- depression
- suicide or suicidal thoughts 

Peripheral Nervous System:
- numbness
- pain
- burning
- tingling
- stinging
- weakness

Musculoskeletal System: 
- joint pain
- tendon pain
- tendon rupture
- muscle pain (rhabdomyolysis -
a potentially fatal, rapid muscle wasting ADR which may include
dark or pink urine)

Cardiovascular System:

- torsedes de pointes (a fatal arrhythmia)
- heart attack
- palpitations (irregular heartbeat)
- bradycardia (slow heartbeat)
- tachycardia (rapid heartbeat)

Immune System:

- anaphylactic reaction (potentially fatal allergic reaction)
- Stevens-Johnson syndrome (potentially fatal autoimmune reaction where the immune system attacks the skin)

Additional ADR's:
renal (kidney) failure
liver failure (potentially fatal)

Drug Interactions - Fluoroquinolones should not be taken together with:
- Corticosteroids (ie: prednisone)
- NSAID's (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ie: Advil, Nuprin, Motrin, Naprosyn, Aleve
- Caffeine
- Theophylline (asthma medication)

This is only a partial list of known fluoroquinolone adverse reactions ( ADR's ) There are numerous other potentially fatal ADR's associated with fluoroquinolone antibiotics. See the manufacturer's package insert for more complete (but, thanks to the FDA, not necessarily totally complete) list of ADR's. 

SOURCE: Fluoroquinolone Wall of Pain

Top 10 Health Benefits of Cherries

Photo Credit:http://www.cjolsoncherries.com

'Once known only for its pie persona, cherries have recently emerged as one of the hottest Super Fruits available in the market. Today, there are plenty of research studies that have uncovered the many health benefits of cherries and they have been proven to be the powerhouse of antioxidants.

Recent scientific studies have confirmed that the nutritional contents of cherries are very beneficial for maintaining good health.'


The Polio Game


How does one play the Polio Game?
'According to Dr. Dennis H. Geffen, O.B.E.. M.D.. D.P.H., of every 100 people who become infected with the virus, 90 per cent, remain symptomless, 9 show some slight sign of disease, such as sore throat or stiffness of the neck, whilst only 1 develops definite paralysis.  He is reported in Public Health (March 1955) to have told the Metropolitan Branch, Society of Medical Officers of Health that:

“We are apt to forget that poliomyelitis is the least serious of all infectious diseases with the exception of that one complication or extension of the disease which destroys motor cells in the brain and spinal cord and causes paralysis. Apart from this it appears to be a mild infection lasting a few days, the symptoms of which are probably less serious than a cold in the head, and from which recovery is complete and immunity lasting. If we could be sure that an individual contracting poliomyelitis would not become paralysed then there might be much to be said for spreading the disease in order that a community might develop natural immunity.”
  • One ignores that polio was disappearing on its own before the introduction of the vaccine.
  • One ignores what actually happened when the vaccine was introduced.'


MUST VIEW! Alternative Health Practitioners/Consumers in the Cross-hairs of an International Orwellian Intel Psy-Op

Written by Gabriela Segura, MD 

Editors Note: This is a serious and growing international problem. And yes--it's happened and is happening in the USA.

'Particularly targeted by these organizations are any and all individuals or groups which advocate practices such as alternative medicine (including nutritional approaches to getting and staying healthy), non-mainstream cancer therapies, yoga, meditation and other stress-relieving techniques, especially if such discussions include scientific support.'


'Additionally targeted are any individuals who discuss ‘conspiracy theories’ (especially about 9-11, but also including economic collapse and NWO topics), UFOs/aliens, psychology other than Freudianism (especially if such discussions include cutting edge scientific support; Jungian psychology is especially targeted), Earth Changes and cometary bombardments (especially if it includes scientific support), increasing earthquake and volcanic activity (especially if it includes scientific support) and more. 

All of these activities, or even thoughts about these activities, will get you labeled as a cult or a follower of a cult and subject to some pretty frightening procedures designed to “help” you reorganize your thinking more in line with what is accepted by the mainstream authorities such as the American Medical Association (AMA), Big Pharma, Big-Agri, NASA and certainly the CIA. 

Anything that is not handed down from those authorities is labeled “pseudo-science”, no matter how credible the scientist or how accurate the research. In short, it is as much a war against real science – as opposed to the corrupt science that has dominated the world for the past 100 years and is used to support wars more than anything else – as it is against religious beliefs. 

Moreover, if you are researching religions (Bible scholars beware!), mysticism, ancient wisdom and alternative history, you are also a cult. And if you have no apparent cultic beliefs, it’s just a ruse; you are just trying to appear like a researcher to lure people in, waiting to turn into an apocalyptic cult at any moment. The whole approach is reminiscent of the Bush gang’s claims about WMDs vis-a-vis Iraq and Saddam Hussein, and I think you all realize what that kind of rhetoric led to.'


Quackbusters, Skeptics and the Web of Trust


 'These so-called quackbusters seem to be a branch of a larger movement, the "skeptics". Their website at www.skeptic.com/ shows who they are. Skeptics think of themselves as having opinions based on scientific 'truth'. They are very outspoken and very much "out there" to disabuse the rest of us of any idea that does not fit into their version of the scientific world view. 

While real scientific procedure requires there to be observation and experiment, formation and testing of hypotheses, and open discussion of both experiment and theories, the skeptics have firmly made up their mind on a number of issues. And they don't hesitate to tell us where we are going wrong...

Mercury and fluoride for instance are not poisons for skeptics, and anyone who thinks they are must clearly be a conspiracy nut. 

Vaccination is good for you, as are chemotherapy and radiation cancer treatments offered by conventional medicine. If you oppose either of them you are simply a 'quack' or at the least you are an easy target for those who take advantage of your stupidity.' 


7 Secrets to Eliminate Cancer Cells

The Amazing Healing Properties of Fermented Foods

Photo Credit:http://drbenkim.com/how-make-kim-chi.htm

 'Between the hard and fast dichotomies of cooked and raw, dead and alive, is this beautiful thing called fermented. A place where many of the digestive challenges associated with raw foods (e.g. enzyme inhibitors, antinutrients, lectins) are overcome in favor of not just preserving their benefits (e.g. enzyme activity, vitamin content, life energy), but amplifying them. 

Also overcome are the adverse consequences of cooking, e.g. enzyme destruction, vitamin activity degradation, oxidized fats, denatured proteins, etc., while still benefiting from the enhanced digestibility and assimilation that certain cooking applications offer. Fermented food is in many ways the complementary union of cooked and raw, as well as their transcendence – an image, not unlike the Tai Chi, comes to mind.'


Prostate Cancer Vaccine Contains Genetically Modified DNA

'The treatment, which uses viruses carrying human DNA to direct the body's natural defences against cancer cells, is the first prostate cancer vaccine ever to reach late stage “phase three” trials in Europe. No vaccines have yet been approved in Britain to treat any type of cancer, and scientists believe it could not only double the survival rate of prostate cancer sufferers but give way to a new range of similar treatments for other tumour types.'


Why You Need To Add Mangoes On Your Grocery Your List

'Not only do they taste great, but mangoes are also loaded with several qualities that are excellent for your health. Their powerful antioxidants are known to neutralize free radicals that cause damage to cells and lead to health problems like heart disease, premature aging and cancer among other things. 

- Mango fruit is rich in pre-biotic dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals, and has antioxidant compounds. It is beneficial for digestion too. - According to a new research, mangoes have been found to protect against colon, breast and prostate cancers. 

 - Fresh mango is a rich source of potassium, which is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps to control heart rate and blood pressure. - Vitamin E, which is abundantly present in mangoes, helps to regulate sex hormones and boosts sex drive.'


Chocolate Gives Statins A $29 Billion Run For Their Money

Chocolate Gives Statins A $29 Billion Run For Their Money

'With the blockbuster cholesterol-lowering class of drugs known as statins being widely promoted for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease, despite their having over 300 documented adverse health effects (including heart failure!), how does chocolate sound as a viable, heart-friendly alternative? 

We already connect amorously with chocolate (to the tune of 6 billion lbs of cocoa consumed annually worldwide), revealing in heart-felt expressions like "I love it," and "this is to die for!" how comfortable we are with publicly declaring our affection. But did you know that while it makes our emotional hearts sing, it may actually keep our physical hearts happy, alive and ticking longer, as well?' 


Green Smoothies, Budwig, and Essiac: Cortney’s Lymphoma Survival Story

Photo Credit:http://fitnessnutritiondude.com

'This is an excerpt from a phone interview I did with Cortney Campbell, blogger at GreenDrinkDiaries.com and holistic cancer survivor.

It has been transcribed, and the boring parts edited out, to improve your reading experience.  (The boring parts were mostly me)

 CHRIS WARK: Hey everybody, today I have the pleasure of speaking with Cortney Campbell. So I want to give a little bit of history here. You sent me a message through the blog and gave me your story, and I thought it was so great that I asked you if we could do an interview. And you said yes, so here we are!

So tell me a little bit about the circumstances around when you found out you had cancer; your symptoms, etc.'


Fluoride Propaganda: Is Our Health Being Sacrificed for the Sake of Nuclear Weapons?

atomic explosion

Misinformation By Nuclear Weapons Producers

'Moreover, the entire idea of safe nuclear energy has arguably been a cover for nuclear weapons production ... at the expense of our health and the environment. Believe it or not, the push to fluoridate water might have been the same thing.' 

Read more... 

Nuclear Arms and Fluoride: The Conspiracy

'Fluoride is an extremely toxic chemical, and huge amounts were required for the manufacture of uranium and plutonium needed for nuclear weapons throughout the Cold War. Fluoride became the leading chemical health hazard of the US atomic bomb program. Then, in the summer of 1943, farmers downwind of the E.I. du Pont de Nemours Company chemical factory in Deepwater, New Jersey, began to report that crops were being affected by an unknown agent.

After a severe thunderstorm, poultry in the area died. Horses and cows were having difficulty walking and seemed stiff (a sign of fluoride toxicity). Farm workers who ate the produce they had picked began vomiting violently. Meanwhile, the New Jersey factory was producing millions of pounds of fluoride for the Manhattan Project, and unsurprisingly, a severe pollution incident had occurred.'

(At least most of the illness and death of people subjected to nuclear fallout has been caused by fluoride - you know, the stuff they are putting in drinking water.--David Icke)


Roxy Lopez Show: Chemtrails, Morgellons and GMOs

By Roxy Lopez Truth Denied Talk Radio

'In her inaugural show on American Freedom Radio last night, Roxy Lopez interviewed Dr. Wil Spencer, who treats Morgellons clients; and two Morgellons sufferers, Melanie Vritschan from Brussells and Marie Palac from Sweden.

Included in the discussion is the link between chemtrails and genetically modified foods with Morgellons. Wil Spencer is a naturopathic doctor whose past associate membership with the Carnicom Institute and his present associate membership with Morgellons Research Group is aligned with his interests in air quality and geo-engineering, as well as human and environmental protection and planetary health.

While his work with Morgellons clients has only just begun, he is researching the possible connection between this condition and geo-engineering practices as well as GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), and his therapies have already achieved some intriguing and promising results.'

Spices and Herbs That Promote Longevity

Indian Spice Kit - 16 exotic herbs & spices for cooking / grilling Indian food - 4 recipes included - DIY cooking spice gift
Photo Credit: Esty.com  

'Boasting big flavor and health benefits, spices and herbs are similar, but have some small differences. In general, spices are considered to be the aromatic dried seeds, fruit, roots, or bark, while herbs tend to be the leaves of herbaceous plants. Also, spices usually have a stronger flavor punch than the subtler flavor of herbs. 

Ancient cultures have valued both herbs and spices for their culinary and medicinal properties since ancient times. Today, plenty of studies have found that compounds in everyday herbs and spices can increase mental function and physical vitality.'


Antidepressants Could Cause Harm to Heart, Brain, and Bones

Anti-depressant drugs don't work

'Did you know that roughly 10% of the American population suffers from depression? It isn’t exactly a coincidence, with the FDA approving a wide variety of damaging foods and drugs that many millions of Americans consume each day. The FDA isn’t helping the population with their approval of the dozens of antidepressant medications on the market – it in fact is doing the exact opposite.'

'At best, the tangible results felt by patients are comparable to sugar pills. That is to say, the medication itself does virtually nothing to improve the mood of the patient directly. At worst, antidepressants cause decreased mental stability. Wanting to kill yourself or others around you are feelings which antidepressants have been shown to ignite.'


The Neurological Poison So Common Your Doctor Probably Pushes It


 by Dr. Mercola

'In fact, the FDA does not require vaccines to be proven effective (antibody-antigen affinity) before being released onto the market, rather, only that they are capable of producing a certain number of antibodies (titers), which is defined as “vaccine efficacy.”  

There is a big difference between proving that a vaccine is truly “effective” against development of infectious disease and demonstrating that the vaccine can stimulate a certain number of measurable antibodies (efficacy). 

Judging a vaccine’s ability to be protective by only measuring the numbers of antibodies in the blood is a semantic sleight-of-hand that has deluded most of the pro-vaccination public into thinking vaccines have actually been proven to work, which often they have not.'


Treatment With Vitamin C Dissolves Toxic Protein Aggregates in Alzheimer's Disease

Health Videos - Curing the Incurable with Vitamin C

'Researchers at Lund University have discovered a new function for vitamin C. Treatment with vitamin C can dissolve the toxic protein aggregates that build up in the brain in Alzheimer's disease.'

"When we treated brain tissue from mice suffering from Alzheimer's disease with vitamin C, we could see that the toxic protein aggregates were dissolved. Our results show a previously unknown model for how vitamin C affects the amyloid plaques," says Katrin Mani, reader in Molecular Medicine at Lund University.'


Lindsey: Cures Colon Cancer With Cannabis in 48 days

'The chemo was causing more harm than good. That day I made life a changing decision (either way), I told the oncologist I want the chemo to stop and the remainder of my “treatment” to be an opportunity for me to heal myself holistically. 

She wasn’t happy but gave me an appointment for the 23rd May 2012. Saying they will still follow protocol and treat me even if I don’t take the chemo. I wondered whether she didn’t worry too much because she probably believed I wouldn’t be alive on the 23rd May. 

Around that time I met some interesting people on facebook who had a lot to say about cannabis oil curing cancer, I did all the research I could do and could only come up with positive things about the plant. 

The testimonials of people who have been cured were incredible. I can’t mention names, but I wrote on the wall of one of the groups that are fighting to legalize cannabis, asking if anyone knew where I could get my hands on some cannabis oil. I already knew about the benefits while on chemo.'


End the Lie Interview with Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Yolande Lucire: Dangers of Antidepressents and Mutation in CYP450 Gene

'A must-listen episode of End the Lie Radio with Madison Ruppert and guest, Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Yolande Lucire, discussing overwhelming evidence that a combination of antidepressants and a mutation in the CYP450 gene could be responsible for many unnecessary illnesses, overdoses, violent episodes, suicides and deaths, a fact that Big Pharma completely disregards to the absolute detriment of the patient in order to maintain their bottom line. 

Dr. Lucire has more than thirty years of experience as a clinician and consultant and has lectured on several aspects of psychiatry at undergraduate, intern and post-graduate levels. She also provides consultancy services in all areas of Forensic Psychiatry and has worked in many jurisdictions in several countries, states and territories.'

For more info on Dr. Lucire: http://lucire.com.au
For more info on her study: http://bit.ly/lucirestudy
Vaccine Liberation Army info: http://bit.ly/pharmagedon

Editor's Note: This interview exposes yet another glaring reason Big Pharma's, toxic psychiatric 'medicine' should be avoided at all costs. Consider Big Pharma as an organized crime syndicate. They are not in the healing business period. For example, a viable, healing alternative protocol to Big Pharma's killer drugs for mental distress would likely include: therapeutically appropriate dense nutrition, combined with supervised detoxification strategies, walking in nature, sun bathing, mind-body therapies like yoga, massage, energy work incorporating various types of meditation, perhaps sound therapy and Orthomolecular (therapeutic vitamin dosing) Psychiatry.

These interventions, especially when combined, have proven to be effective, affordable and without deleterious side-effects. In today's world, most people are struggling with toxic overload, their  organs/channels of elimination are overwhelmed and cannot neutralize and remove these disease causing toxins fast enough. To add toxic drugs to the mix is suicidal.

Vitamin C Supplements Reduce Blood Pressure Without Side Effects Associated With Medication

'A new study released in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that taking vitamin C supplements in the short-term reduces both systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP) all without any side effects making it an excellent natural alternative to dangerous medications. 

 Previous research has found that therapy with vitamin C may help heart failure patients by improving the function of their blood vessels.'


Apricot Seeds: A Natural Alternative Cancer Treatment

Anecdotal Evidence: The Basis of All Knowledge

TCM and ALL Traditional Medicine is based on Anecdotal Clinical Evidence!
Clinical: Of or relating to the observation and treatment of patients rather than laboratory studies.

'Whenever someone expresses an opinion based on personal experience, especially in the field of medicine—and that opinion varies from the view held by the listener—the usual response nowadays is, “Well, that’s just anecdotal. The science doesn’t agree with you.” 

That statement sounds so convincing. After all, we can and do make mistakes in our observations. We make connections that aren’t there.

But, does that make anecdotal evidence invalid? And are science-based answers necessarily correct? In a word, No.

Doctors effectively and necessarily use anecdotal evidence every day. These bastions of evidence-based medicine actually base most of their practices on anecdotes. Sound crazy? Consider:'


Big Pharma Whistles, and the Drug Enforcement Administration Comes Running

Pharmaceutical Industry: A prescription for money.
Pharmaceutical Industry: A prescription for money.

'The DEA is enabling—even encouraging—a generation of opiate addicts, while the FDA tries to quash safe and helpful supplements like DHEA. Goodness, the legal drug-makers have been busy! This week the Associated Press revealed that in 2010, US pharmacies dispensed the equivalent of 69 tons of pure oxycodone (used as ingredient in OxyContin, Percocet, and Percodan) and 42 tons of pure hydrocodone (used in Vicodin, Norco, and Lortab). 

That’s enough to give forty 5-milligram Percocets and twenty-four 5-milligram Vicodins to every single person in the United States. The production and sale of both drugs has increased tremendously over the past decade; in some locations, sales have increased by 1,500 percent. 

Distribution is particularly high in Appalachia, the Midwest—particularly suburbia—and the Southwest. Why the increase? Our poor diets and inactive lifestyles increase inflammation and pain.' 


Top Scientist: Fluoride Already Shown to Cause 10,000 Cancer Deaths

'Water fluoridation is a highly controversial topic, with many individuals voicing massive concern over the practice.

In contrast, some stick to the concept that there isn’t
any association between fluoride and any real negative effects.

Fluoride, however, is indeed a toxic substance, and has been tied with numerous health complications in well-established research. Fluoride can be found in many water supplies, toothpaste, and
even food at alarming levels. While it may sound shocking to many, some research is even drawing a close connection between fluoride and an increased cancer risk.

One paper entitled Fluoride – A Modern Toxic Waste says the following:
Yiamouyiannis documents research showing that fluoride increases the tumor growth rate by 25% at only 1 ppm, produces melanotic tumors, transforms normal cells into cancer cells and increases the carcinogenesis of other chemicals.  For the original references to these studies, refer to Yiamouyiannis’ pamphlet, Lifesavers Guide to Fluoridation.'


Sweet Dreams: How to Sleep Better, Lose Weight, and Live Longer

Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock
Photo Credit:http://www.mouse-watches.com

'YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT without changing what you eat or doing one minute of exercise! It’s a bold claim. And don’t get me wrong: Nutrition and exercise are important! But there’s another key to weight loss — and most people don’t even know about it. It’s sleep.

In fact, besides eating whole foods and moving your body, getting enough sleep is the most important thing you can do for your health. On the flip side, sleep deprivation makes you fat — AND leads to depression, pain, heart disease, diabetes, and much more.

That’s why in today’s blog I want to talk about the impact sleep has on your health and give you 19 tips you can use to get a good night’s rest and enjoy all the health benefits sleep has to offer. Let’s start by talking about a rather serious sleep condition called sleep apnea.'


Raisins And 7 Other Foods That Could Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure

Raisins Blood Pressure

'Researchers from the Louisville Metabolic and Atherosclerosis Research Center found that snacking on raisins three times a day could mildly lower blood pressure, compared to other kinds of snacks -- a promising finding for people who may not have full-blown hypertension, but are on the cusp of high blood pressure.

"Our study suggests if you have a choice between eating raisins or other snacks like crackers and chocolate chip cookies, you may be better off snacking on raisins at least with respect to blood pressure," Dr. Harold Bays, M.D., medical director and president of Louisville Metabolic and Atherosclerosis Research Center, said in a statement. His research was presented at the American College of Cardiology's 61st Annual Scientific Session.'

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Editor's Note: Most recent research traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine indicates that fermented soy such as tempeh or miso are the only  healthy forms of soy.