6 Little Known Signs of Adrenal Fatigue


'I’ve read a lot of articles about the adrenal glands and adrenal fatigue over the years. Most of them focus on the symptoms which include excessive fatigue, hair loss, sleep problems, difficulty getting going in the morning etc. You know the drill.

What I haven’t seen as much written about  is why it is so critical to keep these two walnut sized glands at the top of your kidneys happy and healthy and how to spot the freight train of adrenal fatigue coming full speed down the tracks and about to smack your life upside the head.

Fact is, once you are losing your hair, can’t sleep at night or get off the couch during the day, adrenal fatigue has already sucked the “life” out of your life.   At that point, mustering the strength and courage to reverse course can be quite daunting indeed.'


Hep B Vaccine Damages The Liver It Is Supposed To Protect

“According to Hippocratic tradition, the safety level of a preventive medicine must be very high, as it is aimed at protecting people against diseases that they may not contract.” ~ Marc Girard, Autoimmune hazards of hepatitis B vaccine. Startling new research published in the journal Apoptosisindicates that hepatitis B vaccine, which is designed to prevent Hepatitis B virus-induced damage to the liver, actually causes liver cell destruction. 

 In the study titled “Hepatitis B vaccine induces apoptotic death in Hepa1-6 cells,” researchers set out to “...establish an in vitro model system amenable to mechanistic investigations of cytotoxicity induced by hepatitis B vaccine, and to investigate the mechanisms of vaccine-induced cell death.”


Stop Smart Meters

HAARP, Smart Grids, and the Large Hadron Collider

'Smart Grids are in fact another form of the wireless information Internet aimed at manipulating and programming human perception. The climate-change lie is being used once again to justify human enslavement through the transmitter bulbs and the ‘energy efficient’ Smart Grid.

The system also allows the authorities to monitor your energy use minute by minute and turn your heating down or off if they so choose. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (owned by the US Department of Energy) described how the technology would work: The controller is essentially a simple computer chip that can be installed in regular household appliances like dishwashers, clothes washers, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioner and water heaters.

The chip senses when there is a disruption in the grid and turns the appliances off for a few seconds or minutes to allow the grid to stabilize. The controllers also can be programmed to delay the restart of the appliances.

The delay allows the appliances to be turned on one at a time rather that all at once to ease power restoration following an outage. Your whole life would be controlled from afar by programmed computer systems using wireless communications that would constantly bathe your home and business in radiation. The system will be able to monitor everything people do at home once it is fully operational.'


19 Signs That America Has Become A Crazy Control Freak Nation Where Almost Everything Is Illegal

'Do you think that you are free? Most Americans would still probably answer "yes" to that question, but is that really the case? In the film Edge of Darkness, Mel Gibson stated that "everything is illegal in Massachusetts". Well, the same could pretty much be said for the United States as a whole. 

 Our lives are governed by millions of laws, rules and regulations and more are being piled on all the time. In fact, 40,000 new laws just went into effect in January. Every single new law restricts your freedom just a little bit more. The truth is that America has become a crazy control freak nation where virtually everything that we do is highly regulated. You have probably broken multiple laws today that you don't even know exist.' 


Declaration of Food Independence unveiled today in Wisconsin; signed by Vernon Hershberger and others


'Today at the raw milk / food freedom rally taking place in Wisconsin at the legal hearing for raw milk farmer Vernon Hershberger, organizers unveiled a Declaration of Food Independence. The document asserts the individual right to grow, trade and access real food without government intervention or control.'


Jon Rappaport from NoMoreFakeNews airs dirty secrets of the vaccine industry


Are we saying, “Don't get vaccinated, don't vaccinate your children”? ABSOLUTELY NOT. 

 We aren't advising or demanding anything. We aren't medical doctors, either. We're independent researchers. Which means we rely on our own intelligence, experience, skills, and commitment to finding the best truths we can.

We consult the best sources we can find. So none of these statements we make in this seminar are intended to prevent, alleviate, treat, or cure disease. They are intended as education only. And we happen to believe that education is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Another one is freedom, the freedom to make your own decisions.


Why the Way You Think is the Cornerstone of Reaching Your Health Goals

The Mind Body Connection  

'The mind is powerful – much more powerful than many individuals recognize. If you were to harness the potential of this energy transmitter in your head, then great feats could be reached far beyond what can currently be conceived. Scientists have already proven that your thoughts are powerful determining factors in your overall health, and that your mindset can ultimately create — or delay — self-healing

Whether it be thinking your way to wellness, or simply coming to a realization that you are fully capable of being healthy, the road to such successes is not a difficult one to travel. In fact, even the key to powerful fat loss can also be found in the way you think.'


Black Tea Reduces Stroke and Heart Disease Risk by Up To 50 Percent

'Green tea is often lauded for the many amazing health benefits that it touts. However, black tea drinkers should rejoice after a a team of Australian scientists found that its daily consumption could help to reduce the risk of heart disease in the general population by reducing blood pressure. The six month study published in JAMA's Archives of Internal Medicine - reports that people who drink black tea throughout the day may benefit from slight reductions in blood pressure which may have a substantial long-term benefit.'


The Death of Dietitians...The Resurrection of a French Chef!


"First need in the reform of hospital management? That's easy! The death of all dietitians, and the resurrection of a French chef." ~ Martin H Fischer quotes Modern science is beginning to vindicate the ancient wisdom of our palates ... Butter, for instance, and without which -- some argue -- French cuisine would not be possible, actually contains a saturated fat (the dietetic equivalent of a four letter word!), with a trans- fatty acid configuration, that -- get this! -- lowers blood cholesterol levels, triglycerides and exhibits heart-protective properties. 

Known as vaccenic acid, this naturally occuring trans-fatty acid is found in the fat of ruminants, e.g. goats, cows, deer, and is also found in human milk. It is converted into rumenic acid, a type of conjugated linoleic acid, which is known to have a broad range of potential health benefits."

Read more...

Vaccine rights attorney Patricia Finn interviewed by the Health Ranger on InfoWars Nightly News

The placebo effect

Food Fascism: Are the U.S. and Canada the first “free” nations to deprive their people of food?

Vernon Hershberger with his family at a rally outside the Sauk County Courthouse last August. Photo via The Complete Patient blog. 

'“Eating is something we do so naturally, so routinely, we tend not to think all that much about it. We make choices–white or dark meat chicken, almond butter or peanut butter, apple or pear, broccoli or chard–nearly unconsciously, so plentiful is the food.

Buying it was once also pretty natural. We bought our foods directly from farmers, or from small specialty outlets, or traveling peddlers. Whatever local farms produced, that’s what was available. If you wanted to deal with a particular farmer, you did it. Your “contract” was a handshake. Nothing about legal precedents or complicated theories of private ownership or dealing with “licenses”.'


Common Herb, Water Hyssop (Bacopa) Reverses Epilepsy, Treats and Prevents Other Brain Disorders


'Bacopa monnieri is a lovely wild and garden plant that has recently been shown to completely reverse epilepsy in rats. Herbalists call it adaptogenic, meaning that it’s a plant with the ability to strengthen the immune system and help the body adapt to the environment. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it’s known to benefit many health problems

Bacopa m. is known in Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for both epilepsy and asthma. It’s been shown to be beneficial in several conditions, including: Mental decline associated with aging, Mental impairment associated with oxidative stress, Alzheimer’s disease, Prevention of aluminum toxicity in the brain Inflammation, Tumors, Epilepsy, [and] Liver protection.

The best documented benefits center around brain neurology, and the positive effect on epilepsy is stunning—likely better than pharmaceutical drugs and without their adverse effects, as discussed later. In this time of severe degenerative brain diseases, it clearly has an important role to play in health, both in treatment and prevention of disorders.'


Depression is NOT a Chemical Imbalance Here is the PROOF !! Pharmaceutical Conspiracy !!

Cancer Conspiracy 3/3


'In “The Healer's Grail” I outlined our predicament as Earth-dwelling biological entities. We operate on Solar ENERGY in the form of ELECTRONS and must consume Sun-charged phyto-nutrients and metabolize carbon bonds with the help of OXYGEN.

 Opposing life today are mismanaged soils and electrolyte mineral deficiencies, oxidized/damaged fats, processed electron-stripped foods and all manner of toxic metals and organic poisons that lead to acidity, damaging free radical formation and electron shortages...

ALL of which prevent oxygen delivery to mitochondrial motors and the generation of more electrons. When lacking charge, our cell structures become prone to oxidation, so membranes, enzymes, mitochondria and DNA all come under attack, OXIDATIVE STRESS! A “mechanical” approach to healing can address this energy shortage and electron imbalance using a toolbox full of common supplements.' 


UNBELIEVABLE!!! Medical Journal: Legalize ‘After-Birth Abortions’, ‘Infants Are Not People’

Medical Journal: Murdering Infants Should Be Legalized

'A paper in the The Journal of Medical Ethics, an international peer-reviewed journal for health professionals and researchers in medical ethics, argues that murdering newborn infants should be legalized.'

'The rational? “Infants are not people”.'

After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?


Abortion is largely accepted even for reasons that do not have anything to do with the fetus’ health. By showing that (1) both fetuses and newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons, (2) the fact that both are potential persons is morally irrelevant and (3) adoption is not always in the best interest of actual people, the authors argue that what we call ‘after-birth abortion’ (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.
By Alberto Giubilini1, 2
and Francesca Minerva3,4Author Affiliations
  1. Department of Philosophy, University of Milan, Milan, Italy
  2. Centre for Human Bioethics, Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  3. Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  4. Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Correspondence to Dr Francesca Minerva, CAPPE, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC 3010, Australia; francesca.minerva@unimelb.edu.au
Contributors AG and FM contributed equally to the manuscript.
Source: Journal of Medical Ethics'


The Milk Cure for Healing Lyme Disease


'This amazing story was sent to me by Melanie, a Mom who has been drinking nothing but raw, pastured milk for over 100 days to heal her Lyme Disease. Nothing else has worked for her over the past 4 years.
Her healing journey is based on the use of raw, pastured milk for reversal of serious illness as practiced in the early 1900′s by the Mayo Foundation, a forerunner of the famed Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota.

If this story is of interest to you, read more about The Milk Cure 2012.'

Here is Melanie’s story ….

From Normal Mom to Near Invalid

'Four years ago I was an active wife and mother: cooking, cleaning, running errands, volunteering at my daughter’s school – the usual “stay at home” mother activities. Without warning, I suddenly became very ill after being exposed to loud noise for several hours.  
I developed excruciating pain in both ears and was subsequently diagnosed with “hyperacusis”, painful sensitivity to sound. I could not bear any noise louder than normal conversation without intense pain and became confined to my home. At about the same time, I began suffering from severe insomnia and night sweats, and I began to rapidly lose weight.'


What Everybody Should Know About Cannabis

Vermont Parents Fight to Save Philosophical Exemption

 By Dr. Mercola

'Non-medical vaccine exemptions are under serious attack across the United States, with the latest assault happening in Vermont. It is extremely important that Vermont residents, who want to protect their right to obtain a philosophical exemption to vaccination for their children, IMMEDIATELY contact their state representative and senator and ask them to vote "NO" to S. 199 and H. 527. Legislators in other states may soon follow Vermont's lead and try to restrict your right to make voluntary vaccine choices.'


The Killing Fields of Psychiatric Drugs, and Making a Killing


'Through the development of an utterly fraudulent standard of care, psychiatrists and Big Pharma have been making a killing.

Psychiatric appointments were once one or two hours long. People talked to them and tried to work their problems out. Now, though, appointments can be as brief as five minutes—and patients virtually always walk out with a diagnosis and either drugs or a prescription for drugs. Big Pharma makes billions of dollars from these prescriptions. 
The top three antipsychotics alone gross more than $13 billion a year. Psychiatrists get rich, some making millions, prescribing these poisons.

The other side of this killing made by psychiatry and Big Pharma is the killing of patients. The drugs given, and sometimes even forced, are destroying lives and killing people.'

Doctors Are MORE DANGEROUS Than Germs 1/5

KILL CANCER (Leonard Coldwell) pt 1/6

A Biocratic Feeding Frenzy: Economists and Biologists Weigh In on Vaccination GENOCIDE

'A study published in Human and Experimental Toxicology in May of 2011 concluded that “nations that require more vaccine doses tend to have higher infant mortality rates.” 

After an in-depth study into the effects of vaccine-coverage in relation to mortality rates among infants, the authors Neil Z. Miller and Gary S. Goldman came to this disturbing conclusion and advised that “a closer inspection of correlations between vaccine doses, biochemical or synergistic toxicity, and IMRs, is essential.”- but naively concluded that “All nations—rich and poor, advanced and developing—have an obligation to determine whether their immunization schedules are achieving their desired goals.”' 


Utah Bill: Videotaping a Factory Farm is Same as Assaulting a Police Officer


'Utah is the latest state to consider new laws targeting undercover investigators who expose animal welfare abuses on factory farms. A new bill would make photographing animal abuse on par with assaulting a police officer.

Rep. John Mathis calls undercover investigators "animal rights terrorists," and says video recordings that have brought national attention to systemic animal welfare abuses are "propaganda" and fundraising efforts.

The bill, HB187, targets anyone who videotapes or takes photograph on a farmer's property without permission. It creates the crime of "agricultural operation interference," a class A misdemeanor which is elevated to a third-degree felony on the second offense. It comes at at time when the FBI has considered "terrorism" charges against undercover investigators.'


The Silent Time Bomb on Your Plate: Watch FRESH for free till March 3rd

by Dr. Mercola

Free Viewing of FRESH until March 3rd at Dr. Mercola's web site HERE

'The "faster, bigger, cheaper" approach to food is slowly draining dry our planet's resources and compromising your health. The Earth's soil is depleting at more than 13 percent the rate it can be replaced. The documentary "FRESH" celebrates the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are re-inventing our food system. 

 The film demonstrates how we can collectively transform the current "industrial agricultural paradigm" into a healthier, more sustainable way of feeding the world, while restoring the health of our ailing planet. I hope you will set aside the time to watch it, as it will be time well spent. 

We have already lost 75 percent of the world's crop varieties over the last century. Over the past 10 years, we've had 100 million tons of herbicides dumped onto our crops, polluting our soil and streams. The agriculture industry now tries to convince us that housing 110,000 to more than one million chickens or 20,000 hogs in a warehouse is a necessary practice to feed the masses.' 


Sriracha Cilantro Deviled Eggs Recipe

Sriracha Cilantro Deviled Eggs

Editor's note: Use organic eggs from free range chickens and make your own all organic mayo.

'At around 11 AM, my stomach began to growl. Just as a very loud, rather un-lady-like noise erupted from the region of my belly, this Bon Appetit article on 25 uses for Sriracha showed up in my newsfeed on Facebook. Sriracha is a tasty Thai-inspired hot sauce made from chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. Even if you haven’t used it yet, you’ve probably seen it — I feel like I see these bottles of vivid red sauce with green tops and a white rooster printed on the front everywhere. ' 



Recipe for Homemade Sriracha Sauce  HERE

Homemade Sriracha Sauce 

The Swiss Government's Remarkable Report on Homeopathic Medicine


'In late 2011, the Swiss government's report on homeopathic medicine represents the most comprehensive evaluation of homeopathic medicine ever written by a government and was just published in book form in English (Bornhoft and Matthiessen, 2011). This breakthrough report affirmed that homeopathic treatment is both effective and cost-effective and that homeopathic treatment should be reimbursed by Switzerland's national health insurance program.

The Swiss government's inquiry into homeopathy and complementary and alternative (CAM) treatments resulted from the high demand and widespread use of alternatives to conventional medicine in Switzerland, not only from consumers but from physicians as well. Approximately half of the Swiss population have used CAM treatments and value them. Further, about half of Swiss physicians consider CAM treatments to be effective. Perhaps most significantly, 85 percent of the Swiss population wants CAM therapies to be a part of their country's health insurance program.'

Read more... 

Standard Treatment for Noncompliant Elderly Increases Death 60-70%


'The elderly who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and are not compliant, especially those in nursing homes, are now routinely given antipsychotic drugs. One in three nursing home patients diagnosed with dementia are drugged. Their rate of death is increased by 60-70%.

Who says antipsychotics increase the death rate so much? The FDA! In a 2005 warning, “Public Health Advisory: Deaths with Antipsychotics in Elderly Patients with Behavioral Disturbances” and in 2008 with the equivalent warning regarding older “typical” antipsychotics, the FDA warned that antipsychotics increase the rate of death by 60-70%.  As many as one in three nursing home residents are given these drugs.'


Asthma Drugs Kill More than Asthma, FDA Ignores Risk


'Following a long line of reports finding pharmaceutical drugs to be deadlier than traffic accidents and many illegal drugs, it has now come out that many asthma drugs are actually killing more patients than asthma itself. It may be hard for you to believe, but many popular asthma drugs like Symbicort, Advair Diskus, Serevent Diskus, Dulera and Foradil actually warn customers on their labels that they cause an increased “risk of death from asthma problems."

Killing around 4,000 per year conservatively, the drugs are killing more people than the disease itself. It may sound outlandish, but so is the fact that the FDA has known this information for years. Of course the FDA has failed to pull the drugs from the market while doctors are calling for a complete ban of the pharmaceuticals.'


Antidepressant Drugs: He Murdered a Friend After Taking Prozac

'A Canadian judge has ruled that a teenage boy murdered his friend because of the effects of Prozac. The ruling will not be appealed. The decision has revived the debate regarding the widespread prescription of antidepressants to young people. 

Justice Robert Heinrichs ruled that the 15-year-old boy was under the influence of the medication when he stabbed and killed a close friend. He was sentenced to 10 months on top of the two years he had already spent in jail. "Prozac is meant to curb the effects of depression, but Justice Heinrich concluded it set off a steady deterioration in the young murderer's behavior," 

CCHR1 reports: "He had become irritable, restless, agitated, aggressive and unclear in his thinking," the judge said. "It was while in that state he overreacted in an impulsive, explosive and violent way. Now that his body and mind are free and clear of any effects of Prozac, he is simply not the same youth in behavior or character." '


Lobelia Inflata


'One of the most powerful and effective medicinal ingredients is respiratory stimulant Lobelia extract.  Lobelia works in two wonderful ways for respiratory conditions as both an antispasmodic and expectorant.  It helps reduce bronchial asthma and coughing attacks (antispasmodic) and helps expel mucous in the lungs (expectorant).

This cough suppressant and relaxant is also beneficial for those with fever and cold symptoms. 
Lobelia is high in manganese, vitamin A (needed for tissue repair) and C (immunostimulant), and alkaloids (gums, resins, lipids, essential oil and lobelic acid).
Working to stimulate the brain stem Lobelia produces stronger and deeper breathing.

Due to its high piperidine alkaloid content (imitating the effects of nicotine) it is also beneficial for those trying to quit smoking.'


Home Remedy Secrets: Herbal Steams

Green Smoothie (Original)

Treat Asthma Naturally With Khella



'Asthma is a heartbreaking condition that has become frighteningly common among children. Standard medical treatment uses steroids, exceptionally harsh drugs that tend to have diminishing returns over time, often leaving the sufferer in worse condition, and carrying enormous health risks, including diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and mental illness. 

Before taking such a gamble with your child’s health, perhaps it would be wise to try the little-known herb called khella.

A member of the parsley and carrot family, Apiacaea, khella has been used for a variety of conditions for thousands of years. It was known in ancient Egypt as a treatment for kidney stones, a condition for which it is still in use today. In our time, with asthma running rampant, khella is the most modern of herbs.'