Unvaccinated America: A Documentary

What's It All About?

'As more and more parents learn about the risks and ineffectiveness of vaccines, they often find themselves facing a dilemma. They know that vaccines are far from ideal but what choice do they have to protect their child's health? Is non-vaccination a realistic option? That's where we come in.

In this entertaining, engaging and personal feature length documentary, our filmmaking family will set off on a two month road trip across the states to meet families who, like us, have decided not to vaccinate.

We will uncover the inside story on what it's really like to have (and be!) an unvaccinated child.

What steps do they take to protect their health?
How often do they get sick?
How do they cope with illness around them?
What does their doctor think about it?
Have they encountered pressure and opposition from family or friends and how do they respond?
How do they manage education?
What were the reasons behind their decision?

We will meet with pediatricians, family doctors and an immunologist to shed light on the differences between natural immunity and vaccinations and to discredit the common accusations leveled at vaccine refusers. We will also take a look at the results of the 2011 health survey of 10,000+ unvaccinated children.

The documentary will achieve two things:

Help parents who are on the fence feel empowered to say no to vaccines
Offer a rare window into a world experienced by only four out of every thousand children in the USA.'


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