Sunscreen Causes Cancer? What You May Not Know About Sunscreen

This is the scam:

'Tell them that the sun causes skin cancer. Tell them that they need sunscreen to protect them from the sun. Skin cancer increases due to the chemicals in sunscreen and you say that this proves that the sun causes cancer and you should use even more sunscreen - which then increases the rate of skin cancer still further.

What they don't tell you is that without vitamin D3 from the sun the body becomes subject to a range of diseases (including cancer) for which Big Pharma and its on-the-payroll Medical Mafia prescribe ever more expensive drugs and death-sentence chemotherapy that cause far more problems than they even begin to address.

They also don't tell you that cholesterol (yes, yet another manufactured 'demon') is fundamental to the process of transforming ultraviolet light from the sun into vitamin D3 in the body. So they tell you that cholesterol causes heart disease (bollocks) and that you should take statins (which do cause heart disease) to lower your cholesterol.

Lower cholesterol means less vitamin D3 absorbed by the body, which means a range of diseases that follow, and more sunscreen also means less vitamin D3 and more skin cancer.

Do most doctors know this? No, the vast majority are just ignorant repeaters singing from the Medical Mafia songsheet because they know no better, while the few who do know still tell their patients what they are well aware is nonsense to protect their careers.' - David Icke

'Who would think that sunscreen causes cancer? It has been only a fairly recent development, but it still could cause some serious shock and awe when everyone figures out that conventional sunscreen found in drugstores nationally could be a potential risk factor for skin cancer. Sunscreens are made to protect and help your body, so why are we finding out that sunscreen causes cancer? It could be simply widespread ignorance, or it could be that the FDA has kept this secret under wraps for at least a decade.'


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