Psychiatric Incarceration: It Can Happen to Anyone


'If you think that you couldn’t possibly be sucked into the “mental health” system, please read this. The woman involved was forced into treatment against her will. It has cost her everything, including her health, her career, and her independence.

 She’s afraid to give her name, worried that her situation could be made even worse—worried that the perpetrators of her destruction might make things worse by suing. They’re already coming after her to pay tens of thousands of dollars she doesn’t have for the incarceration and drugging they forced on her.  So, we’ll simply refer to her as Jody*.

Jody was, by her own description, a workaholic. She was successful, owned a home with her life partner, held a degree in fine arts and worked for the same company more than 15 years. She loved her work—but she didn’t know how to say no, so accepted all projects.'


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