Study Predicts Fracking Fluids Will Reach Water Supplies 'In Just a Few Years'

'Hydraulic fracturing for natural gas and oil may be one of the most well-documented horrors to disgrace the planet. Despite only being practiced for roughly a decade, the evidence is piling up that fracking utilizes cancer-causing chemicals, causes earthquakes, and pollutes the air with hydrocarbons such as benzene.

Government regulatory agencies have made half-hearted attempts to suggest that they actually will halt the practice, but so far the oil and gas industries have largely been left alone, even as the EPA admits that fracking causes groundwater pollution. 

In fact, the USDA dropped their plan to review the environmental impact of fracking for land owners who host fracking stations. Investigative reporter, Greg Palast, discusses in the video below the wide-ranging impact of this decision, as well as alluding specifically to the potential consequence to aquifers. 

For instance, a resident in Pennsylvania demonstrates in the video how his tap water is now flammable - so it appears that contaminated aquifers are already a reality.'


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