How to Cure Disease with a 9-volt Battery: The Bob Beck Protocol

'The Bob Beck Protocol is one of the most potent, if not the most potent, alternative cancer treatment on the planet earth!! It works by eliminating the microbes from the body which in turn lets the immune system totally eliminate the cancer!!
However, the Bob Beck Protocol, being an electromedicine protocol that builds the immune system, has three weaknesses.

First, it takes 2 or 3 months to maximize its effectiveness and many cancer patients don't have that much time to live.

Second, it does not contain any nutritional protocols to help fight the cancer so that the patient will live long enough for the Bob Beck Protocol to become fully functional. This is called "buying time."
Third, it does not contain any nutritional products to help the Bob Beck Protocol supercharge the immune system.

The solution to these problems is simple. I have developed an alternative cancer treatment which uses the Bob Beck as the primary cancer treatment, but also supplies this protocol with supplements to "buy time," help build the immune system, etc. 

The protocol is called the "Ultimate Simple Protocol"...'

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