Beta-Carotene: Why Most of Your Vitamins Should Come From Food, Not Supplements

'One mantra we often hear from the natural health industry is "take your supplements." While a high quality supplement may provide you with some vitamins and minerals that you may be deficient in, it will never replace a well balanced diet and the delivery system that nature intended. A perfect example is the dark side of beta carotene intake.

 Consumption of high amounts of beta-carotene could pose a health risk to people by blocking the action of vitamin A rather than enhancing it, according to new research.

"The kind of dosages of beta-carotene we see in health supplements could be harmful, especially since most people believe that more is better," said nutritionist Albert Meades. "However, even natural foods containing high-amounts of beta-carotene can also cause harm if consumed in excess, for example juicing carrots multiple times per day...everyday," he added.'

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