Time to End the Tyranny of Licenses to Practice Medicine

'If the medical industrial complex is a profit hungry monopoly that engineers illness to make money by selling drugs, radiation and surgery to perpetually sick people, why do so many good, well meaning men and women become doctors?' 

"The answer is: MEDICAL EDUCATION. If you really study it as a behavioral scientist might, you realize it's virtually identical to any CULT HAZING PROCESS. Trauma-based education and learning under severe pressures, peer pressure, authority figures, lack of sleep, sleep deprivation and stress induction, that's literally traumatization, and that is CULT INDOCTRINATION. At the end of it, people trust you as a medical deity, and yet, you know virtually nothing about good nutrition, nothing about the whole bio-spiritual dynamics of what a human being really is." 

--Leonard Horowitz, MD

'The tyranny of health guilds is both harmful to our health and destructive of our rights. It’s time for it to end. Our right to access the healthcare we choose must be restored.'

'The inherent assumption behind licensing of medical practitioners is that people are too stupid to determine who is capable of helping them resolve their health problems. Are we really that stupid? Or is it a matter of small groups of people taking control over areas of commerce to create monopolies for themselves?

If I want to utilize a particular type of health practice, by what right does the government tell me that I can’t? Who has the right to presume to understand my needs better than I do myself?'


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