Superfoods you can easily grow at home

 Thai Spinach or Pak Puay Leng - ปวยเล้ง
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'We are all looking for that dietary edge, foods that are intensely nutritious and life-extending.

Print and electronic media are absolutely awash with superfoods lists (and The Vancouver Sun is no exception). What I notice perusing those endless lists is that superfoods cost a fortune and most are imported.

That’s fine if you are Gwyneth Paltrow and you have time to develop your Mediterranean-style menus with your pal Mario Batali. They’re rich, I’m not.

So in defense of your health and your wallet, here is my list of superfoods that literally grow from the ground should you take the time to plant a few seeds. These are veggies that are dead easy to grow and thrive in our climate, so much so that many will provide you with food year-round.

You won’t need expensive nursery seedlings or special training, just seeds. These plants are virtually foolproof.'


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