Psychiatry Is Garbage Science: Study Demonstrates Fraudulence of Claims

'Psychiatric science isn’t just junk science, it’s outright garbage! This study, which is being ballyhooed for showing that early diagnosis and intervention results in better outcomes, is so bad that it should be an embarrassment to them. Instead, it’s treated like the final proof for their fraudulent claims.'

'A long term study on the effects of early  schizophrenia diagnosis and intervention with standard pharmaceutical treatment is being hailed from the ramparts of psychiatry. At ten years, the study claims that early diagnosis and treatment is showing better results. You can be sure they’ll be used to pressure ever more people into the psychiatric mill for processing.

However, even a quick review of the study shows that it’s so bad that calling it junk science would be inadequate. It’s garbage science, clearly designed to produce a result favorable to the standard treatment used by psychiatry. It is an insult to the people who have been devastated by diagnoses of schizophrenia and the destructive pharmaceutical drugs that further degrade and destroy their lives.'


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