The Marijuana Diet: How Pot Enhances My Life


'Flashback to the 1980s. The social and political “correctness” or acceptance of marijuana changed in the post-hippie apathy. We heard years of ”Just say no” from Nancy Reagan. Pot became more underground. You didn’t always know who among your newer friends was using or not, and whether they would like you for choosing to do so.

In my life, there were times I took breaks from smoking pot. I stopped smoking marijuana when my husband and I decided to become parents.

When I did return to having a relationship with Mary Jane, pot was different. Now it was not a lid (an ounce) that got you through the night, and one small toke of some super bud was plenty to change your state. 

There were strains that had names and different psychological and physical effects. People began to investigate how marijuana could enhance someone’s life while undergoing acute medical treatment for cancer, AIDS and chronic pain. In other words, there were more uses for marijuana than recreational.'


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