Anecdotal Evidence: The Basis of All Knowledge

TCM and ALL Traditional Medicine is based on Anecdotal Clinical Evidence!
Clinical: Of or relating to the observation and treatment of patients rather than laboratory studies.

'Whenever someone expresses an opinion based on personal experience, especially in the field of medicine—and that opinion varies from the view held by the listener—the usual response nowadays is, “Well, that’s just anecdotal. The science doesn’t agree with you.” 

That statement sounds so convincing. After all, we can and do make mistakes in our observations. We make connections that aren’t there.

But, does that make anecdotal evidence invalid? And are science-based answers necessarily correct? In a word, No.

Doctors effectively and necessarily use anecdotal evidence every day. These bastions of evidence-based medicine actually base most of their practices on anecdotes. Sound crazy? Consider:'


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