10 Myths About CIA Mind Control Methods-- The Covert Occupation of the American Mind --


'The CIA’s secret policy of mind control and collective brainwashing is connected to its history of illegal covert operations inside the United States to direct the course of America’s political life. In addition, the CIA has a decades-long policy of spreading disinformation in the media, concealing information, and creating false historical narratives to justify its own existence. As a result, the CIA has a near-total psychological grip on the American mind. It is an occupation of consciousness.

Below, I will try my best to debunk the top ten myths about the CIA’s psychological occupation of the American mind and the global collective mind. As a French woman said on the day of the September 11 fraud, Today, we are all Americans.” 

So, in a very real way, we are all living under psychological occupation, because the American mind and the global mind were combined into one single planetary mind immediately after the 9/11 events and the subsequent illegal global war on terrorism.'


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