The Power of RAW Cannabis was PULLED--View the substitute video below with Kristen Peskuski who Shares her Cannabis healing


Johna said...

I would be interested to find out if you can freeze the fresh leaves, and defrost/juice them daily. Or does the freezing process alter the leaf similarly to heating. I couldn't figure out a way to email/message the folks in the video. Let me know if you find out.

Health Maven said...

Hey Johna,

We will try to answer your excellent question about freezing the fresh leaves and its effect on the integrity of the plant's healing potency.

So far, all we've read indicates using fresh, organic leaves.

Wishing you the best of health in 2012!

Laurens said...

Is there a recipe how to make a salad?

Health Maven said...

Sounds like a delicious idea; Hemp salad medicine? Unfortunately, we haven't come across a recipe --yet. If we find one we will post it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

How or why did they pull the other video? Who did?

Health Maven said...

We don't know exactly who made the decision to pull the video. We do know that Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, had a similar problem. About a year or so ago, various videos of Mike speaking on alternative health topics, which had been posted on utube, began to mysteriously be PULLED. The message on the pulled video was the same message: "This video was pulled by the user."

Well, Mike knew he didn't pull it or rather request it be pulled--so who did? His response to this egregious censorship-- after several of these so called 'user pulls'of his material was the creation of Natural News TV!

The fact is a lot of excellent alternative health information is being suppressed--cancer cures and so on.

Thanks for visiting Health Maven. And thanks for being a truth seeker.

Anonymous said...

With regards to freezing..

This may help. If you take your green leaves and place them in a ziplock freezer bag, then gift them a good misting and place them in the refrigerator, they will stay alive, healthy and juice able for at least 1 week, and mine are even good for 2 weeks.


Health Maven said...

Thanks Krimzon!

Anonymous said...

Is it the cooking of Marijuana brownies that gives you the "high" effect? I mean, if you just ate the batter, would you NOT get high?

Health Maven said...

Re: Cooking the cannabis:'Doctors advocating consuming raw cannabis as a vegetable. They explain the amazing difference in the properties of cannabis consumed unheated versus cannabis heated.Unheated you can consume 60 times the amount that will get you high when it's heated. Video shows putting the leaves and buds through a juicer and then consuming the raw juice.'

From Michael Backes of Abatin Wellness Center:

'The primary advantage of raw fresh cannabis is found in its predominance of THCA and its lack of psychoactive THC.'

'Back to Dr. Courtney in Mendocino- maybe nowhere else in the country could a cannabis doctor advise growing 40 plants — enough for one juicing each day on the 45-day cycle required of the auto-flowering strain. What’s striking is the number of patients who truly do not want to get high. Juicing the fresh leaves instead of burning the dried plant matter does not deliver the same concentrate of THC (the psychoactive component) and recent research has shown that CBD works better consumed raw. The THC needs heat for activation and because of that, the raw leaves don’t produce a “high”. The doctor recommends that his patients mix the cannabis juice (1 part) with carrot juice (10 parts) to counteract the bitterness. Information I found online explained that any cannabis plant has the highest CBD at 70-90 days after sowing. After 90 days they rapidly produce more THC. He recommends drinking the juice three times a day.'

Nancy said...

What about eating the dried leaf if it was not heated anywhere along the line?

Health Maven said...

Hi Nancy,

Perhaps, you should contact the Mendocino, CA medical marijuana dispensary. They could probably answer your question or connect you to someone who can.

Call HERE: Mendocino Medical Marijuana
Telephone: 707-937-3123
Address: 10464 Lansing Street
City: Mendocino
State: California
Zip Code: 95460
Hours: 12pm - 6pm

Anonymous said...

Are the plants used Cannabis indica or Sativa?

Health Maven said...

'What Medical Marijuana strain is best for your condition, Sativa or Indica?

There are three distinctly different kinds of marijuana-cannabis. Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis Ruderalis is a type that grows wild in parts of Eastern Europe and Russia. It’s occasionally used in hybrids (an intentional crossing of two different types of cannabis) to help the resulting plants be better able to cope with the cold weather. We grow in-doors using hydroponics and therefore Ruderalis strain is not required. Leaving us with 2 main cannabis strains and that is Sativa and Indica.'

Read more:

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Hey there...
In the video, it appears that the leaf ONLY is what is being juiced. Is that observation correct? Anyone out there using the juiced material in other cooking afterwards? Any info anywhere about this?

Is there any information on whether you can create CBD oil (Rick Simpson style) by boiling down just the leaf, stock, etc, exclusive of the bud/flower? Many producers of THC sell the bud, but discard the entire remainder of the plant. It would seem you could juice most of the remainder....and perhaps even boil it down to the oil...? Are the leaves (stock aside) and the 'remainder' of the plant just as effective/valuable?

Could someone please comment or point me in the right direction, especially towards the oil portion of this equation? It seems this entire vegetable is crucial - I'd just like to learn more. Is there any reading material where I can learn more?

Thanks for any help!

Health Maven said...

For more information about juicing cannabis go here:

They have a contact option you can utilize for more detailed information. Hope this helps.

Ismael V.Nixon said...

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Health Maven said...

Hello Mr. Nixon,

Since Health Maven is a re-post blog, it is impossible for us to proof read articles for grammar and spelling errors.

The majority of articles posted at Health Maven do not contain egergious spelling errors.

We feel truth trumps grammar and spelling, so if an article is compelling, yet has a few grammer and spelling errors we will still post it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Laurie said...

What an interesting video. I know so many growers that just throw the leaves out, what a waste!

It seems like the next step is figuring out a way to preserve the leaves/juice. Heating is ruled out, but what about irradiation or high pressure processing? It's not exactly convenient on a personal scale, but if proven effective it could facilitate industrial production.

Also, has anyone figured out whether freezing affects the CBD? Freezing leaves bursts the cell walls, which makes them turn mushy when thawed. But freezing the already processed juice might work?

Health Maven said...

Thanks for your interest in our blog and your enthusiasm for medical cannabis. Irradiating is not good. It destroys nutrients, etc. Ostensibly for ridding pathogenic microbes, you could say it's the FDA/USDA way to keep us nutrient deficient and drive us into the medical system.

Not sure about freezing either leaves or juice. I know that when we juice carrots and veggies and apples, it's all fresh.

Maybe if you click the youtube logo on the bottom right of the screen while the video runs, you'll be able to track down the group on the YouTube page in the text area.

Anonymous said...

Freezing should not affect the properties as heating does this is based on simple chemistry. The effective oils in the plant never truly freeze in a regular consumer freezer as it will not go below -10 degrees celcius and thus not altering anything except cellular structure. Unlike when you heat compounds or add energy to them which causes a chemical reaction and a yield in a new compound.

If you refrigerate your juice you can effectively increase its shelf life by about 3-4 times . This goes for all foods

Diabetesbabe said...

If you drink the juice from the leaves, does the THC still show up in a drug test? In one post you mentioned that by injesting it raw, it doesn't activate the THC.

alyx kerr said...

Freezing keeps the medicinal value, but dried has less since thca will have decarbolated. I saw a video with dr. Courtney and a man claimed he tested cannabis juice and it had no THC, but it may depend on wether your juicer is a masticating expeller or blender. Read

alyx kerr said...

Juicing the leaves and freezing after will save value (not sure if i said this previously) How to:

alyx kerr said...

Dietary Cannabis Juicing, Sprouting and Non-psychoactive Cannabinoid Dosing info based on Dr. William Courtney's recommendations at

Anonymous said...

please see for your self. Pass on the info to everyone!!

Anonymous said...

hi, the cbd, thc and all the cannabinoids are in the trichomes, the resin glands - the shiny stuff that gives cannabis buds their sparkle & stickiness. i think the trichs would stick to the juicer or stay in the pulp, so really juicing buds would lose most of the trichs. juicing leaves is just a lot of chlorophyl, like wheatgrass etc. if you want the medicinal trichs but not get high, you eat it fresh/frozen/dried but no heat. freezing will cause trichs to fall off as they get britle but otherwise does not harm them. you can extract trichs only using anumber of methods: ice hash, bubble hash, butane honey oil - or just eat the fresh or dried bud or leaf, in a salad (cut fine) - leaf has the least trichs, flowers the most, but they are everywhere, including the stem. if you want to get high, you extract using alcohol or some sort of oil using heat, ie butter+water+leaf or bud on low 1/2-1 hour, strain, put butter water in fridge until butter solidifies, pour off water, this or simmer in double boiler in isopropyl or everclear. trichomes are oil or alcohol soluable or removable via freezing & agitation which is why i think all the good stuff would stay in the pulp or the juicer itself if you juiced it. my 2c!!

Anonymous said...

I have a question about juicing. We run a small state licensed dispensary out of Montana so have access to over 50+ different strains, some bred for low THC/high CBD's as well. I have tried to research exactly what portion of the plant to actually juice but am still unclear...... do you actually juice the flowers as well as all of the leafy materials? fan leaves, smaller leaves which can or might not yet have been in flower? Or can you simply use the leaves and all parts except stock (due to jamming the juicer machine) that come out of the vegetative state? I have auto-immune, austeo-arthritis, asthma, severe environmental allergies as well as allergies to most pharmaceuticals and foods, as well as celiacs disease. I currently use a vaporizer but would really like to start juicing as well making the juice for patients. I actually happened to find your site while doing a search for CBDA + autism as we have a young patient with autism and seizure disorders.
I thank you for your time and am so grateful for your video and your research and dedication to the truth.

Health Maven said...

Not sure about which part of the plant to juice. But why not the whole plant. Best to visit Dr. William Courtney's site at

He could be contacted from there or you can use the forum. But you'll probably find what you need to know on the site - it looks navigation friendly.