Environmental Chemicals, Soy, and Sleep Disruption Contributes to Weight Gain


'Recently, scientists in Japan found that low levels of certain compounds, such as bisphenol A - BPA for short, (the building block of plastics, including that in baby bottles), had surprising effects on fibroblast cells. These cells typically help form connective tissue, muscle, ligaments, bones, etc. Exposure to BPA and other chemical compounds caused the cells to turn into adipocytes (AKA - fat cells). The chemicals also stimulated the growth of existing fat cells. 

Another study performed in 2006 by scientist, Bruce Blumberg of the University of California reported similar results using different chemicals. In 2006 he fed pregnant mice tributyltin, a disinfectant and fungicide used in marine paints, plastics production, and other products, which enters the food chain in seafood and drinking water. "The offspring were born with more fat already stored, more fat cells, and became 5 to 20 percent fatter by adulthood."'


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