Gerald Celente: Top 12 Trends 2012

'Hold onto your hat, your wallet, and your wits. After a tumultuous 2011 in which many of the trends we had forecast became headline news around the world, we are now forewarning of an even more tumultuous year to come. 

While it would give us great pleasure to forecast a 2012 of joy and prosperity – all brought about by the wisdom and benevolence of our fearless leaders – since we are not running for office or looking to profit by gulling the people, we tell it as we see it in our 12 Top Trends 2012. 

One megatrend looms on the near horizon. And we forecast that when it strikes, it will be a shock felt around the world. Hyperbole it’s not! Our research has revealed that at the very highest levels of government this megatrend has been seriously discussed.'


Is This Humble Plant Capable of Alleviating Most Human Suffering?

'Ancient Indians believed that turmeric contained the energy of the Divine Mother. Modern science now confirms that it has therapeutic properties relevant to well over 500 health conditions and may bestow on those who take it protection from many common causes of suffering.

The author has personally reviewed the majority of 4,000+ biomedical citations on turmeric and its primary polyphenol curcumin, available to view on the National Library of Medicine's bibliographic reference database known as MEDLINE (and searchable through engines like, and has been awed by how diverse, powerful and seemingly ideally suited this spice is for addressing the broad range of diseases and/or disease symptoms that commonly afflict our species.


How to Make Natural Cough Syrup

Weed Wars: Medical Marijuana Hits Reality TV

'"Most of our patients and our staff were really skeptical about doing a reality TV show because they were watching Jersey Shore and The Kardashians," says Andrew DeAngelo, general manager of Oakland, California's Harborside Health Center, the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the world.

Andrew and his brother, Harborside's Executive Director Steve DeAngleo, are co-stars of Weed Wars, a new show by the Discovery Channel that looks into lives of those who run Harborside, the patients that seek out their services, and the politicians looking to shut them down. "There are a lot of stigmas about medical cannabis patients, that we don't work hard, that we're a bunch of stoners, that we are lazy, that we are really criminals or drug traffickers," explains Andrew DeAngleo. "All that is a lie that has been perpetrated by the feds and the media."

By opening up their work and lives to cameras, the DeAngelo brothers hope to present a side of the medical marijuana debate that is rarely seen on American television. "This is our chance - and our patients and our staff's chance - to shine." sat down with the DeAngleo brothers to discuss the show, the multi-agency crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries and how the Obama Administration's recent reversal of policy is creating an opening for Republicans this election cycle.' Produced and edited by Meredith Bragg.

Interview and camera by Anthony Fisher.

Genetically Modified HIV Vaccine Approved - Human Tests to Begin Shortly

'At a further attempt to halt the spread of HIV, the United States is making a bold and extremely risky decision. Researchers from the University of Western Ontrario developed a new vaccine, and the Food and Drug Administration announced its approval on Tuesday for use in the US. Not only should you be weary of this vaccine due to negative history revolving around vaccines, but the fact that it is made with a genetically modified virus adds even more concern over its approval. While the researchers are delighted by the creation, individuals are being sought out for human trials - but you won't want to volunteer.


Replacing A Smart Meter With A Safe Analog Meter – DIY

FBI Says Activists Who Investigate Factory Farms Can Be Prosecuted as Terrorists

 'The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force has kept files on activists who expose animal welfare abuses on factory farms and recommended prosecuting them as terrorists, according to a new document uncovered through the Freedom of Information Act.

This new information comes as the Center for Constitutional Rights has filed a lawsuit challenging the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) as unconstitutional because its vague wording has had a chilling effect on political activism. This document adds to the evidence demonstrating that the AETA goes far beyond property destruction, as its supporters claim.'


Government’s War on Its Own People

'Leading medical, religious, and legal organizations that now support physician-supervised access to medical marijuana, according to the Marijuana Policy Project, include the American Nurses Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Public Health Association, the American Medical Student Association, the American Academy of HIV Medicine, the Lymphoma Foundation of America, and the American Bar Association.

The American Bar Association “recognizes that persons who suffer from serious illnesses for which marijuana has a medically recognized therapeutic value have a right to be treated with marijuana under the supervision of a physician.” Religious organizations in support include the United Methodist Church’s Board of Church and Society, the Presbyterian Church,the Episcopal Church, the United Church of Christ, the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Union of Reform Judaism.'


Life-threatening Pneumonia Is Caused by Pneumonia Vaccine

Prevnar Hypodermic with Skull & Crossbones

'The anti-pneumonia & ear infection vaccine, Prevnar, is causing a life-threatening superbug. Prevnar, the perfect vaccine, pushed on all children, causes a worse disease, opening a brand new “need” for a new vaccine to continue the cycle.'


Why Is the FDA Saying It's OK to Eat Seafood 10,000 Times Over the Safe Limit for Dangerous Carcinogens?

Simple: Because those behind the FDA want to kill us.

'Ever since the largest offshore oil spill in history spewed into the Gulf of Mexico last year, independent public health experts have questioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's efforts to effectively protect Americans from consuming contaminated seafood.

Now a recent study by two of the most tenacious non-government scientists reveals that FDA Gulf seafood "safe levels" allowed 100 to 10,000 times more carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in seafood than what is safe. The overarching issue the report addresses is the failure of the FDA's risk assessment to protect those most vulnerable to the effects of these chemicals, such as young children, pregnant women and high-consumption seafood eaters.'



Processed Food & Eating Disorders – A Product of Modern Society

'Most people know someone with an eating disorder. In the 1980s we saw an enormous surge of teenage girls described as having bulimia (binging and purging) and anorexia nervosa (starving oneself to death) in order to keep from being overweight.

But, eating disorders are much more common than people think. Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride talks about these issues in her book Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and describes them as being much more than psychological issues (as have been diagnosed and named by the branch of medicine known as psychiatrics) but nutritional deficiencies which affect overall health, including the mental state of the individual.

From her research, she has concluded that the nutritional deficiencies associated with eating disorders have a profoundly negative impact on the ability of the individual to recognize the condition of their impaired state of health.'


Five Ways Obama Covertly Intimidated and Attacked Legal Medical Marijuana in 2011

'Yet, even though 16 states have now legalized medical marijuana use, Obama has reneged on his campaign rhetoric and continues Bush's policy of aggressive federal action to undermine state laws. In California, where medical cannabis has been legal for over 15 years, the armed raids of dispensaries and grow-ops continued in plain sight under Obama. But, apparently, the hypocrisy became too exposed by tyrannical SWAT-style raids on lawful businesses and patients that the Feds had to figure out more creative ways to eradicate medical marijuana.'


14,000 U.S. Deaths Tied to Fukushima Reactor Disaster Fallout

'An estimated 14,000 excess deaths in the United States are linked to the radioactive fallout from the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear reactors in Japan, according to a major new article in the December 2011 edition of the International Journal of Health Services. This is the first peer-reviewed study published in a medical journal documenting the health hazards of Fukushima.' 


Race On To Cover Up Details Of Lab Created Killer Bird Flu 

'A highly contagious mutant strain of H5N1 bird flu that can be transmitted between mammals has been deliberately created at Rotterdam’s Erasmus Medical Centre, the London Independent reports.

Now plans to publish details of how the deadly virus was created in the lab are being castigated by government officials and health experts.

The findings were scheduled to be published in the US journal Science, however, officials at the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity have demanded that they be allowed to screen the details first.

“The worst-case scenario here is worse than anything you can imagine,” an anonymous senior US government advisor told the Independent.

“The fear is that if you create something this deadly and it goes into a global pandemic, the mortality and cost to the world could be massive.” '


When It Comes to Vaccines, Don't Sit On The Fence!


'There are now millions of educated and informed groups of people that will stop and nothing to expose the dangers of vaccinations. Their numbers are growing by the day. Then there is the polar opposite side branching from mainstream medical opinions and misinformation that still believe that routine vaccinations benefit populations due to myths such as "herd immunity" and other nonsensical arguments.

Finally, there is a very large intermediary group that also number in the millions, who sit on the fence and are indifferent or undecided about where vaccines stand in terms of advancing health. Many of the fence sitters are made up of those who understand that current vaccination practices are unsafe, yet somehow also believe you can make vaccines safer or more effective. This is an extremely dangerous approach to worldwide vaccination programs and as great a threat to the health of future populations as pro-vaccine policy makers.'


Occupy Psychopaths (OWS vs. the Pathology of the 1%)

FDA Escalates War Against Amish Dairy Farmers

'Kinzers PA – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) apparent war on Amish raw dairy farmers increased on December 6 when they filed a “motion for summary judgment,” with Pennsylvania judge Lawrence Stengler asking for a permanent injunction against dairy farmer Dan Allgyer to forbid him from selling fresh milk out of state. FDA regulation 21 CFR §1240.61 criminalizes any selling of milk intended to cross state lines.'


Hemp Oil -- The Real Medicine

'I highly recommend that people grow their own. Get your hands on a good growbook. Jorge Cervantes has a book out on hemp cultivation that really covers this subject, Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible. Growing your own hemp will not only save you a lot of money, it also assures you about the quality of the material you intend to make the medicine from. 

Many growers use poisons and pesticides that I don’t agree with, but if you grow it yourself, you are in control. High quality hemp seeds are quite easy to purchase in most places. Just go online. There are a large number of seed companies that can supply your needs. 

Many provide a lot of information about the strain you are thinking of growing and its medicinal aspects. In general, if you want the best seeds, go to the seeds company that introduced the strain. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of strains available. But don’t be discouraged, there is one out there that is right for you. Often I tell people that smoke hemp, that if they like smoking it, then they will probably enjoy the effects of ingesting the oil made from it.' 


Occupy Wall Street Farmers March - Jim Gerritsen

'Thanks to the Occupy Wall Street movement, there's a deeper understanding about the power that corporations wield over the great majority of us. It's not just in the financial sector, but in all facets of our lives. The disparity between the top 1 percent and everyone else has been laid bare - there's no more denying that those at the top get their share at the expense of the 99 percent. 

Lobbyists, loopholes, tax breaks... how can ordinary folks expect a fair shake? No one knows this better than family farmers, whose struggle to make a living on the land has gotten far more difficult since corporations came to dominate our farm and food system. We saw signs of it when Farm Aid started in 1985, but corporate control of our food system has since exploded.'


Prediction: Your Standard of Living is Going Down in 2012

'Our goal here at Strategic Living is to look at the data as broadly as possible and make some inferences about the future, and then to help you turn those inferences into concrete, specific actions which will build your net worth and value to society over time.

The data seems to indicate that we’re in a long-term standard of living decline.  Quite simply, it goes with the
Depression territory we’re in.

So what can the average person do about it?'


Top 10 Most Important Health Freedom Stories of 2011

'2011 was an amazing year for the health freedom movement, with monumental victories against Monsanto, Merck and money-hungry pharmaceutical corporations as a whole.

As the year comes to a close, it is important to look back on some of the most important stories that helped to propel the natural health movement into the mainstream spotlight.

More than just listing the articles, you will receive an
inside look into each story — from the true importance and depth of the story to the reciprocation and possible spin by the mainstream media.'


Vitamin D Deficiency and MS

"Large-scale studies of vitamin D supplements for preventing multiple sclerosis are now strongly warranted. The evidence is strong enough," says Professor Ebers. "It would be important particularly in countries like Scotland and the rest of the UK where sunshine levels are low for large parts of the year. Scotland has the greatest incidence of of any country in the world."

Dr. Doug Brown, Head of Biomedical Research at the MS Society, said: "This is an important development and shines more light on the potential role of vitamin D deficiency on increasing the risk of developing MS. This research is gathering momentum and will be the subject of discussion at an International Expert meeting in the USA this month; the outcomes of which will shape future research that will give us the answers we so desperately need about the potential risks and benefit of vitamin D supplementation."


Prescription For Manslaughter Trailer

Canadian Judge Rules SSRI Antidepressants Like Prozac Can Cause Children to Commit Murder

'The use of antidepressant and psychiatric drugs, particularly among children, is an extremely risky activity that could have fatal consequences for both the individuals that use them, as well as their friends and family. According to the National Post, a Canadian judge recently ruled that the extreme mind-altering effects of the antidepressant drug Prozac were in large part responsible for causing a 15-year-old boy to thrust a nine-inch kitchen knife into one of his closest friends.

Though the Winnipeg boy that committed the heinous crime had allegedly abused prescription drugs and "experimented" with cocaine long prior to the incident, he had never had a violent or aggressive personality about him, according to reports. It was only when he began taking Prozac, the very thing doctors had given him as a so-called "solution" to his previous illicit drug problems, that he began to rapidly go off the deep end.'


Vaccine-Produced Immune Cells May Be Associated with Leukeumia

'That is, the production of antibodies via vaccination changes the nature of lymph and the manner in which cells communicate. This is a significant, and serious, permanent change in the way the immune system functions.  The authors themselves conclude this many explain how blood cells can turn become cancerous.

Unfortunately, the researchers don’t see, or don’t admit to seeing, the true implication:'

'Vaccines may be causing leukemia.'


What Prevents Chicken Pox From Spreading? Hint: It Has Nothing To Do With a Vaccine

'It's something the The American Academy of Pediatrics, a major supporter of mandatory chicken pox and other vaccine mandates, would never admit to. Ultraviolet rays and vitamin D help prevent the spread of chickenpox, meaning people in milder climates are more at risk of catching the disease, according to new research. The discovery could lead to natural approaches of preventing chickenpox and its more severe relative, shingles. 

Vaccine manufacturers, namely Merck, who conjure up the pseudoscientific and fraudulent data on chicken pox vaccines will stop at nothing to prevent the public from knowing the truth. The American Academy of Pediatrics shares incestuous financial ties with Merck, and hence it is also in their best interest to fabricate data on the actual causes of the virus.' 


Carrot juice: Key to rejuvenating the liver

'Fruits and vegetables grown organically in healthy soil contain all the elements needed for nourishing the human body. By extracting the pure liquid locked up in the cells of plants and drinking this juice immediately, we are getting essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals into our bodies in the most easy-to-assimilate form possible.

Freshly extracted juice can be compared to a blood transfusion from the plant to the human body. When the juice is taken within a few minutes of it being extracted, the energy and vital nutrients of the plant goes directly into the bloodstream. Today there are many health retreats, therapists and living foods "coaches" who specialize in creating specific juice combinations for cleansing and rebuilding various organs and body systems. 

Dr. Benedict Lust once said, "There is something more behind these health, raw juice cocktails than simply satisfying the palate. They satisfy and nourish the twenty-six thousand billion cells of the body. When people form the health cocktail habit, they put liquid life into their bodies."'


California regulators frame Organic Pastures and force raw milk shut down over fabricated E. Coli scare

'This unsubstantiated, knee-jerk reaction on behalf of the State of California is hardly surprising, as both it and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been on a crusade to destroy raw milk for decades. But what might be surprising to some is how easily these government agencies were able to target Organic Pastures without first providing a single, credible piece of evidence linking the dairy's milk to the outbreak.'


Life Rules: Why so much is going wrong everywhere at once & how Life teaches us to fix it.

Life Rules - Ellen LaConte

'Life Rules: Why so much is going wrong everywhere at once & how Life teaches us to fix it. Economic and polar meltdowns, inept, corrupt and bankrupt governments, long-term double-digit unemployment, climate instability, failing social services, collapsing ecosystems, a widening wealth-poverty gap, unprecedented species extinctions, mass migrations, peak fossil fuels, religious, ethnic and resource wars, spreading hunger, poverty, chaos and disease. . . 

Why is so much going wrong everywhere at once? The global economy has gone viral. It is ravaging Earth’s immune system, triggering a Critical Mass of mutually reinforcing environmental, economic, social, cultural and political crises that are compromising the ability of Earth’s human and natural communities to provide for, protect and heal themselves. The prognosis? If we keep doing what we’ve been doing, Life will last but Life as we know it—and a lot of us—won’t.'


GMO Film Project Sizzler

GMO Film Project Sizzler from Compeller Pictures on Vimeo.

'Today in the United States, by the simple act of feeding ourselves, we unwittingly participate in the largest experiment ever conducted on human beings. Massive agro-chemical companies like Monsanto (Agent Orange) and Dow (Napalm) are feeding us genetically-modified food, GMO’s, that have never been fully tested and aren't labeled. This small handful of corporations are tightening their grip on the world’s food supply—buying, modifying, and patenting seeds to ensure total control over everything we eat.

The GMO Film Project (Untitled) tells the story of a father’s discovery of GMO’s through the symbolic act of poor Haitian farmers burning seeds in defiance of Monsanto’s gift of 475 tons of hybrid corn and vegetable seeds to Haiti shortly after the devastating earthquake. After a journey to Haiti to learn why hungry farmers would burn seeds, the real awakening of what has happened to our food, what we are feeding our families, and what is at stake for the global food supply unfolds in a trip across the United States in search of answers.

Are we at a tipping point? Is it time to take back our food? The encroaching darkness of unknown health and environmental risks, seed take over, chemical toxins, and food monopoly meets with the light of a growing resistance of organic farmers, concerned citizens, and a burgeoning movement to take back what we have lost. We still have time to heal the planet, feed the world, and live sustainably. But we have to start now.'

A film by Compeller Pictures Directed by Jeremy Seifert Produced by Joshua Kunau Co-Producer, Elizabeth Kucinich Associate Producer, Timothy Vatterott Cinematographer, Rod Hassler